Thursday, December 20, 2012

'The Why' Does Not Confuse Me, Rather Eludes You....

The Words that People Spew,
are the Garbage,
of what Humanity never Cleans-Up!!

Clinging to Obsessiveness,
making You liable,
for Speech-Itself.

To be Sorry,
for such Foul Demonstrations,
of Your,
Poisonous Verse,
is not Only Counterproductive to Thought It-Self.

In addition to that statement,
I include this also.

Admission of Your Guilt,
uttering such Ill-Repute in the First Place,
is a selfish-state of affairs,
not 'An Apology,'
to repair.

To Destroy,
with such Exact & Pointedly Clear Attacks,
is just Offensive,
not deadly in the end.

That which does not kill Us,
makes us 'Better.'

Rage to Recover