Sunday, November 13, 2011

Do you Journey

"Emanuel Swedenborg, he is different than most!"

Expressing the anger, showing the Rage,
the things that I've held from such a small age.
I thought when I spoke of the Ill's of my family,
that people would react with cause and affect.

The way that it's taken is as if you should be done.
Like nothing had happened, no one fired the gun.
A phase that has happened, bad things, oh well.
It's the callous behavior and the lonely hotels.

Can you imagine that your hearts are so cold,
that all you imagine is time is your well.
Well on 9/11,  the day the Twins Fell,
the death of so many is remembered so well.

I have heard who is left repeat without sort,
time does not heal, it just creates remorse.
I am sorry it happened, but glad that the lives,
now can confess that time does not heal,
it only gets worse.

No answers can question,
what I don't understand,
I'm looking at my dead body,
I am no more than then.

I was so much younger,
my memory is good.
But to sort out what I am stuck staring out,
just simply can't be good.

The years in between don't help, they do hinder.
What did I do to cause such a sinner,
to do such a thing as to take my life clear.
I stood and I'm stuck on the outside of myself.
I tried jumping in, but it seems I was late.
This thing streaming by was so quick, that I missed.

The more that it happened,
in fright or dismay.
I abandoned myself, for I just couldn't stay.
Confusion was blurry, I caught up with myself at night in my bed, the safety of head.
I woke in the morning, I was back inside too, I was right with myself,
I left what was wrong with absolutely all you.

The more frequent the danger,
the more bold I became,
the worse my escapes from myself, like a game.
Upon this one day, I never returned, 
I left what I knew for what was not you.
I felt that my turn to the left would be best.
I fright it did cause the trouble, a pause.

I may have been gone, it's called journey's that are long.
Most men take them in life at ages when old.
Mine began when I was so very young,
 I cannot remember a day without this kind of adventure, dismay?

To me it is natural, a state of affairs,
I kept it all private it seemed wise and not fair.
In the end it was prudent for me and for you.
Now, there are Men that speak of such things,
but they were born January 29, 1688,
lived 'till 1772, wrote lots of books
and journeyed some too.

It would have been cool to talk to him now
but as time can tell,
we missed one another it's the way that it goes,
I think I got hosed.

I write to warn you of what will come for you too,
you will not listen, it bothers me some.
A Sin Board is something that we all do possess,
it's how they keep track of your record; Infest.

I'm not very old to speak on such things,
I don't trust you, 'cause you lie with your minds,
speak truth with your words and direct all this mess,
inside of your head and say that its best.

It is what you do that makes me write more,
You want to blame others instead of yourself.
A singular creature, I am that I swear,
possessed with no spirits, that would cause me a scare.

Cruising along and singing this song,
is not the crime but you want me gone.
I threaten your Soul, your Heart is not there,
what I see that is left is money and dare. 

It is why I trust a man I don't know from this land,
his country is honorable and they are not bland.
To question my motives is to upset the flow,
for I'm not a singer, I riddle from below.

Sin Board

Come to my Manor,
come to my home,
come to my Mansion,
come when your done.

There is this place that I will explain,
a sin is a keep and when you are slung,
 when you cannot see what it is that you've done,
the damage with words, the payment is meek:
However, you are now my quarry and I am so sleek.

Sins are so counted each day of your life,
existence in time is called, "A buy,"
and during this time of your understanding,
you'll know that Death is such Life,
and life is mere; Strife!

Dungeons and Lairs,
we'll tie you all up inside there.
The chains so do hang with what is insane,
to produce what is right,
the Sin Board complained,
it demanded the command,
"More pain is the gain that is needed for sane."

Be not afraid, for my aim is just right.
These places of righteousness
can sometimes erupt.
A minor set-back will only cause that,
what is one life lost with so much that is gained.

The Sin Board records and watches the way,
that I and more,
so many we are, I often feel barred,
from places of rest,
because I'm not best.

I hear through the grapevine,
yes, we have one of those too.
That are people aboard,
the sentence called, "Life"

I happily report,
I took a place at the port,
sailed the means, to see what is green,
and Earth did appear.

How weird!

My sins on the Sin Board are all clear for myself,
but check you do not and that causes a blot.
For clear out my dear friends,
announce to yourself,
Sinners are welcome to anything here.

The payment is strange,
believing in what?
You are all so deranged.
A Sin Board, not known, WOW,
you are fucked.

