Saturday, August 23, 2014

Clear Cut

In the beauty of ball`d when the net is the Cape of a cloak to the room charged Hook-up treat broom,
sail the bubble in courts of great main a steady in tubes much streaking the glue,
in stick burl rate the ring of a state growth to the change shows reason to date,
covered by shields to keep the view mask a dance in the drawing advances sense Math.

Chandeliers diamond sparkling Ice chill flipped for the Electrics the real goes pale,
in daily operation the dial of chance is betting the Waltz to a fold on the Wall,
in door of expression the Pepper is dice the addition to knowledge a Patience craft price,
moreover the scene Watch was the still in snowflakes that fell from the purchase of telephone rates.

In the hand of held read an application to creed as empty the fill it talked of 'The Steam',
the faces would look down instead it made dream communicate arctic in colds I saw feign,
as if the party was phoning in calls the broadband just System to event in the stall,
heads would not move stuck on a cruise forgetting that hands need hand warmers too.

The test in the Times remained with a stream should you not be a party than shifting said lean,
video ran with quicks that put stick millions would vibe to the prize like a theme,
in single click triggers the Consumer did see that life is a trade, forevers are string,
enter the legged thus person spoke course shown to the Mass it developed a door.

Asking the trouble disconnection a Fee saving the Mind the framework was key,
ringing dish shoulder the cage factored crisp dismantled a touch in the dipped of a lip,
at dinner or lunch in Breakfast the need social denial drank sheds from a tree,
barking the chip with cuts that stopped short descriptors in mash a potato abort.

Tugging a dawn the Horizon of leap idea's that once grew now drugs in the feed,
to walk or to speak with a smile in a week I counted the shades as each was a cheese`d,
the wrap of the cell drove music blink Hell.

Like dead was alive in a life being dead yet standing and breathing the ornament lead,
digits thought fingers that tabulate list a new type of History began to just kiss,
the send was a button save in a frame picture in flower and text born a lane.

A body of person could have been next in close with a need but the precedence rang,
no policy to Manor the home of the brain the presence was now grab known claim that bell wow.

Sun glassed the eyes on screens in disguise people brought hurry but forgot the seed dies,
few turned to apply placing the why feelings were in a guttural the reason seemed to be burr,
the status of thought was similar to film throw in a graph a Halo to bone.

Since touch had the spot not skin to the palm energy spread was of Negative strong,
maximum impact came from destruction of done like Pie in the face after act of the case`d,
strange goosebumps a story the Matrix in booth guns were not Arms and arms had no truth.

The Microphone Listened


Carriage be life in the flow of the brawn as dawn is sew Able the Coast is a song,
on the Label the print is streaming with notes as the words to a savor to sing a bright toast,
cheer to the sync of the Letter to most a lyrical value that scores to a post.

The Seasons will bring change to a clay forward the Mold in a real display,
as Reef to the chorus an instrument Theme bough to the breeze scope Wind in aloud,
calendar Years in the Element found tagging the flicker of Flame in a sound.

Journey my verse troop Celebration to burst a Solar in fervent linguistic the turn,
swords that have Shield be held for know Armor guide to the strike with all in the fight,
bow & arrow fly straight to the aim of a Lake in the speak on the Water it provides a kind play.

As the ripples stood Time in a ring of the Shrine may Fire produce an oil of Spruce,
true Fig cover bed the Posters of move done for the difference that settlements sprung,
rooted at Origin the Gold of the pour meld with a Route the drink evermore.

Battles of worth lives in reverse gift to the Makin' a guidance in learn,
dear star that explosion so far from his girth the Moons that did show me a sample of Nurse,
in Creed from the corn that distant of born my Dragon oh dragon be Mind in the Sign. 

Print Type Waters Home

The funny be in the stitch of my side like a Tickle in memory hide,
I once did find a message in a bottle at the beach where I creed`d my deed,
as I opened the letter I had already did send but the note that receive was in water of lend,
so I was never able to read the reply at the base of the Ocean I sea`d.

The pleasure today is the Aspen of ray in a beam light of Trade,
from a similar been to what has begun this daily lead I know only one thing,
my Posts are all Reeds on an enter Net See!!

