Saturday, March 30, 2013


In the 'School of Ancient Thought,'
I was taught,
a Universal Sphere,
to adopt.

An 'Order of Sought,'
to gain a greater knowledge,
a 'Philosophy that Delivers:'

In a Signal,
there is Tone,
in Color,
 this can be Heard.

The production of a Voice,
brings 'Clarity of Choice,'
to Decide, not Abide.

The Ancients believed,
and produced,
a 'Path to Guide.'

Acutely driven,
a 'Bedrock of Stone,'
that must be walked,
and not blown.

Importance was Instruction

'Destiny will Deal,'
 the Cards You hold in-hand,
Fate becomes a Wheel,
to 'Deliver Plan.'

Their Clerical Stand!!