Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Here And Now

The future of the few that see,
can be only a distant memory.
A Diagnosis of Death, a book, a wreck.
Does one learn to speak direct?

A Civilization from long past,
found that there people that just could not last.
Extinguished by mystery and left to History,
to tell the tale of woe.

They simply call the Seer's,
a truth without a curse.
The days were filled with doers,
the many stood with movers.

To call upon a stranger,
in days where there is no changer.
You may know you are longing,
for homes that are not charming.

To cut away at writings,
of the many or the few,
it may be in the thousands,
of years for only you.

The name does not escape me.
I see the past straight through.
For I am not to name thee,
my mother found the lieu.

The interesting view,
of the the ones that flew,
so long ago in bless,
is just up to the rest.

Karen A. Placek

My Plight

I stand for the testimony of my Life.
I am nothing more than filled with strife.
A survivor of the whip,
intolerance and the Sith.

My adversaries declare the wrongs.
While versing all that are not strong.
Within your soul, find your right,
for you will fall, if you don't fight.

Shock of words, spoken deep.
Will often fill you with what will creep.
Look away and you shall say,
no more, no less on a given day.

I have a friend in Worlds play.
Dark and dreary is our way.
He does not know of my exist,
disappointment therefore cannot come hist.

Free from guilt, I go the built.
To Stone Henge, where its on the tilt.
The day is near, to keep it pure,
so sing the song of Quilt.

A county not, to save the spot,
of English and the like.
For I did have, at ages...; Plot!
a lot for all that try.

Do you turn? Close the burn?
Or can you see the sight?
I am alone, in one fell fight,
for choice will set my plight.

Karen A. Placek