Sunday, October 25, 2015

These Things Will Not Bite You. They Want To Have Fun." Then Out Of The Box Came Thing Two & Thing Won

Found on the News seal is that drive of Head kites on the strings at choir`d,
in vista of cliff notes to task the bender not a learn is like blanking the sport of life,
in dust Tree of guise often pertains to Harpers on a growing Scene,
should the dial wrote tare read than the boost is Vats,
pork bellows that trip the In test Tin awl Tick.

Pulse smoke of furst Kings 13.10 to 5 on the clock from Leviticus 4,
joke kin that Uni verse to clothe the Robber reads to Fill the tank at cost,
shell prices often Vent owe^ill in pre said dents,
but on the lungs of been there person a lead I'd brain the sake a cow Hall oh,
for it is the experience that lens of blinking kings and Principles to value at Measure read.

File the say to open the lane betting the learn was on this stomach of Trivia chords basil,
in that ride of Magnolia movie to the funnies I thought about the Apocalypse as Watts,
like making jelly fished frogs to WKRP in Syn A Gnat tee`d on Turn keys,
an enormous revelation to Psalms 9 to tack Proverbs 10 on the Corn.

Just bulb count Bulbs on the daffy Ducks to what the splat?!? on treasures detailed,
in sorted files of bringing to term the In^edit^a^bowl to Timing the Watch of a Capers egg.

Camera Film Of The Fair A Lawns

Once the Grand Banks of difficult smashed the Tides of fair on the Mention the rocks And beached,
up on the sharps of jagged shards of broken back cliffs I was tossed in that ocean of specifics,
tossing the turns to swim in anvil,
people forged my brain with Nails so piercing the blood was my shredded bodily signed,
each place of attempt to gain log of typed gave representation to this daily grinding of done.

Still on the barrels of sealed with soak I floated ashore to brave the colds,
shoulders branched like the spread of enter sight,
mouths chimney`d my very seat.

Inch to miles backwards those same persons cut deep gorges within my skull held tight,
to no avail the stop did not present itself until I found myself a footstep pace And walled a Way,
word by word riddles And verbs Noun touched to scab the fences at the biggest capes,
swamping dial in severed risk engaging nothing more ore less than the equals such`d.

At that the language of countered others my sisters still sliced on my strain,
scoring even grave as my twitch to say it would be best for the family on laid,
leaving my Self in based to shame it ended those shaking tongues Fingers with trimmed.

Throughout the say to paste brave only as the Tack of my sit to speak,
wheels keep on the go 'rounds to yarn,
threads of spiders And quilts of lärm.

Tick tick Talk the via shock no phone I have at now,
for the plow to dirts and shroud is to despicable for I to hear that voice of sisters lice,
that over static fizz Noise is screaming razors edged on bids,
term life is the in sure of sentence,
imposed from scene at every licensed And joined by hip stirring from add dish shin old batterers.

On torn a portion to hand dole storm Shells of dry timbered lanes,
forest slides roots engulfed to cut my trunk at living through,
in a Watch of gear mow dumbed my mute blinks kindly to distance summed,
in that Envelope I have cent`d my stair this truth of bare is as Naked pear`d.

Skin dollars to belts in Creek,
one adjective to Predicates come,
in I sew lay shun the result,
brought my pieces to form a stilt,
carriage of my in duh visible rise,
I found that lives like mine are ever shammed.

Con after Con the corkers pop,
sham pane bot Tolls with pine knee strings,
it is the stroke of Pen and Quill,
milk key ways that did these horrors,
all the chained to Me just for being born circumstantial to the 1960's Hip^Pea storm.

Back in the day conversation would have referred this lantern in repeat on my life as being gas lighted,
now electricity at those broke back mountaineers took top guns approach to bead a Mill a tary drive, puffin' off smoke in on the drifts to Camp a Operators grip,
the wheel in a cherub to cast the friendly fire just to sake a graham crackers chalk lets Ply her,
just to burn rubber And say it was a tree of todays system seed,
the MS dee Eh of dropping shale for the arm breaking thought to be left with a Shovel or The Pick of my Pains an Ode bow and Air^owe to Hymn the eyes of Marrow.