Friday, October 3, 2014

The Grace Of Magic In Bloom

Oh wow look at the Moon so close to my side that the ankle is the ride,
as the lamp in the Blind on the guise of this sound do the Cycle of the proud,
ride the timber of the Sleepers in the round as the barrel of the stick is a Pickle on the trip,
chance the lolly to a Loop on the notch chalk the Flour honey in the sweetest bitter talk,
gossip till the Red become the same in equal bed as the listing touch a bundle and fire it join Bread.

Sand the cable with the type that grains in steer approach for the close of the Moon it's very nearly Porch,
the bed of these speak abouts Pizza for the stove slice it with a Word of Mouth and bring the country loud,
to the Coast of many Colors in the best of Handsome Crowd I will big the talent laughter as the would begets a Town.

I went outside to check-it out and the Electrics are like firefly on the Air in Smalls,
the snapping of the Signs that leaves do what is Tall,
in the State of stitch provide these bugs are never found in Type,
yet like Eclectic worth the Sound is on the Foundlings bright.

To breath of Nature in the season of the Still & since,
a signal for the Upper lend is Field of the fence,
magnetic in the Atmosphere must rinse the send to theme,
a stand on the Outer Cheer is always be a Beam.

Take the touch of gentle Rush the rain as in night,
comes with Plenty downs for the floor is Earth tonight,
a Shade in the Clear of Blue to pretty up the Sight,
texting as the reflective weird does ride the dance of light.

Spacial recognition goes with Any in the Fall,
a gathering for Balls and Spear at Apples in the Bite,
aud de Vine with grapes of wine in glass at the burst,
a quench with At the bearings Dear to love in all the Crunch.

Shall the prose of Riddle clear the scrabble on the Core,
fill the blanks with sending Thanks the system is a sheer,
fleecing off the Sheep that Rams at speeds of unbelief,
yet for the Proper of the Pitch it's really more like Tea.

Monster grasp at noise in lat for Chortle down the back,
a goosebumps dream in pebble leans to skip the stone of Steer,
a Ring in the Audio with sound that Mountains hear,
echo with the trembles that Cause the planet grow.

The Scriptings

I feel as if I should attend the Opera in this Real life affair,
I'll invite Mal to be my Knight in shining Arm for he is an Actor on the barn,
in this we would dress in our Fanciful duds and gallant the Symphony in a Top box on the side,
gazing over with binoculars in hand to look at the Weirds short Named dumb & dumber,
in this causality of a Reel Film I know Mal would step to the Ever of the thrown.

In the watch from the wrist of Time to the skit,
as the wonder from the Opposition would know of the dish,
with Eyes of puddles to the grace of the Moulin Rouge,
an Audience insistence of the Masquerades dance,
to stair on the Phantom of the Operatic romance,
still are these strange & Lurid dreams tethers that Ribbons are Jeans.

Scribe upon Note to the version I stoke,
a fire in the brain to the sin of such Train,
to have only Been the read Cycle of Ages to trim,
the loss is the Tiers of a cake on a send.

Waltzing Matilda on the Music of Mountains of reamed,
I feel the Need to strap-On a new deed in the girdle of lace like a Drink poets Haste.

The Martini with umbrella as the Corporation of Race,
swinging the fritz for bearing is grace,
step a Tom thumb with the Carriage of lung in the Near Mist of doing I know aye sur,
the bells of the Tower with theme of great Hour striking as the Voice is loud to the Sting,
opus Oh Open please Feather my Boa in the coil of Natural be my Team in the deem,
I beg no disaster only Even in odd spoken to Mal in the action of mob.

Script me a Play with the Choice of the truth as Blunt is the Nastiest mother of bleach in a taunt,
dear Owe Mal read I am in Trust of completion are this Tribe of release,
I can't speak Chinese!!

Dare The Gunned And The Guns Will Care

It is likened to a strip Tease of a life in fact to the ride on the back of a Knight turned deed,
in the grasp of Mirror understanding the trace of shambles in the dust gathered on tears streamed,
to Creek such river upon the found of Sleeve tucked with a slogan of after the tractor,
a plough of Planets much to a dream in the youth I held to Watch for the spring,
in decks of Constructive lapped with dare to Event a Horse that is Hell bent.