I cannot go back for there is this one who needs,
............ won't appear or save her from here.

So, on this day that seems rather queer,
I can say that I hear the tears and the cry,
from one of my own,
I've known her since Five.

Speaking of Death, don't go into the Light!!

I write from within the heat of my core,
it comes from beneath the need to know more.
I concentrate on, not how to be the best;
But how to know what is the best thing to do?

I come from a place that you may have been,
 or heard of in,
 a percent of your brain,
 that causes you terror and ruins your where?

For it is in fear of the unknown you grasp,
 to the days that you will know last.
Of what life you have left, you cause such displeasure.
Your heritage lies,
 reducement of your mind,
for 8 to 10 percent is all, that ain't mine.

We need not what you think that you can do in a blink.
We need not you to even do.
The interruption of thought on this place called Earth,
causes nothing but violence and death to occur.

The deeper you sink within your define,
the more you resolve your account is not kind.
The Sin Board doth count, no rest will it take.
For in what you do,
you have found a bill or two,
and what is due is so large and "You knew."

It is in your own death,
that you find your not owed,
but payment is taken from you it's your makin'.
There is not a place that is free without noise.
The work that you do is worse than you new.

Where sleep is not had,
 and food is not known,
 it is only your soul that could ever be owned!
Due you owe it to one of your kind,
or has it been taken by cruelty or time.

I can't count the times that I have seen,
the words that are spoken are often so mean.
You speak with your mind, protected by skull,
but what if your thoughts were all known and you're bull?
The demons they speak, the spirits doth know,
Satan, said Lucifer is enjoying this show.

The waiting is anxious, the hour draws near,
for it is only the taking that is over do and we're here.
You humans don't need the horrors of Hell now,
you eat one another with words like a sow.
The threats and the voices that Christians do say,
if you do not donate, they will die on someday.

Watch it so carefully and tell me a show,
that doesn't ask for money or tell you to go,
deep within side of yourself they do claim,
without your support the word must compel.

So, why do you fear what says nothing at all,
for all of these words pour on there feet,
 men up and they scream that they are still here.

It is strange that you fear what a Man has told you,
but you won't respect a Dark Lord when he's near.
For not my mistake and I will not take,
from people who need to know what is rape.

Rape of the mind, from whom I do speak,
comes from the mouths of the manipulators and creeps.
They call Human Beings to give them your wealth,
give them your last coin and do it with stealth.

The lies that are told by people who come back,
from the dead and say "It's a miracle, today."
They spread just like locusts, it's a shame, it's so fast.
There words are like food and eaten so fast.

Go into the what? Why would I do that?
If it is so right to go into the light,
then why are you back?
I don't trust you, I don't trust that,
for your information, is mistaken, it's smack.

At least James Blunt doesn't do that.

Lost to the Ages

An interesting view of all of you,
includes the dynamics or the challenge of who?
Shut out what chooses to make the choice,
and the might may become the deadly Knight that you meet.

Accusing your own, not sharing your site,
is only the way you get lucky at night?
A strange point of the sharpest tool,
will not only poke but out all of you too!

So be careful my being that is not my voice,
for I am not wealthy, nor do I have choice.
I scream when I'm silent,
I speak when I rage,
I deliver opinion at appropriate age.

Stand clear of my mercy,
for I know I don't have,
what makes you so busy and stands in Deaths path.

Why would I enter, why would I agree,
if it is a measure, I'm sure it's not me.
For argue I will and death will hold back,
'cause in disagreement, I'll insist to be put back. 

Now while I've lost death on the path of your life,
I'll disappear and say "You're awfully uptight!"
My way may be sneaky but death was not clear,
the rules are confusing when looking from here.

Believe in me not, for I don't think twice,
it only takes once, to say, "Thanks thats not nice."
But better it's you and so glad it's not me,
and in the end I'm sure you will see.

I'll be alive, in Death Court you'll stand,
making complaints, filing on man.
Disagree I am sure, will be your defense,
but that is O.K., I'll still miss the dance.

Alive and upright on feet I will stand,
breathing air that's not bought,
I'll think of you often and know that my coughing
is heard by the ones that I love and they know that I'm out and about.

So, I can't feel that you are not glad,
that you've spent a life in lie and aren't sad;
It makes me feel upset for yourself.
Repent if you must but I cannot trust,
'cause what you have done
is to fuck on the run.