Saturday, October 15, 2011

Courting Death

I chose to ride the waves of what is strange and new.
Deliver to me the want to thirst for more.
Knowledge of the past, understanding of the old will be.

Look at the tides of each realm.
Blame not the shores for your shortcomings.
The constant barrage upon my mind,
is no more than the curse that I am.

Swallow not your pride but your fortune.
Protect not yourself from what will be.
Asking repeatedly for anguish and woe;
delivers only me today.

An accident or a well thought out plan?
In death we see your truth.
The courts down there contract with time,
and patience is not me.

Lawless and unkind,
will beat the rocks to sand the beach.
I hope you count the grains you make,
an Ocean of desire: To tempt you to see.
That cruelty is not me,
but it could be if I wanted it to be.

I well myself to know,
the end is just a show.
And I am not for you,
but begin I will, "I do."