Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Brand Of Chose Equals

Your Memory will not lack,
Talk becomes numbing,

The Mind as Sleep is Waking,
the summed of done is quaking,
algorithms replacing.

Numerical Routed,
'while still doubted,
it stirs 'Still Thinking'
dubbed the tongue.

The echo back,
a brain exact,
is knot lost,
should still be learning.

It is every stare,
monopoly does spare,
the thinking is despair,
the troop is lair,
destroyed the malware.

Backing Natural,
computed run,
in the math,
triangle shows.

The square of build,
four-corners Earth,
Maps-Out control,
the Life is old.

Ancient Artifacts,
prove the challenge,
evolves with manage,
moves to advantage.

Trimming Pi,
the apple in it,
the snake does coil,
the Ring is Wrangled.

Temptation makes,
sight a take,
the rare misplace,
evolves life's rate.

The sinking of,
created adored,
learns to speak,
communication deep!!

The proof of tact,
exemplifies pact,
the message delivered,
determines the value lived.

Truth in Rule,
law in vain,
the spoken dumps,
uploaded pumped.

Wrecked in-trite,
the bite a sound,
pummeled thoughts,
destruction sought.

Practice exercise,
determined view,
the people lie,
endangers, rude.

Strangely Done

The pace, a wire remote, vision details, the tone is yoke. The constant, a phone in tell, programs applications, summed for shrill.  The digital sound, quietly found, know Tick to talk, text goes bleep, language reads.

Cast your eyes upon such screened, it has developed, visual deemed, the Mind a-Live, in action sleep. Present report, no-self needed, 'cause you're told, a When too fold.

The pain refracts, the slap is fact, no halt will be, given "If,"
you must do or die of bleed.

The induced, a jolt of zipped, caught by Looked,
your Hand just hooked.

All at once, society's stuck, in and with, a frozen cist.  Calculate, by no-mistake, this exist is,
all ready made.

In-Spite of this, it's serviced!!

The site in socket bound, the eyes can't move, the brain is shroud. Seconds missed, cannot count, there is no help, 'cause it's sound.

The harvest, mills the mind, nothing stops, all the time.  Twenty-Four, Hours in Day,
the minute dimed,
the seconds played,
never stopped, became the trade, of freeze in Chored.