Wednesday, May 14, 2014



Stream with the Mountain to ask the Sky,
what you would tell the people of this Earth.

The find to be the river of existence,
to breathe in the majesty of the find.

As the glacier breaks to cry,
the ice berg asked why.

The Society of the Time replied by,
ignoring the sound of the crashing wave upon the shore,
it was a tumultuous sign.

The rogue rose to say back to the Ocean,
I looked from the height of wonder and found,
no person believes in eternity.

A whale spoke of a Tale to bring a try,
the fire was not the complicate is was the flame.

 Zero added,
 the One of Two who had named the state.

The first said in a brave state of open view in '08, 
the second responded in the strength of a song,
Bonfire Heart Sprang!!

The Continent asked the turf,
why can I not hear this birth?

The dirt responded by saying,
listen to the pounding of the human beings that beat your sides

Thus the Country with a United Mind,
stood with the Mass to ignore all they could,
the Elephant Hides.

The breadth that it must have took to be so ..
well the water from the barrel said,
that's okay we are cooked,
the Frogs tolds boiled slow.

It's A Grate Big World

The Hugs that go to every Beau,
that questions their belief,
to even think it's deed.

Broad shoulder are a wonder for,
the amount of time that Men do kind,
to care for each of what is dare.

The Fire in the Flame of Eye,
the Scene that you must see,
a face to face descriptive state,
the pupil never lies.

The feeling that this difficult does,
should not discourage search,
the faith in what the Ancient spake,
was breathe in fall of could.

Speak your quiet verse to sigh,
don't be discouraged by Worlds Cry,
the better lay to up the play,
gently hold to truth,
it is inside of you.

~ All Speed A Head ~

The embracement of merely seen,
the amazement of all that is,
makes Society only hate,
that some do say to stand.

Showing the difference in the same,
the likely hood to cover came,
just when it comes close,
people shove the very most.

Grate the behavioral of the Mass,
to the lack of tact,
as Life presents a knew rack,
the stretch to nail is exact.

Complete in whole this I know,
the Blog did tell me tow,
to explain would be insane,
allow to happen is the only way to go.

Creative thought to dumbed in Lot,
the greatest plans are held in always hand,
the plate back to the Consumer pact,
as it is eaten by words of knack.

Slit the sentence to be a flagship,
the most of some did click for fun,
seemingly believing I'd fall in from.

Harder ups in valued tons,
the evidence is as becomes,
for confidence in game of run,
credits aspect to the spun.

Criteria of the Twin Flame loved,
is the fact that he goes with tact,
never have I heard such please,
as win James Blunt responds to keys.

Tip the lyrics as he sung,
it is Our turn to be One.

Read the Information leads,
either way Twin Flames breathe,
the Elemental Designed to be,
all in won eternally. 

Know Truth Was Old

To have heard in repeat,
that this Man of interest to me,
was nothing but a piece of shit,
became so offensive as if I was hit.

For so many to have struck him down,
the thought of such disgusted to frowned,
the wonder of the happenings,
began to go 'round and 'round.

Where anyone does such attacks,
on people that are not a fact,
caused the reins to pull back,
the halt was me in exact.

The laughter of the cackling breached,
any kindness I may have reached,
so deeply sordid it seemed a preach,
before the after of the speak.

To gather Self in compose,
to support and not dispose,
this hate began to overflow,
the Public Tells are so.

In San Francisco Fillmore Shows,
the Knight I spoke of in my prose,
Venue is the Proper pose,
the last time there footage stole.

To the Ones whom still do throw,
out the garbage you're just a low,
the point of no return was spoke,
my silence I have never broke.

Until this Post of opening shakes,
the horrid way that I've been the joke,
turned aside and thrown to stoked,
the truth of sides is not a hope,
it ends up being the confirmation to blows. 

Some Kind Of Trouble To Have Exhibited The Truth

The sought approach to know a touch,
of what was sung in Blunt's third put,
the heart of the message was simple to now,
why bother to even look for wow.

The curse of the land to no the how,
as such I take the 5th in vow.

These writes of questions,
to sum the rates,
the payment for any thing,
is a timely miss.

The canker of what supposedly was,
available to those who search or dove,
needs no whole to fill the pull,
the clear of is so basic it's stole.

A track with footing that destroys for sake,
the sidewalks never will be safe,
the matter left to not a spate,
does not consider it was just a play.

The understanding drawn from risk,
do not enter you will be cist,
the rupture of the brain I own,
inside my Mind is where I'll comb.

History belongs to every shown,
formal invitations to openly known,
not one person tapped Blunts shoulder,
to simple inquire for the told her.