The Line Of Ink

A Theme to a flavor of taste grain in the shade life grapes that provide to the Service I say,
being of Use in a World of day atop the Colossal Atlas read straight,
maps to the grid on the granite in life anchor the growth to a tackle of lull,
by on the Porter to soldier the Morse in Code of the Conduct trust Honor of Norse`d.

Inn the Horse at the gate to the bell ringing shake bring open the Flight up tell of a Sight,
spring from thorough bread shanked with the Sky touching the sprinkle of shifting to ride,
a Mount on the slate the Columns of great befriended in stairs that lead with a Nape,
wrapping my arms to hug in the storm rain clouds that do Speak with give in adore.

Twinkle the winter thee wreath on the nod a bangle in jingle thee clatter of cog,
spur stable while Clock brings timely to stone a Coach on the wheel in mid gift a tone.

Hearing the vision of seeing the bring climb happily to a drive in the clue,
bottle that went to the Ocean in blue I send you my love the luck is in true,
may the written have been read in a skim upon the Land that feet had a been,
I treat to the throw a good store I know for from Bakers Beach I saw the door go.

Should today be that after the Wave in do span my laughter would hold a chortle in hand,
the message in a Bottle I corked to the Man was sailed to Sea I was only a teen,
best memory in Hope the soap of the day wrote of a mission to from the give play.

As I had the sentence to walk the shore I asked in a Proper to breathe in a Score,
reality echo a Tunnel of Scene to have brought forward thinking to a real in be,
composed as believe that dish in the Cream sugar is Sweetest with a dear in the Stream,
I know you are Confident and so do you dream the Ink in the Pen sills 'till then. 

Awkward Bark

On scramble on blitz to the three core in fizz a cherry to pop the soda of shoppe,
write in the clap a job of well fact thus Theme in break chain to announce go a tack,
greed in the Menu is hungry for price the Service is tender and the Roast it is spice,
custard from Pickle to milk shakes that Ice placemat the Cotton on orchards Tick mat.

Pick a detail scribe in a sign the tattered of Moral is humanity behind,
qualms regard Storm the Conscious in Sea,
a puddle of keep drops be Brain that is birch loft,
from base of the silvery wisp in the breeze to the stop of amaze at beauty to read.

Charge only the Horn for the libretto does scribe,
in tanks that have formal to introductions of tribe.

Bang off to the Thump on the learn stalk of earth,
strong vow to the Curtain a bale of turf.

Incense that swings at the end of a stick,
lamps that share gas to the ever in quick,
posts to perfect the light on the street,
curbs that create not trip off to the speak,
quarter the Meter done digitized sweep,
spoke to the Wheel turned in for the Sheet.

Brick houses layer to wood in the sky,
fires that burn are the heat of dead corn spread on the patty it's fodder or torn,
eating with grape of hungry to thirst drinks lather as sweat to tell a grind verse.

Profound to the cleaning a Sponge tempers nurse,
shrubs that are brushing scratch thorns in the skin,
clutter to edge the cliff is a Shed,
all while the Scene is beauty in been,
for the walk is the ladder in a fall to the Trim.

Instance the rain to flood down pours Hymn,
trails that magnify where once there were Tin,
now in the run off the seat darns to room,
change the detail than the Fleet Harbors in.

Ash Burgers

The leather on the stretch an oiling for the give in Zest of Castille the scrub are jockies real,
in the bend of bridle tend the bit of an attach built up are shiny flints of ash that tooth of brush dubbed black,
to scourer on that part is to best the clean in start the olive in the oils of the glycerin at it's cart to live.

A sort of polish after scrubbing in the use of riding gear,
the saddle of the learning pull is bred to be the steer,
in guided contribution form the Hand is run for path,
in alone the stream is stone that looks just like a craft.

The shoe of Cobbler in hammer sling a clog that nails to harvest string,
a point that dagger of needles bring to clot the hole whilst glue is stole.

A heady perk in timely work is always Watch address the stop in this the product reach,
for base has had an arm to glad the first of last in each of pat.,
to certain origin in the hide a butter is the soak of side a lathe of Shingle hung.

Thus name of Number in the Tongue a swing around the spur and sung,
proper fit in harness whip are Crops that bring a front Field know,
the fertile growth to watery rust a ditch that channels pipeline crust,
bubbles with a true in burp the sediment of earthy stirrup in cusp.

