Monday, December 31, 2012

Men Will Measure, And Place The Balance On: "Your Lore Of, More, More, More"

The Depth of Tragedy,
a dismal discussion,
breezed "Through On The News."

A 'Common Fare'
instead of considered,
"A Snare!"

So quickly,
it is accepted,
the Death of Another.

As part of the day,
seemingly Humdrum,
then skipped-over.

Proceed with,
The Frivolous News of the Day,

Numb You Are!!

Blind you have become,
Mute You Are Not!!

For this,
You would have to Give-Way,
not Instruction,
just birth.

Aware You are not,
children disappear,
despair of who?

Laws Enacted,
A Crime Will Ensue,
not to report,
death, disappearance or misplaced,
A Child at Too.

just buried record,
hidden from ready view.

No difference shapes from indifference,
of "Knew."

or is it,

Is the Word:
Quoted in the Stanza of this Verse?

a blurb,
an excerpt from,
and the proof of,
a Christians' lore.


*"What is it that causes such pain and injury to those that have a problem or have a conflict with the way we live? ...

To destroy America, if America is to be undone, 
then it is also to deny that idea of self-evident truth, 
that all men are created equal. 

That has to be trashed.
 We have to deny every opposition to despotic government,
 because that’s what we represent. 

We oppose despotic government first, 
do we not, in the Declaration?

 We also deny the people the ability to govern themselves. 

We absolutely deny.

 “Deny” means to reject the thought, to reject it absolutely. 

 And I said, 
“What is our way of life?” 

Only this week,
 or the last two weeks, 
did I arrive at maybe some answer that I can be satisfied with. 

You may not be satisfied with it, 
but I’m a happy camper.

 Something that satisfies my old soul,
 that I could say “that’s it for me

(first-generation American-born).

To be continued...

The American Way of Life (Part 4 of 28)
Part 4: of a 28-part series

3) The third idea to define the American way of life, is this: that individual lives are resting. 

So, we are progressing. We are demonstrating in the right sense
 (or illustrating in our diverse ways)."


{Read it Yourself 'cause it just makes me..SICK, the Site will not let me even Copy & Paste for You}


Support the Christian View?

You shall be Due:
Shock and Horror shall become,
Your Lore.

For I,
merely rejected,
this Cursed Point of,
destroy or,
We shall be the Nightmare,
of Your Dreams.

The Air You Breath so freely,
shall become the smothering cloak,
of the dirt inside Your lungs...

and before We're done,
not only shall You,
Never Run,
You shall have never begun.


A Tell,
may take the moments of the day,
to chose.

Wisdom over Threats of..

with an Issuance of a Life,
of Strife,
as Oppose to a,
darkened grave with a Marker,
you are forced to make.

Not knowing?

You were Their,
First Mistake.

Buried deep,
in Gardens,
 we Weep.

As the,
General Public,
will not believe.

For Proof is a Need:

" How do you do? "
the things you must,
if You are Taken,
in a,
Christian, Trust.

Cling to the Sanity of Who?

In the End,
Forges this Now.

Many Men,
will beat too.

Seeking Truth,
All that Must be,
to do.

"What does not Kill You,
Makes You Stronger."

A Personal Testimony,
to Whom I May become,
or quite possibly,
already Am,
in this,
The Actuality of this Tortuous Throw of,

the Survival of only,


I'm Predisposed.

No Apology;
 "To Know,"
is just the;

Case Of Sage Coming To Age

not the exhaust of this,

"A Christian Rape"

 Body, Mind, Soul.

Signed by Rote,

an experiment:
based on One,

my Claim,
not aim.


*Katherine Dang, Philomath Foundation