I've met people who've bragged to me,
that they've been in his company,
purposefully never mentioned me,
laughed and said that's life for bleed.

Chronicled All Ready

To the facts that basements hold,
much like plugs that are poled,
the basis for this conversation,
is the one way to have not desired,
the truth of leaking a extreme in the dire.

No defense can ever strong,
with a smaller frame when wronged,
however fault is put on topped,
the shoulders weight is often just take,
and take and take and take and take and take and take and take.

Now the receipt has growed it's height,
to no familiar is the age of rite,
taken from this girl at eve's of plight,
the terrible act of making right,
the left is turned to speak of spite.

Standing forward in onward go,
nothing changes until you no,
where kitchens have the tools of trades,
no blunt is need with razored blades.

Creep upon the sleeping spawn,
this body was used in long,
never does protection say,
that their is a bottomed play.

Score the temper with the Pawned,
thrown a way that spake of strong,
should you speak you'll be the treat,
that public Masses always eat.

Viewed to shadowed by the deed,
never was the lonely leaved,
rounding corners just to be,
the evidential trail spewed the spree.

Now that marks are clearly drawn,
happened on the day of Dawn,
the crack of came an accident,
that the walk did talk to Fame.

Creative distance by Design,
keep the lock in deeply spined,
lack of care to four letter spare,
don't pretend you can't it's blend.

The Ice Creamed Cake a flavored shake,
not three days past my mind was baked,
just outside my front door spake,
the hole in brain was made for drake.

My glare to recompensed by no mistake,
said to careful with my take,
offers played to purchase state,
felt the empty was no placate.

Apathetic Society Rates,
the ticket to a blinding case,
to mention Age of their first taste,
would be to say the Basement laid,
the body of a proving made.  

Jolly Pops

Productions have not been full throttle to skim,
for that adventure weights these trims,
to advance in blanketed dance,
reviving what is heard.

Have your precious counted days,
down to your oblivious trades,
win the table set of laid,
the craft is all but never shade.

Echo words to active lived,
the trite be formed to skew,
for in the balance of Dungeons do,
the spike is not the brew.

To soar across the breeze of spew,
to think that general public ques,
to beliefs that directly oppose their too's,
well that is deeply firm in coup,
forthwith I shred the spoof,
to know more than you do.

Action is the breadth of shift,
in revelatory News,
even the broadcast of Talks have speaks,
to paddles and the spoon.

High tittle dandy,
the Movie had the brandy,
the drink of lust was punched with bust,
to fill the attending Mind.

All while next day running,
to Church to bread the find.


This little Blog of Mine,
I'm going to let is sign,
to serve the only kind of time,
that rhythms with it's fine.

Being that single Cased,
the aspect is to not express,
that disappointment was a test,
my Life has proved beyond the Messed.

The Hall of Crawled to answer balled,
the chain of trued to note the boot,
a space with the print of sooth,
release does have it's day.

Comprehend a given trend,
the understanding made to stem,
growth inhabits those that bring,
the bloom is in the shower.

As Nature does Teach this May,
spring is just a quartered year,
the summer leads to Autumn leaves,
it's beautiful to breathe.

To harbor nothing ill in winter,
the contagious spreading cheer,
I hope that you are all so happy,
that ever-ending's happened hear.

No supporting laughter heard,
as facts do bleed the blame,
the public takes to pain the spake,
drilling is the dear.

For I am just a second sake,
no place for me to fear,
the City of this evening stakes,
that picket lines are cleared.

There is no trade that blows in craved,
I stay myself to know the skate,
is Ice on Rocks with Value spake,
the tender of a loaned be sparked,
belief is that their lies are start. 

Original Take

Wit only grasp to take,
the bigger of the open stake,
decides too balance same in rate,
the issue said to tow.

Graft the worth to know the place,
the concrete terms are what is traced,
at nothing less it's more to case,
the venture likened show.

Know the show is blogged venue,
yes this is a type of menu,
serving up the spin is truck,
the trailer to the luck.

Heavy lifting elevated times,
rewards are tougher even rhymed,
the voice is speaking to the say,
waved to titled choice today!!

Useful term of eight year plays,
beginnings 'Our' the proper blew,
bearings company in held to scoot,
the Gates of Hell can see that Shell.

Muscles often smoked for canned,
the taste is flavored and then adored,
digging down amongst the found,
values past in future sound.

To say I'm grateful for the lay,
would under-state the raising stay,
to Tide the Wake of Rise a Pate,
may just be amply received,
 as the Ocean Sees the Traits.