Craters that are Mountain must the steam in the cut top pea,
the cod that fishes in the sea a burnt trappings that snap the fee,
end Caps the adverb lap a brain doing Computers chirp,
triggers that push to bulletin jerk,
an eruption on the basic Turf.

Hunters that once upon a Store,
shot the bullet for food and more,
mounts of Show in hanging lurk,
a Life in plates that slate did Fur.

Eat in breast the blanks are getting louder in their Silence,
pudding of the shire in the growing are tire spun,
ringing set to spin the fret by ways that quiet Grave,
archaic cheeks to trails Teak major in the Key of Pre.

Vapor stroke by World cope the pulse is spits that Kiln a note,
york media in the flowing brain the state of liquid in the frame,
test shakes by Milk the bottle or the droplets that is drought.

In The Distance Frame

Unfurl the flag to Folds of chill a jacket to the seat a spill in Leather of the stream an Army in a theme,
across the Look a sat in took the birth of all Hard 'The Glares' on shipping Starts a shark released,
in the Cove of ocean Creek the breathe is in the easy Stead as row the boat does Ore in Cork.

Inasmuch the utter Touch is knowing that the message lust was barrel Wine complete Too time,
the slab of made by in the trade of Vines to grapes that path in Lines true bring the fruit of Past,
the settlement that covers vast a link to drip post waters choice in drought of 'Dry Spell' craft.

The Futures in the growing task a Cart be frame of horse in lapped the burl of a tree stone caste,
reel spin in fishing Men to bait the Net by fix the gate a Pot of done to risk in slung flat Worlds.

The stop to Means with storage brings a table of those Napkin Rings trued Salt & Pepper spice grind,
in whole the grain is Mure fork ploughs that lawn the blue so strong that Masts did mount a Watch.

The Call of the Echo basis of the Cry to spring the earth of dirt to turf that standard in good by heard,
afloat the granite stones did broke as signs to chopped the fear,
in stillness Fog did carve a steer wheeling housed from turn to clear,
a Vice with doubt took stride in loud a Name the equal Ear.

Riding lakes that Pond a break to Canal of beer on take the plug is bluff ache,
trouble found division Sound work the Vest of Sail,
in the Wind you'll hear a spend that desk of offered Mile,
an inch clod plate or stamp Mill rate the Silo over told the Crate.

Speak Easy ~ Talk, A Lot!!  

The Station Op's

Dead wall land the Continent stand an ink does Site this sting in fight a beacon on the bright,
flood sky with the lighter high a Skate to clouds the Storm of broom,
the swept up clear in Eyes of cheer at center line of stall,
in the middle of a tall a certain basis twister straw the Air,
basically a turnip raw is root that beats to pulp,
the Garden of the Birch.

The door that deck of Glass inspect a screen I ran straight threw,
it popped from tracks after smacked the lesson of unglue,
no anger said the Teach of read my Grandfather patiently instead,
in fright for I have been beatin' from less my eyes stigmata dye.

As the home did observe my grandmother in so heard,
the grasp of orb to full did soar but Ivy was the biggest store,
the Turkey family from bakery to board stood proud in Addressed,
these small steps brought no more wrecks a bureau grown to Mirror.

The bathroom style seemed a dial the Old Spice of the shave,
a pat to hand the cheek to cheer in Smiles that did ever stay.

As bricks are stones blocks are gave the Lamp did shade a put,
an Octagon with doors in drawn the clever bagged the prey,
built with fun Professor stung with Irish eyes that laughed a done,
in the twinkle of the speak the best was always about the teeth.

Capture humor with a Tag the pass is undeniable,
from laundry to the dining rube the last in First was loving burst,
a simple change to bring the Range of lessons that didn't burn.

Garage doors that matched in look opened for a Car in took,
the path to a Studio paid a Kitchen to Canning the fruits of trade,
boiling water to sliding glass as bedroom was the best in Class,
on the porch of Concrete pour the right turn showed trees of score,
the beach of a plenty in the Tools on left bang the hammer in Hardware get.

The Brooming Rake

Wetted Bisque Lamps Of Hist Already Lipped Shingle

Two to feet the disclosure Feat in a degree of Walk on earth of dirt to Mud Cake shot Served,
the face of recognition played Ankles Opera with symphony Piece to scores of lead brine skeet.

The tipper pull of swing a mole the chukker in the Polo goal is a gain deed Skull,
rather evident on the Field that Ages are the Pole.

