Monday, October 15, 2012

No Matter Your Tyranny

I hold His hand
not yours!!

Culpability For What Has Been Done Is Overdue!!

(Excerpts from "For Parchments Sake" and "What Screams." Originally written June 2012)

"On parchment dried and hung for Creed
I stared upon what I thought was.

Not for sake of wonderment;
But, for sake of sane.

Could in a moment:
A Soul?
A Heart?
And what I saw be gone?

Leaving only witness to Decree?

A dipping well with pen which did lap ink,
a thin, long bone, with marrow spared, the feather must have flown.
It tipped the thick and dark-like substance, red ink it seemed once moved.
drawn-up within the thread, blood?

"This Child...."
The words poured,
like the sink I heard no more.

"Where did all that......?
 Where did that young boy go?"
I seemed further from myself
the distance seemed to grow, the farther I seemed to be.

I sank to "KNOW" that I was next:
A wet, a skin-like shawl stopped me.

"A lamp, I'm not"
I screeched!"


"It comes to mind and will not line
with anything other than itself.

Exorcisms are one of a kind
so expectations of difference are futile.

It's DARK; My brother is WHERE?
I can barely see a cross.

Laid out upon a table
confusion becomes this label.

So much like:  Yet!  Worlds Apart!
Come hither to gain such sight.

For one was kind
the other FRIGHT.

A dead boy gave no light.
Just the same, his skin I gained
my brother passed out and I might."

To Bare Witness Without Words

"You enthroned a sanctified, privileged lie, a lie believed by everyone to be the truth. That is the seed of the most dangerous delusion. A lie to be known as a half-truth, a lie that an intellectual person accepts as fact, the lie that has been inculcated upon me by you, this lie, your lie, is the most dangerous to contend against." 

Nail The Scope

Where is it?
Did you find?
Your life before?
Or, is this a new one?

When you came,
did you See?
or, did you say, "this just can't be."

To pray for the life of an individual again,
so he may be Crucified for your sin,
should cause distress,
not further this idea of "Blessed."

What a mess!!

Your very Biblical declare,
is nothing more than the idiot having an affair,
by advocating despair.

To condone the Death,
of whom has already died for YOUR sins.
To be deaf to his request,
"Go sin no more."

Seems like his life,
 has become your Chore.

Blind to your own words,
you search for what you have said is absurd,
and against Your Countenance of Biblical Record.

The growth of such stupidity in the hypocrisy of Christianity,
seems counter-productive and so very destructive,
that I am certain your claim is completely Insane.

Stop the Scapegoating of another Human Being!!