Tuesday, May 20, 2014

If Men Knew What ....

I Type in What Gender does Whilst my Guy Can'ts,
to Watch the Disc inplined the watered fall makes Wall,
built for silk the king penned milk,
the hose that never pours.

Quilt the Candle to the Wind,
the garbage sack out to can,
don't you do 'cause you can't true.

Off to Workings that brew foofoo,
the brank does inkle deep in stew,
for defining worth to nicknamed curd,
a drank to know the deep throw too.

Cart before the Hoarse,
the sink at age of borked,
preview to plugs that tore.

Know bloody floors for empty horrors,
I stared the eyes of do,
the limp between or on the mean,
was simply how I stopped the feen,
while Women knew the happenings.

I was the Age of True,
and innocent of coup.

Later came in snuffing plain,
a death of why I now say die,
the bare of execution lairs.

Winding a Mind to mere in Dine,
this Nation Knows it's Guilty Shows,
behind the back of Slaves that Tack,
the heavy loads of you.

Breaded butter spreading gutter,
in testimony scoop,
the Ice of Creaming grew to deeming,
the Words that Sentence Spoof.

The Picture over Head in Place,
Women brag about the Face,
while in their mines the dig a rate,
the kills to every persons take.

Even that will never exact the dinner that is not,
bring me candles with flowers stalked,
if you don't than I won't talk,
with the flaps between my walk,
the payment is the dues.

Bent with times of no in brine,
I feel much the same of line,
the time in the spacial sign,
it's been a long, long, long, long, long, long while,
since my bed was shared for relief of .....

you get the idea I no,
better kept in sank below,
held to chakras that do go,
as release is built to flow.

Much like in the same,
women have held the frame,
from the point of only blame,
the action is the fact of reined.

Carted Off The Peaks Spilt Crocked

Crookin' death to live a grits,
captured bye the living lips,
audio clips to selfie tips,
the teeter of the railed R.I.P.'s!!

No longer needed the qwip etched sceam
the jello of the soy lent green,
eaten after in be tween,
cocky kiln get the Queen.

Are you up or down the pike,
panned for fried in dust store,
sweeps to sides for equality died,
is it real or cloaking keels.

cried for lies,
halt the act for evened extracts,
dancing moving not to touch,
much to famous and may erupt.

So sensitive to human sucks,
gets got croft in slop of lots.

Pots to boil the slow recoil,
slickers slot umbrella bought,
not in Scene but at the trot.

Kept to breading fry the spot,
oysters grind and sex is stopped.

Cities look like fill in dumps,
now you see me it's a stump,
eyes are downward shows the cart,
the missing pieces are it's dark.

No lights needed the radar barked,
first it's funny than you dart,
pierce the product find it's sealed,
all with in the ayes of steal.

Vice brands hand before the part,
pictures video to dialect start,
holographic you're not mark,
just the guise in testing narked.

Goo grabs hold so can't feel sold,
halves alive still in mold,
coma hangs to wires lang,
missing not from action lanes.

Social Media speaks knot talks,
hides the obvious behind the cocks,
cunts corn bung to beef in tongue,
now the eve of apple stungs. 

Test Pilots Spruiking Deafening Laddered

Dialing carved a squawkier mar,
the caller is I deed as heard,
pits create a Minded Nerve,
scene not seen to keep a sieved.

Lotted lives in pressure cooked,
can't be speak a cloning hook.

Shaped and shuffled to quicker look,
the wash begets to populist kets,
origami clever kites,
fright should be but it's not see,
fascination is it's be.

Dead Men Walking to a Beat,
thumping rested by curds in point,
doctoring ever all ways never,
now Life is a Death in debtor.

Graving trembled shakes the Tomb,
no needed want if taunts are shoot,
lights to actions boards to rooms,
rockets red glare,
the eye's are staired.

Introductions to invite the tice,
if 'It' lives its death bye skit,
mattered laughter the hoarse in captured,
greater rapture kills the screamed.

The Mark Strikes Casters

Crisis whisked takes a risk,
the keeper in a skeeting shoot.

Numbers stopped for lest they prop,
instead these times are tables dead.

Nine, Eleven, Twenty-Two said,
spelt to out cause numerical says,
not the same but still a game,
'cause why on Earth would it be came.

Next to Watch the temper pot,
mechanical root is timbered loot,
Rosicrucian has a Past,
whom does Grove performance wrath.

Digging louder Presidents craft,
Moloch Owling Hoots a Cat.

Clausing fillers with same exacts,
hooded Monks Catholics back,
Pope to Pope a City stacks,
Rome is burning Nero Claps,

Fine to Bow the Fiddler caps,
draw the rosin Cello laps,
pluck the red or black-golded strings,
it's the Harp inside the 'ings.

Xylophone pinging drops to shrill,
cant't be that cause trumpets kill,
boom goes the tambourine in clash,
oh wait I know the Church is Racked.