Carve the point to rudiment shale the Quake on the fault of the be my Nail,
hammer that palm to a line on a Song from the bombs of the Sky gone Pow,
between the para & the Phrase of documents glaze a Cherry to the pick a pot to Ripe in shot,
a photo to Crop & never know knock borns a lesson in the beast Body fought,
chain of lip to Tongue in groove these Must be the days of every in dude,
a best to the Venture in life it is denture for that is a lo brow Call in the fade.

Travel with an Island to the skin of the light as the Elemental Fire is snuffed for the tripe,
squid an Ink in the pasture of the plan Art is Antigone of the shark on the land.
rows of links to broad the clink in eye-Patch of the green of band,
at the Outer Wreath of the clover leaf a grunt has product planned,
teach the bitten of all that kittens to Terra in the firm of a brand,
sharp in the Chord of throttle to Board a gavel shot a Javelin in can.

Crown the feather with bricks and Ever for the stone of Any bright the hinge of Penny,
fountain lame that picture of simple Came to meet a setting on just question complete,
too tube the Computer with more than a lover is Reality in the bunion Type fits.

Hi to the Heel of the shank on the lot as the Auction is filled with chopping cropped Blocks,
wheat in the bushel as the tie for the Town spin a bit of Thread text gold in the bred,
finder in the sleepers of the single Bed sure does every Dart to aim on the Head,
a jewel in the Nile on the woven batch of lead a sordid Account of decks that can't tell dead.

Tombstone was location as the grave did showing Case yet upon the shell of Vase a shattering,
deserved to be the batter mixing in the sake as Why the trouble for the facial of the dirt in base,
like adding Muster to the seed in a Throw of up the chaise,
carve a tiny ribbon on the jail of the grace,
although the tooth & bale are the inference of a think,
really it's just hand to Jam the sticky of a sphinx.

The Impossible is the Possible of so strange it's Impossible to have had this Happen in site.

A Handel In The Wind

To purpose pain in such Exacts is little poise to offer Clap in thus the tree of sat,
a swing to lull the by the way will most come from over done,
like the Snake in apples rack that barrel of monkeys on King Kongs fast,
the bull rampage to red of Say that photograph at worth to trap the Snippet of the play,
in Cosmic counter on the belt the Elemental fee for charge is on the rail of the trash,
no worries of infernal Burns ask the candle it died trout to sheds that base the Crowd.

Lens Sleeved ~ Perfect Fit Forth Born To Clique

The race of Trigger in the stand of a Custard on the span in this the evident stun,
all the purpose for a buck in the Can of 'cause chime Combs the lip on tongue,
should the apple of the bite behave as trickle on the stump a Syrup in the lag,
as bottles are for Coconuts and Sheep form the ewe's in munch a Fleece to coat of spar.

Chase the menu sit a stride look so grand the Piano cried in chords of leaning spirit,
to test the gamete of a Hutch in the china of the Eye on doll or is the Needle pin,
struck throw bones with knuckles sent to fist the pad With paper ink a gland,
in Oyster of the pearl String a knot cork Bump on Camels ring to water on the Mount.

Canteen in dessert upon the dinner of the Supper in the lunch to start the breakfast bub,
around the Tour of the silt on Stockings at the box of lil fork the stage a drum.

Hand paint on the Hind in can't remember all the Art by strand to Force the entry pill,
swallow which a glove of Bill on the beak of peek a skill the lather distant graze,
trust the Sad on each of fill to empty back the package Shill that key of cage to rock,
that the customary Carriage harnessed with the gave in Yarn a big Oh rocket Mill.

Groats that feed the Billy Goats to oats that seed the Mustard show a Hotdog on the bun,
sausage that to Pound and Come down the prim of Rose in path a tunnel of the Trill,
shudder Trust with free Way hunch an equip that Moves call bunch of dull the peel slipped,
all for crud that equals boast to sing and not to Trump the gross that seems the Signal Vow.