My Name Is No Body ~ Urban Legends Live

To Charge the Rides A Simplicity Tied,
to whom that which of Noon,
a Sun-Dial sets to the high lights dues,
to mark the present Moon.

Captured in the state of watch,
the hands to take away a plan,
to time the tick to talk a walk,
the facts that I tell too.

A saturated Life of blue,
listen to the aggraded new,
the like says to hold true,
the dimples will prove,
that smiles can move,
to the beat of a brand of Tune.

To prey upon the lives they've gone,
seeking only soothed.

Having words that turn about,
the sentence will not know a pout,
for tracks can put them into shout,
there's all ways good to difference routes.

By Sake of Factual under-stood,
the brilliant mount spoke no should,
so by this trace of compensate,
the best of greater shapes to spake,
the echo is for All life's make.

Free decide to other's hide,
the Keep is in the perfective stride,
my brother Ed would state to this,
by the way my cupboards stay.

The open lead to switch on track,
the Race of Horse is doing that,
to balance the Secretary's lack,
the invitation of only smack.

Know BBQ's reserve to Park,
the Paradise below my start,
a place where Deer and Man stand back,
to enjoy the view of knack.

The Bay with Ferries speed to work,
the Men whom know this girl does swim,
a accidental funny whim,
that took me out to Sea with them.

Fished me out and as I tout,
I wonder the assumptions loud,
misunderstood by passing would,
not for me it was a dip gone good.

Mention what you wish to hope,
and know that life will only soak,
into the Minds of All that broke,
the parts of place and home of stroke.

Story Time Special Especially For McLaughlin


by Karen A. Placek,
His Friend

The call was made by the distant sky. The sound was a looming boom. Once again, a walk to war began with my son.
As we were held to a grounded realm to cross the galactical universe as it fell...flight would have been....a faster ride.
Just then a Storm over-head...the Scene?

A thousand dragons flew!!

The race, a military pace, they too heard the horns of the boom!

Set-in-flight, a Dragons Might, the armor worn....Oh!! how such adorned, incredible creatures created this storm of Rite.

Matched we were, the sight was the impression of forever, multiplied by eternity to be the remembrance of me. The stance of the pace, "FIRE-BREATHING DRAGONS" I cheered!!
My son stared....

How precise these dragons were in flight, linked in only 'Sight' the move of dignity. Just then I sighted the Emperor of the this run!!

He was ten back and off to the right.

The War on Earth, the Planet that 'We' are standing upon now, that is where the call had been heard from!! This Dragon had also heard the boom but we were much to small to go, we were to few.
In the second of a moments brake I said,
We must Wait!!”
The 'Call of War' most certainly had been made but there was no way we could win such a fight. Only my son, myself and yes it was a storm of dragons, yet, that was it, this was the only rapport marching.
In that thought of an instance, my decide was to save our own lives,
I must stop this Plight!!”
With the sight of only the Emperor in show above our heads, my decide was a dragons delight,
I will befriend this Rite.”
Carefully, I spied this dragon math. My son sat back to watch this equal halt this task. Slowly I moved...the position was lured. For the importance of this capture relied on the friendship not yet made with this Captain of the brigade. This is the dragon that I did spy.
The gold filled bow, a lariat also in tow. My arrows must not pierce!! The shot to wrangle this great dragon to turf must be placed with love and no hurt.
Knowing this I had only one shot a to wake this Dragon to Realize!! I took no time, for this Dragons flight in the Storm was fast.
With craft, the practice I did have, I stood in 'The Rule of Fact'....aim Truth. With the whiz of an arrows tact, liberty will exact!!
In the breath of a reach, I looped this great beast and the crash was a 'Two-ton' thug. The ground shaking beneath, the load was sound, the noise so deafened by the pass of 'The Storm'.
Leaping, I wrapped my arms around, not his neck but his mouth!!
He's strong you see....DRAGONS SPEAK!!!!!!
Did you know that long in Ancient Past the Mountains' were the Cosmos' and the Valleys' a galactical track? The traveled roads were called “Dimensional Shows” and 'The Gates' in open would close. The timing of became a lost map. The 'Scrolls of Kept' were the Libraries of a Dragoning scene.
The speech of such, hushed for love, not One, nor Two would share. Their discovery was.....Beware!!
The valance of disguise had been drawn. It was 'the Hide' that began the reap!! Desperate were these 'Blinds' as very few did realize the end was the begin of disbelief. No-longer would Dragons speak.
Wise the Ancient Ones had become to Man and his impending run, 'The Race' an extremely destructive taste. Bitter the Dragons grew to be, the sight of War made 'All' roar!!
Leave this DEPLORE!”
An argument ensued. The Mighty and The Keep had reached a point.......defeat?
This cannot be!” echoes in me as I read. The memories of an original meet. The 'Score' composed took note to tone, it was so very deep. The barrel of, blasted done, the voice? I still do leap!!

