Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A dg comment on Knot Logic ~ unsolicited. KAP, author & an Independent Mind

I think that, in a word, this is a BRILLIANT                          
piece of work;  at the very least, a challeng-
ing prod at anyone who is engaged with
the enchantment with Words-On-Paper.
Stream-of-Consciousness is a term applied to
certain works in the fifties (Kerouac,
Burroughs, Ginsberg, including yours truly)
Surly there were others before, I just don't know

Karen gives you the drift of SOC, but just
blows it all upon the river bank with this
piercing stream of thought.  That its in tight
verse form is, I think, eye-opening.

Having known Karen for most of those torment-
ing years only enhances my salute to this
effort, revealing extraordinary talent.

The mother and family, those addressed in this
piece, must shiver.  The daughter, the writer,
has given us stuff that many of us may never
attain to.

Cheer up Mom, I truly believe that daughter
has reached beyond the trickle of a Personal
Vendetta to deep water, where many
dog paddle to keep nose in the air.

                                                  dg, a friend

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She may or may not acknowledge it, but
this she did confide that the main
goal of writing this was----Healing! (or
Hope, take your pick.)

~   I received this in the mail today.  It is a review of "An Independent Mind, Knot Logic" my first book.  ~
Don passed away on July 11, 2012, he wrote this on March 12 of this year.

To Cultivate; Honor! Creed! And, Desire!!

Ride the influence of the 'morrow?
Erasing Today?
Obliterating Yesterday.

To be or to not have been, which is it?
It could have been you,
should you talent such a thought.

Our ability to lie to ourselves in accordance with a threat,
is more than a bet, it has been an action.
Wiping-out the Ancient Mind for the belief's of now?

Fear consumes your Why.

A toleration of yours,
not mine!

To risk such a powerful move,
to conceal only Sin? 

I rebuff.

In the moment of now,
an answer for tomorrow has been found.
Rounding-up to benefit...

A Mathematical Thought.


What seems good for you,
destroys me.

The Mind is not meant to deceive.
I've learned to add and not to subtract in order to
increase my capacity to be.
Not ripping sight from me.

I turn back on your Purchase of Bought.

A Riddler's past will teach a Sage to manage,
Defining the future with the Gift of Sight.

An echoed response;
"I see."