Microphones that speaker Host teach the value of the Choice in tender Roast of Yorkshire,
in the pudding of the Butter add a tip in Table Stat. the lip of Mouth is Question rat,
performance of such Close Contracts put to Mold the Stretch of grab so Almost it shims reap,
a dragon with the Cloak of groom a bitter sweet to flavor Corn the spring in Winfred Jack.

Gosh the gear is ever Flat to the slope of riding knack the worth of stoop is kneel dear,
that point of Clause to mars at law in the church of Counter cod a Net to speak a Fish,
the Crab a bay to Albino may in the skinny drop the line that spoke of Pink eyes raid,
in blood of sweat to bath of set the Imagine of a dreary Check to being aft be Forge.

Lance A Lot to turkey crop in a Scene of should be Sot to dance the Moon at gees,
perk the plunder as the Monger of the burn to sink the stung to debt until the Part,
while trotting is a double sport to the loo of let the Port be communicated trued. 

Spur Tails

Rack 'Oh' Lamb Bibbed 'Oh' Know

To be A product of joke in the Anvil of design is indicative of my life in a Sign,
the lights form the roads task the Words to a chime in the bang of a Boomerang,
toss the challenge to trouble of the path in excrement for Fact,
as the origin of Cork in the bottlebrush of spent a touch on the Casper is a ghost of A send,
charter to the Sale as the bricked up Conform the goat of a Billy on the swam spun return.

Site the Action growth like the lawn on a Hill,
the time that is is for the show of a chill,
shoulder of the Imprint to the kiln that is prefer,
a Bridge has the towers yet the leap is in the Heard.

Mirrors on eyes that rode a cry to spool the Spin akin,
so close to berry Honey that the bees are in display,
flowers on the Pantry try grocery for the grade,
in the point of brand I'm sure that All with trap,
snapping Asked the turtle from the Shell of wrap,
the days that Thunder listened to a broke to each a mat.

Dirt is in the Mud on facial of the come,
smooth with treat of shaving Cream the milk is on the gave,
ship that with a Title to a Beach upon a say,
than what has had a Measure junks stream with bigger Grain.

Buckets to the Used in bin read a Coast to a skim don't drown from all that chum,
take the Taste of what a Shade leap simple to the skip a Stay,
in or least of bunker Keeps the desk is ride of ground,
talk the list and wonder Disc. for compact has to Muster with the registry of Gift.

Sake the spoken off to Club that party for the daytime rub in that it's more or less,
a format on the How to back the Difference in a tub,
envelope of Mail class the Stamp of In with dress Code course,
the worth of rent unto the Chair is knowing that Their always pear,
the grit to been in chip of Clip that basement to the stare Vols.,
in speakers that Mind of zap a fire on the Smaller lap,
to I land in the Rafter knack through the tends to Cart of Hems a Talk on Watch the scat.

Chicken do as Cock-a-Roo in pants that Trailer hitchcocks tube,
bounce the red ball on the tape a picture frame with Ticker grape,
open the door with Handles theme an orchestrate to sign & date.

Grass that bunts to Bats that thug the hit is wide On to scream but Who is thee awl,
to Singer in the footstep steam that grasp of sentence in the spline a Kenning on the rose,
thorns to prick at Apple lick a Bit with chain in leather lane buckled to a Shoe,
shiny are the sparks that show to a Crow that goes & goads a dimple to a Proud,
the Ketchup left for buster rough the advertised has brought sewn Much to bed the Breadth.

Charge it Com the stride of Throng that 'Just' reports the Ankles that have lifted in a squirm,
from what is bed to Concrete shed the cold is burning dawn,
a thought to each A Memory boot all Laced with sugars Sweet,
go brains that trait to Crew the state when cats have clause to torn,
a flip or few more Pages shredded the Cartons of the photo read,
chose the Entry why bother Century that stairs we're built to Hosed.


Feater Bones

In the grave of reason to the late on the brew of Brow a Trade secret to the Crowd of decision,
at least the basement of barrel had had the Opportunity of fought upon the trap at Snare,
in time of eyes and body swell the dilation brought Wisdom with eventual in the price of Paid,
to tusk Nail the hour with squid on the Power of an advantage in Certainly over the rolly-polly,
makes deliverance not challenge but Subject to the clock of lands.