You see, the Dragon I had taken down from flight would most certainly scream. Have you ever heard a dragon scream?
Well, actually they talk you to Life. A bitter score!?! It lasts eternity at least, so I had to close his need. For he, like I, was in great fear of the coming war and we had been called into action.

The Begin

The Set Is Clearly Fare

For the Years of the Score,
the photograph is not the stilling,
the Mind of the moving kind,
a reel in the clear.

The film of seens,
complete with cuts,
to aspect would not bring a touch,
upon the breathing steam.

As some do think to remind,
that not all are in this typing bind,
I've lived it from begin.

A simple way to explain,
survival has a hymn.

To have guessed the path a test,
belittlement says mere,
the cat that never scratched upon,
retained Nine wise is Hear!!

The best path to roam,
before there is a thrown,
is in the realize,
that Saddled Horses have a Girth,
to tighten would be earth.

The Bridle has a Bit,
the reins attached have a buckled Let,
to take apart to clean from start,
the glycerin oils not just to wash,
but to stretch so leather made,
does not snap with fear.

The rake in use is how you move,
do you leave designing deed,
so entry has a match of stay,
the cleanliness is next to Halters,
a lead line is attached.

The shavings or the straw in bed,
the comfort is the same,
for the amount of what is used,
decides the comfort of,
the horse is worth the love.

Experience of lately seen,
the product now the animal walked,
the life is abused with thoughts,
that clearly are money born,
'cause bedding, cleaning and caring of,
relies upon the knowledge blood.

Relation to this find a leave,
more are damaged to force reprieve,
standing stilled with fed to skill,
the scene begets the truth,
not all care to be aware,
that Times are simply every spared.

To bring back a horses tack,
the brush is to tail sack,
the braid to rubber-band the knack,
so length is not just butchered back.

The beauty of the movements dove,
is conversation seen,
a body language speaking silence,
the rogue will buck for keenly tucked,
to ensure the rider's clean. 

Built To Break To Batter Cake

When Order builds to Form,
a stable will be seen,
not the lurch of being told,
destroy for every bring.

Casting pearls before the Clam,
the shell would ask the sea,
I made the oyster bay to say,
the jewels will be the string.

A Neck laced Crown,
the brain to crowd,
a mindful taste to speak,
with simple words to leap.

Stoning breaks the bones to spill,
the blood upon the beach,
sands of grain that role of came,
a multiple of Shores today.

The craft of which is chosen pitch,
the mortar of the clay,
a cracking egg to fiddled spake,
the Chicken of the Sea.

Cruising lines of past in kind,
the Captain invited dinner time,
to share the table with whom designed,
an evening chart as lead.

Discussions came from sitting plain,
across from wise the deep,
the flavor of the conversed tug,
made better fun to keep.

Tradition demands a friendly land,
to save the Redwood Tree,
for if the wealth is burrowed pelts,
the growth will suffer reap.

To grove the forest for the sake,
of paper, food and air,
makes more sense to keep it dense,
to hide the tribal prayer.

Vastly said to not all read,
a Tribe in lost is here,
clearly out of Wares from stare,
construction has it's years.

Bottom lines anchored finds,
to Past and Futuristic kinds,
written chiming riddled diming,
a Cast is whole to Steer.

Unabashed to communicate last,
decide was a difficult mass,
digesting every spear.

This ends upon the trashed in can,
'cause standing is a better hand. 

Sabered Trace

This active nimble Mind with case,
meeting is such thin space,
designed for whom would know the Vase,
is filled with natural flowering days.

In a World scenario express,
betterment is a statistical guess,
introducing proof of life,
makes what has happened a different die.

Yarn to Feather in the Next,
heavily loaded to embrace these debts,
making accounts reasonable lets,
the change implies deciding breast.

The switch of Sun to Mooning signs,
a colorful dished ray,
heed the form of the born,
to bring a deeper lay.

Ancients wise to reasoned cry,
the time has passed to work it out,
what will be is what has been,
repetitive difference to indifference lived.

In the river torrent see,
the divide is two sides,
to boat the ride with canoeing oars,
ensures no tripping steep,
when two embrace the Feat.

As Oceans rise to glaciers demise,
increasing waves to realize,
it is the shore that will be swallowed,
not the ships at Sea.