Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Fire Fund

The dream of reality,
is the nightmare to need,
still it is Seen in a,
riddling theme.

A personal freedom,
lost or imprisoned by,
a state of thought,
memories unwind the Future rates,
the beating of a Timed.

Countless Plays

The chess-match stays,
the mate is peace,
missing reads,
the Pawn just may,
be released.

Subjective words Lyrics true?,
to back the vocals yet to prove,
wonderment becomes it's views.

Allusion or Transparency,
choosing is adoring,
dues to fact,
summed the rack,
whipped to track,
the plight of what has not shown too thee,


In the phrase,
a Tunnel rays,
a hope for better days,
the post knot crossed,
and even could,
discount a Hood.

To the Vocals crying social,
the music catches a bit of hopeful.

'Just' in 'Case'
sew displaced,
'cause speed increased will deliver,
a better 'Keep' and not a Leap.

Delivering more does seem a Chore,
but in this you never torn,
'cause in 'The End' you may find,
a opening to adoring.