Tridant born to flipper Corn the pan of Handle mallet swing in Bamboo,
chew the mint of the leaves an Oak of rhythm spring Forestry boon,
a bandit with a Markeral musk tend Ivory to the tusk,
in broth of Stew the picnic clue a World on the dust.

Chainsaws that rigor cut to spree a never Rust is worn to the A Vail,
in speak the whisper on the mumble creates a Trunk to crust,
in breaking strain the like in Rein has bridled down the Curb,
upon bid Stork the doll of cork knows the would in plain.

Wheat tarry whips the windy Hill the paints of hand in sprint,
to have notes that Sharp the rode a musical in strum mental Scroll,
roles beat best the Treasure kept from sea to chair the Par,
stupid people will dumb the core to Base the cliff of inkling snore.

As a sod is the seed in chore lawn to grassy knoll the door,
plant the Stone of written phone a pleased announcement pane`d,
to Owl the who is Inn the clue walking on is bad luck dawn to Flowers in the spot,
a pot.

Bridles come with mood in lung the set of Aisle struck in tongue,
language verses no lying bark yet in the Vow of strung,
know bet that the Septic tanks to scribe a lie in done,
now the signature Peace of crows have squirreled in the spun,
a Raven to the Hog in Cycle dill the Bog it's marsh upon a log`d.


The Drifts Air Weight List

Traversing the wallop of Life in a fall Watch the Water in the drag of pool ply,
the swirl in and 'Of' often in power rides to the tonnes in the Mountain pore,
carving valley`d dry Spoke Wheel in sun deep Red the moon a shielding the Shadow`d explore,
behind the gorge in great design An Ancient march to grasp the Line rigorous pole`d 'X' shined.

Twas 'The Continue' in sentence flash the Photo of the briny caste far outlasts to deck a nap 'the difference',
in sub lime the squeeze in Signed a contract of the emblem shrine to Paradox.

Start rise finish the Wire drawn in taunt a Fence in pulled the T`top of a Spinner coruscate in Site,
memento bisk the Chowder state of clams bun shell the gem of Well in grove of said shore see,
in this the fact that stock of Sweep in examiner of the Week turn burst sheep a youd did baroque.

Zealotry in only burst fume the smoke Represents a deeper,
in flume of the stream countenance is a loomed,
spun Pink Sand the beach Onwards whiz to the Apogee.


The Receiver

Coterie societies are Civilizations that have shown in path a work in deed shore Time a bleed,
in vain this Age does shed the limit excuse the laws of nature raid be Corning tripe the scold,
in heat I steep a Myriad to base mysterious pen scrawl pursed wall etching on the chisel,
a single grain to row oar Oats fashion grill corrugated spill mowed in cover the fertile Hoe.

In Hand~Born arms Creation farms to cuddle hammock with a storm the Outer edge of lay,
flint in strike the Ancient Night that spun address to inner crest of Magma by design,
volcanic in the streak of spear a shot alarm that belled to sheer a Bow grip arrowing Speed,
strung to aim the Shop of rein see rings trust Fire in center flamed.

Not contrary wings of carry roaring Law of Crane,
Evolution has a Name yet can't be seen by Ordinance until the Wrinkle Frame,
the foot the hand the elbow in the I span,
all in vocal artistic lane the glass of wire in the stain.

To have tasked the touch screen cast fingers do a walk now view,
proving this or sending that the application of eyes scene rack,
divulge the rip of Minds in tipped a closure off at Two in hip,
this tell~talk wrought since Cell phones lock increased the shut valve Knock`d.

Again society in World scar has brought to Term the Living shard in bite the trap,
snap goes the teeth of school invested Tongue besidings drool,
cuff grown to handled moan the quiver of a shake in tone,
Acoustically driven the hospital fiddle to sick by Weeded stung,
shift grunt the Lever string a sync confine that reads eye lines.

Live I confide to All that ride in this life of global glide the Peek of people tide,
be not sped to the bed but should the bed be true I shout to shore the Knew,
living forward in the spook the Wise to door a Threshold loop examine Stoop,
desk the Date too dart a trait & Confident this message Root!!

~ Question Caption Waits ~

Why do Human Beings thigh if not fore the jerk 'cause it's work, Infinity Sprite!!