Friday, October 10, 2014

Heart Of Oak Books Docket Files

Turned out there was a Warrior firing words in to the sky,
heard love like a Soldier came from work on Hi,
as to the fella sang along the balls just bounced the brain,
for in the real of the ride death did have a Name.

For there in the Nationals of The Guardian ape a freakish Storm,
the Man put an astronaut on the Natural born,
a Foot hit the Copter suite the other printed stood,
in the flight of World clue an Hour of the Troop.

Zipper in the classified a Motor on the tooth,
one eye came with Nautical the other laid a boot,
buckles from a turn stile lung moved with great in plain,
while the gentle whistle of the stanza blew to jung.

Turned out there was Tank and not a spacial grace,
for in the burn of Was a firm the decision showered lace,
strung with Fire in the lust an Our trunked the gut,
from every body Wants a Base without the dosing Mace.

Dressed to Kill the bond played On to Playland on the City Pong,
the ping would Ring a flaming Theme to let the spark Ignite to spite,
for in the Scent of a Sight the letter born was Nettle syke,
a Rush at the Rose touched Thorns of people a simple Closed.

Turned out there was a read door geared Revolver piece in Priced,
the arms attached the Mouth so loud that drooling came to be,
in the spark a Curtain shark rows of teeth did bite,
like the liquid Oxygen the Rocket was the Plight.

Sense came with that Pin-on suite for the Helmet said it Sew,
try the proper for the flight as Helicopters know,
start an Engine on the drum than put no Fire out,
for as the simple in Require said Cold it's whats About.

Turned out there were sum shoulders with a Head attached,
the complex in the kindling was the Match of less`t,
for on the Minuet of higher on a pitch,
the squeak rain came for all do know that Clouds must pull to go.

Down over in the Lake of Mead a drink came pouring pose,
but Up upon the crown of long the gems said Sparkling chose,
in the position of All but dead the zombies came to See,
it was the Super of the glue that Named the You in Gree.

Turned out there was a Rose and as the Saying goes,
a rose by any other name is Poetic in it's Fame.

A Riddle

A Man Of Words.

A man of words and not of deeds,
Is like a garden full of weeds.

Joy Stick

It is either Eeyore with the Pin on donkey that tail or the closest pet to classic,
in a swift of pen Up to the poster on Begird corking the Bogie as a clubber in the spare,
from See to shining key the gut of gotcha keys to not Open but disclose the Hamper in the clothes.

Swing a strap of leather a purse on the Hip now there is a Guitar with a picker as a Whip,
strong Strings interpreted as the cat of still in life that process of the catch a Thief crucified by type,
write along the product dong a ringer Of thee lake ask the Sword of Gallants drink yowling line.

For there in the small of chin a Velcro is Alarm,
change the bun with Mister yarn spooling is a Gold,
not really moreover the trample fed an absolute in shots of lead,
for on the pour of barfly horror the match did sum Hairspray.

Fires with lighters a lesson of the 80's required Tom Cruise on the date,
in that section of the News all came round tried the Clues like a board at Game,
upon the increase the City did lease a Map of Understanding,
from Treasures down to Avenues found with A Tea Shoppe just for You!!

The counter comes with Real liberty said in the best of Way,
as sort of information that may drive a Visit today.

Over course of jam & Jelly the laughter broke the pave,
step a Wisdom role the horse the letter for Hooray.

To have had the explanation in other of the tray,
why service is for Settling park Silver for the chore,
ram a bit of goat from Uncle Richards throat,
the condiments would add a Tier exact to table Cheer.

Grade the curve to balls of nerve the Raw at dinner learn,
it is the best example to be a seat of turn,
to the buffet that Papa loved the jade,
Yet-Wah was a round of food considered to be saved.

Truth lesson each a Noun of phase the lazy susan gets pelt day,
skin a lamp pull a chain the Shades of Titans make a Noise,
the shelter is of ground control a centered structure sound,
jets are in the Bay of walking about the Crown,
in-between the Civil are the Hours on the Hoof,
oh but for the Sake of nail in place Shakespeare said a Soot.

Leaf Prosed

There on Hemingway a City born to Type,
a cloister in the Outer film didst speak a ready bite,
in the snap of Piper Sand the grit of Pink wrote black,
bigger came the Tail spring listing all the sack.

Spread the thin with Thinner lean a burden on a crack,
from in the Seal in parade the in pyre of a clap,
just as the Eagle say wings are from a dovetail with a Hat,
in Peace of site to Orion felt the star was on the Belt.

Buckle Means to a count the Shoe of foot in lore gone Roo,
stand the long for every utter has a nurse on store,
in the shelf of Grown & strong the Arms shall the Pass,
to the bell of Liberty in the tongues a pawn The glass.

The ice on pole of topping spoke running just a lap,
in the course of Chase the fact a bisque tomato tell,
bloody Mary celery stick the Peanut butters tip,
jelly is the Capers spreading Tea & sunny Ship.

Hatch the spin to Salad Toss the green was mowed at Prop,
for yield in the crop of Cut said the smoke was Grass,
ancient Garden tree for lead an Orchard from the Tack,
spun with Sordid snakes that craft the Toiletry of rose.

In pawn pay a read was say the Cryer forked a sat,
art be laned to Cloth`ier a thimble Urns to task,
the Needle pin made head of send to point the hole to back,
filling in the Magnified with the pie on Shacked.

No Close

Chicken Pepper

Where the Wild things Are the defining of the Night in the black Pitch throttle,
a bottle for the eye-drops had the Oddity of focus read instantaneous it was greed,
gorge the Vocals voracious dig on the swallow of the Words in flying to the Marrow,
in the vein of blood in curl a brisk asked the Moon of seed don't the flowers muster,
one flour Chalk for the outline rock two spoke the Palace on the Nave,
in the Third a finger found it A day a thread color spun to the spin Folk a Way.

All through the Land on the Whirl of a Band aye was on the Birdie yet the World herd it said,
there in the mid of blues on the Flu sickness ran like Syrup stands in the liquid of Ark Lands,
thick was the lips in mashing on the lust,
smearing in the icing send very nearly Thrush.

Force would have held the Cock at the Roosters rush,
the opposite to speaking cuff was the pouring nails rust,
irons on the sipping tree dick was in the pen,
round to Round the glutton sound a sloth in desperate Tea.

Come said the radio Head for from the form of last,
I'll cycle you with good and Hath for on the squires tongue,
slick becomes the glide of stung to smite the pest with smooth,
compliment the 80's with the devil in the groove,
amongst the sordid on the Net a fisher came to scene,
the Show was awfully salad set a mixed with beets and beans.

Heavy are the After less in this credit toe,
the digit`teen from number deem addition made it Crow,
silence came with empty brain the gun the shot the name,
again the down grew Up with slim for colts are in the trend.

Borrow on the Pony lope the horse of same,
in the Famous of the tour ride atop the lame,
for in the bandage at the Stall the cottons were the knack,
as Q-tips coat the cardboard rack so does the guilt of know.

Striding Hi in rhythm work the venture took the Tack,
saddled up the soap of Oil on good Ole glycerins back,
there the Sponge on scrub of Lo bellowed off a track,
the Steeple fell the hands in Spell oh dear the Cycle Cracked.

Split Teeth