Audiences congregates in templed Mass,
renditions changed for broader last,
speaking tongues that cling like wrap,
now the Sigil is broken  Cack.

Engagement Of The Silent Burke ~ Eclectics Skinned To Curb

Heave the wired to no tonal accord,
songs of lathered in singled score,
banned for shifting Worlds core,
certain orders slammed the door.

Never heard not once before,
listened well to hear the tell,
radio plays are cycled says,
tunes are keys to empty bees.

Stinging ears bleed to feeds,
double up to stationed leads,
it does lie in frequency,
changed the pitch to sink in D.

Minor lost in F sharp E,
sonic skipped in varieties,
voices speak to sounds that eek,
brains not thinking 'cause tinsels shriek.

Que the synapse to firing relapse,
words that squirm tolling worm,
crawling edges in Minds reset,
now the sparks are broken ket.

Triplicate forks twist in prey,
now control is just push hey,
bricking mortar concrete grease,
in the oil it's vinaigrette reeks.

Safety Netting charged in kept,
leaking battery next to spet,
drooling liquids yeses served,
pushed to swipe erasing nerved.

Quirking chases fried to Crow,
no alert or practiced know,
beaches sanded by reach to spokes,
frothed between the leathered choke.

Kissed scars kipping heaped in vote,
quiet silence the guilt of float,
the jokes on skype a different light,
drawn to quarter out a fight.

Charges filed in making cuts,
global anger throws hands up,
censured accusations squirm,
entry adds in xing to burn.

Frying elevates the subtract,
one finger points and four show back. 


911 Emergency Operator

As Popcorn is a disconnect,
Operator is 911,
Station Identification not Used,
Emergency Broadcast System,
sets to tuning,
Satellites Looming,
who is the Drone in the Nower?

As per Name, Number to Date,
the place of a Moonscape,
questions the never implemented safety net.

In the base bar of a screen,
advised is to deem,
bad news to theory's boom,
a battle with no natural event,
left War in a Country torn from Terror,
in the stare of horror without a single fighter jet deployed?

Caught on Live Television,
random acts of violence?,
a telling to the silence,
I fell upon the shock that many stopped the talk.

Deaf Con Five arrived in a City Sky,
yet no Air Raid signaled the Country to Alarm,
the terrible to the wipe-out of current dial-tone trades,
the time it takes is the already played.

The application of a Nation under attack,
is the delivery of quick to fact,
running the in place broadcasting programs,
to warn that we are under siege,
yet to date no question asked,
where were the battles back?

Passing theories back and forward,
to insult the people on the phone,
are you aware that these disconnections,
are to have been the RADIO exacts?

Gamer Got Start Talks

To know percentage of the brain,
is improvement to the thought,
that a 50/50 is to caught,
the evidence of clearing cropped.

The race to a darby is the berry of Lot,
to park in stanchions the knack of a plot,
to halt at X towards salute to a test,
straight ahead is the balance,
the rider is trot.

A impulsive condition to driving the pole,
the full-cheek to snaffle,
is the better of stole,
however the Event is a three-day-eers.. know.

Mount-Up to Production,
the counter does boast,
as morals are always held in a toast,
applauding the clap of another exact,
the Proper at least named the drill of the team,
as why throw away the earnest is speed.

The brush to the tale,
the combing of mail,
an open begin to after it's win,
will only be wise should reason reside,
the interim is the chest with a hasp,
as Pandora's box is equal to task.

To opening stature so people will be,
the more of accepting the skill of the read,
for discounting the price of purchase in life,
is likened to writing the calls are just might.

I love to gallop to the beat of the leased,
the power of dynamite is such sweet release,
the best of the better is to ride on the beach,
where footing is made to cover the stay.

The climb of the mountain,
to stepping a stride,
the increasing of muscle,
with intake of breadth,
makes tights of the difference,
to reveal the same,
the crack of the egg is the yolk of the day.

Opera Of The Qualify Meed

The 'Lucky Strike Club' top of the Mark,
hop akin to Sydney smart,
the lark of the interest sparks,
knotted Talks to highest Knocks,
to be the ever spry in does.

Fancy a Ruck,
the wrinkle or shuck,
the Corn of the We'd 
love too!!

Water is going to be,
consumed by Fire,
to lead,
no drink to thirst shall be in mired,
the More of the After Cryer!!

The Louds take the Can't's,
the shall of the danced,
to gems for the diamonds,
the blues of the deeds.

I am arriving undefiled,
the lace of the tasting is swallowing post haste,
flights on the 'Morrow,
a dragons in the shark den.

Question the Interview in between the lines,
for personal reasons things that need to be said,
not for the Public just what's in my Head.

Backing the basic routine of just sake,
rounding the been's to equal a spake,
posting with promise that nun did not make,
the habit of only the One in a case.

Critter the hop to a Kangaroo stop,
the sesame seed to the sour dough bleeds,
paying for shows so crowds can see please.