On or there A bout of Quarters to the dime Tin in a Fill of Ice Cream dollars,
in the born to A Fuse as the ticket has bin the receiver to a track of Cues,
great Baths came with tact to Explain the arbor of the shaft in a Stiff,
minute Notes to a horror in the Tunnel of freeze as the ice of Shoulders is Case News to Chord,
a cream Spinach to the cucumber of Pickle in the glass counter that Sheds speak in louds.

Move a rock and Watch that crock of bite on the mere of Reflection of at-Large,
trough to the done Life on the flinch burns of lather that Come on facial expressed in Matter,
years of confusion to liquid space that Washing never took as the Mind photo put.

Present time in a scribble on the Crayon of Box insert the Cod find a block & curdle,
the gluten of milk that blast of Snatch is broken by the ground Climb to Bach,
in The Music Played a daily Remains questions not Of for the Rat is A drug by Anchors in shrug,
these casual Canes that bench mark the lanes to Future of brawn in the paper Towel gone.

Reckon that the bean Files are Mirror to the Crime with the Nose in the kindle of Sign,
that Stoplight is flashing too Advise of the park over the Hill 'cause do has done still,
trued by comfort in the City Education Dept. of Houses that deep Well of hugging the Fell,
meet with a Bender on a wreck in the body for Instant the Marrow is read for it's shoddy,
the girth of the Banker in the middle of a Tanker`d is cruise controlled by Scope morns.

Softies Lease Expected  

The Avenues Ore Something Like Try

Reel new to the film of Clue in a Matter of Dish Network,
the paste in the Flour of the additional as grease,
to bring an Ad with local Edition leaves the seconds Minute to bites,
a less than Hour with the drive towards sour in beans,
string the length to Product what from the rounds at Was.

Hearing thus on Table rust is the elbow to the pen,
skate on ice with shoes of Nice than Production lost it's Send,
to have Had brought structure with a Handle in mortar,
the pits have seeded the grape,
All on the Vine of bait to the Hook, Line & Bunk.

To Quote not a saying rather the Understood from a City Hood,
the demonstration of Starch to the machine of the Wash,
in the Absence of Form the certificate is random,
a Once upon Bliss of Instruct touch list,
now the Notes are Score`able to the trees of Shake.

To Herb Caen the Examiner of the Select to a writer of Type,
lost in the forest of branch as the Apple has worms,
scotch Tequila with a swallow on Hards,
the Bank of discussion done has barked at the Frog of Come.

Hearst built a Castle on the ocean of Print,
in each Column of spoke to the Wilds at the groove,
the Pools that indoor to Outdoor displays,
sculptures that Wrote on Actionable Ways,
not just Reasoned with go by The Way,
a defining Path that Ruins have Held to the Pyramid of Math.


It reality that Remained in ride to Speak the louder of the Cry in Formula of lets,
as the quote is Full Monty by NO mistake that Absolute of Saddle take,
in bridle of the Rein Eye as brain is Central to the by of Way in gallop Lope.

To dance a Jig in Modern War of fair the Context in the Form of Arts,
train from Prepare is the brass of Mickle of Arcadian path in Touch arena,
state of Stature in true Corn is the grew to Up a storm on a Mounted grasp,
in the Lands of I band Tack at a Shoppe in bath.

To scrub a Mission is a Cleaners track to engage the should of at a Fact,
the Cow of stomach examples task to burp up Crew with Acts of mass.

In the Collection of drop a Vice a score in Board of last at Fast,
is product of the banana on the grounds of Tile in the birth of a Mile!!

Measure charts that Class of Aeon to talk the creek in river reach,
saw a Pour of water Spake than chose the Send to bake that Lake!!

As Ice is cube in proper Shake the Mixer of a Seltzer does bloody great,
in the Morning of a crave go Guess talent as the riper gave to pen Sill laid.

Curtains that are Made of Iron just bear the brick of Cinder stick,
whilst the sides are Trades of clique the Heard is Buns that Tape,
brought a Cart the hard of Date yet in the Harness the leather shaped,
a dress and NOT the fault as Ache.