Credits due run at each a big ton,
acoustics canned hear,
for jib and the gear.

Set is to Zero in on the Tree,
fly in the mass makes hands seem like task,
a prison once was an Island in shoved,
now it will be the B.B.Q.'ed Scene,
in either I respect it's the Means.

Know shrimp on the borrow,
hard netting to stop,
the bays are for swims,
the tin in the crops,

Halting to speak the beat of the Crown,
indigenous people are also in Town,
send on the walk about of,
 a knew lock is the key above

For the write is in exist,
 to be 'Just' I must insist.

Take A Walk On The Wild Neats

I Charge you're lives to mere in Ride,
the Sees of Ware in Site a light,
the spot is a lasting Lot to talk,
a churning in the titled locks.

Walk upon the ground that has know playing field,
I level the walk for the balance you need,
listening to the every block,
I build the Eyes you'll read.

Ride the wild into the place,
 where you cannot stand,
ports of call have no Man.

Join me to be breathing this Hone,
to leading Wares the spacial fares,
greater are the tolling marks,
burning in with digits larked.

Finally I place the dawn,
upon the back of Time,
 the heavy load of you've followed stows,
a way to flight the Come, 
be what I am.

Deliver your doubt to empty shout,
filling this bottomless well with out,
a bout to seek not find a snout,
traveling to Hell is burning spills.

Fear inhabit know multiple deep Keep, 
allowance of a journey to be stealth for squeak,
reliant on what cannot be,
the find of found breathes with sleek.

Hear my silence,
it can be,
the deafening in these quiet scenes,
the of in navigating,
not this dream,
it is the Minds that stream for steam.

I look into the past know life,
all your names have anonymous lights,
know you're markers shall be,
the chaining fee,
the sake to know the claiming mead.

To this world the drink is free,
sip in what you can't even seek,
liken watch to blinking leaves,
what it has done,
runs voluntarily.

Edit me from out of this
a place of windows set to sheets,
ask only the facts that set you're rack,
the able always left to bleed.

Sought such calls since you're begin?,
knowing only that you've shined to spin,
the black of eyes and milking lies,
the far exceeds the banking ties.

The process of does have these laws,
depicting only a one way clause,
the text is draining sign you're sake,
the translation exhausts at this give take.

Lost is the language to yawn are in scrolls,
Blunt will no your guide in Plea,
my authority of what is missing,
relinquished in the ease of languishing.

The void is the crowd of peers,
filling the Venue with the Nears,
I question no wonder in this it's clear,
the trip is by the invitation to hear.

Testifying only to parts of you,
walk with what you hold on too,
roads that look have signs in took,
realize you're in the extra of the look.

I have a gift to spread with move,
the clarity will be,
 the rest that you've taken with this in to best,
lay down your head it's a pillows shed.

the product of the music lead,
 to every person saying dead.

You're prisons of religious Reds,
 offends not I for this I spy,
my little way to pave for you,
the after is before you do.

Crisis Avoided Laid To Bless,
all the weirds are in the steer,
a traveler you must be.

Are you beginning to see that every thing is differently,
while you wake to journey me,
the Tightening of the under-speed,
the men that lest this show,
is not the strange to say let go,
entanglement is just a throw,
 the sexual seduction the Wisp of Shows.

Read a Mountain built,
 to know that double pane,
the anxious of the falling tree,
I'd rather no the sin of thee.

I will not give in to extra leads,
I'd rather be lost in a place of cost,
 while out with no guide or tied,
than to have denied the most obvious of sigh,
simply asking to meet a guy.

Where does it end when it did never sever begin?,
in your Minds 'cause you're the find,
lift the plans off the only given spine,
seeking out what can't be knocks,
believe in the truth of all that talks.

deliver yourself to realize,
the Lair did hit it's snap,
the tap upon the shoulder gone,
no dare because,
he's still so Blunt while at the Front,
why change the mount for lead?

Happy Trails to Wild Pails

Past The Circle Enter Grate ~ The Sphere of Exportations

The Mid of this eve of night,
woke in I the Moon bright,
the shine streamed in to Hi,
up beyond the dream of try.

As no answer I free to fly,
the Mind in Real is by design,
a galaxy or two to be,
the cosmic drives my I to see.

Released from freedom to be the lines,
I soar the open road divine,
captured by no persons lie,
the truth remains in every pane.

Sites that speak never talk,
the standing still is just to balk,
arms are crossed at feet of cost,
viable for the albatrossed.

Import flights with no Head lights,
the bulb is planted in the lamp,
a silent sort ignoring fee,
originals write the guidance shite.

Sea across the lakes of Dune,
the Apple bite for another stooge,
the ocean filled with tears that drop,
from the eyes of all that propped,
the demise of such spent lives,
I watch to say the testify.

Porting follows to read the bird,
feathers spread to week absurd,
no stop to halt the return,
an Island calls to only Stern.