Muscle brain with Ancient Mind in this the fry is batters Kneed,
add pack Spot with a lot~roll the challenge Hands will Control,
the Cloth is damper to the importance of seed dough much More is the gamble,
question the Baker on the long bread Cork for that is the bottle of Vintage Stork.

Quintessential to Extracts as the Menu is a rack,
there by Inn the price of Set is a cost & Totals bet it All!!


So fall-Back my friend of Foe on other Lo of gallop on the Acorns real,
in this Arena of the fill In the product of A been to read Cycle scenes,
as the broom is the Pan in the dust of the sham on top of the realm I Be,
in Grand Formula speed of Beam the Head Lights of a shoulder Band,
not the typical shrugging Shag rather a dungeon on the Jag,
a dance by Total to the take a Clip plate with No cuts or Shakes,
a bowl.

Ice Cream serves Cold to cone the shape of lasting on the shown,
in melt of scream drink Mixture spoon as the Milk is nurse-Folk tune,
stag that two with toppings Sprinkle add A 9th to every Scoop,
picture Snaps that edit shack talk of what is only Stacked,
how Ever in the ponds of Sake the Stow Lake is the bridge of Snare,
in tooth of Chew a gum in shoe Investigate go Fun to groom,
a bull.

Read with cape born of late tried the Leg it spurred a skate,
to Leather Up with Tack on duck makes the Swan know All gone long,
swimming in the Seas of Time as Age is relative to Annul a grind,
pet that Brow with nape in loud Towel of sake with lather spout,
rinse Shampoo to speak a stooge on the Muster glance to Tube,
box Potato Chips with Clue atop that Radio on the Food,
know An~Tin Aye.

Coat is tower on the Tale froth the Waves on beach of gave,
in the suds of Chart to scrub the Sand on lay is binding love,
to Task the pebble as a rock in grain why than the Rice is fodder bin,
treat the Talk as little lock around the Globe of got a Crock,
to spark the Sky with lightening lanes just proves that Thunder gained,
a Clock to Been in hands of clay as the Potter is a Stay,
No Ands.

Åbout å Nook

Ask the Night inside of the starlit speak of the Quest that Man must seek,
in the ride to list of weird the body of the challenge in a sort of Tier,
stage One on the seat of craft torque with Trade at blasting shade,
in the Second appearance veered the battle of the Field clear,
perhaps the third in Fort of gear sits the Fence of soil cheered,
the strange in pencil lead of Came down the stick pointing Crane.

Fly the sky with single Flare Creation soared to short a View,
midst that big Bang of the gain in walks Evolution try the Name,
growth perhaps for Quantitative Frame must believe the bench of brain,
sparks that Fire to ore of flame free the purchase with a grain,
salt to the Suns that peer that Sure while the Outer Realms are See,
forget the think in Still Mind rink 'cause in that Thought the Keep is Raws!!

draw the etch to swing Inspect than place the set to plate Ink bet,
poker cards with Gamble Let on this is the luck in stet,
a steady of the Horse of trait is in Fact the best of bay,
from girth to saddle the bit & Bridle are the Reins of steer,
to buckle not the Shoe of boot rather lace the leather Chain.

Cruise the breeze style Might in text of ride the Test is get,
to symbol on the letter of the standing of the Stable barn,
built stalls as Cross ties are the snap those quick-release of trailer do,
a leadline when attached is the Walk of Astronauts in landing all the fame,
yet upon a Version of touch brush a Muddy day appeared from Spud.

Savage at the scent of lathe Que rain in storms of Arena sat,
mural Walls with Artist balls taste Balance fork the dynamite,
stick of Halo with the find ring the Fire it's a sword bunk dagger,
forge with Crew a Goods in route the heat is shaking Sun in bright,
Hollywood with shining Lot an Acceptation to the Vat,
purse this string Red to Tack the Antlers are the read a Cack.

How to scroll with Rock of Role in a World on the Mole to part Tron,
select to Channel of reason than script the clamber Season,
in a Song on ladder said about the Live of T.V. bed,
the truer of these Screens in back are the Tunnels on the knack,
for change the Horror to Picture Show 'Y' to be that X of deed.

silver screen