Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Birds Of Pair A Dice

The silence of the linking slights of ever dies on brink,
that is the arbor of a store that is shutters for the yard,
in technique of came to go the plains forever is a sleet,
so to the skill disappear I score the work to let us part, 
the seas is ore and the land is mass.

Trainers of the foot and yarn a lace to seam of shirt,
in undone drip the spills and missed I start,
to how is why the being inside for levers to the sleeve let,
a said on doing is the grip for what is light is up for dirt.

To touch the sake off a rake and dig the sweep of quarters,
the cork of boards the slate of black dry erased as torn,
the late of pens dried up no lens as bells rang quiet sail,
the season of a brand of like fenced for reasons wisdom.

Death sings a tune of drums and lung calling plates to license,
drapes of weight the wheat coats trim a coffin on the tithe cents,
across the comfort of a read I little form composure's gourd,
weeds plus ivy leeks soup lanes make duller the blister lug a jug a jug jugged.

Toy Oat Duh

Art Work the league of Century has dot to dot the awls of Stork.  The cable on the star light gave day, year and a sturdy on the pause.  In with that tap on shoulder gone study, a live on the dance this is the walk of an.  Excitement never really boar the bones of a horn to toot as the gave seals swam the English Channel.

On the written words of sent to carry it be gun to talk the speak at the delivery mile.  Dust came along to the dirty dent of a skull, body and the chalk that I know, I am the trashing slumber of a dead on the living of dead testimony, for wit, to nest, the fax to scummed I just Plateau the simple and the rest is a looking forward to the posture of a language to vista a worm.

The branch of faced has been struck head-on, for that silver setting of rules and beatings I tucked the tape, my eyes inclusive to remind much later on the rein off memory, to blink the tears of a life lived.

Breakfast in America singing lets see substituted damaged bounce to salt the stew of thought from the bottom of the slumber to float the rule of floating lumber.  Rise on the beach of clam and grit said to that particle of grip that the vittles were shipped and a bottle messaged the absolute on a swallowed worm, base Ta key La.

So the thunder died between the lightning strikes and all that sidewalk of the sprite hosed down the spit for the cleaner belts grazing only a heads torque approach of, eyes to eyes etc.!!  Furthermore on the trail of no staples to operation paper clip I venue`d a skit turned milers grave.

Oh for the folded bands that have scribe of sing and tours of worlds to balance the seat of earnest more buy property of the changing depth of moon to landings of tabulations and lens.  Even on that multiplication of quality gone registered bellows the chimney held ot only the climb of post no haste as the written is of the changing types that raise no slammed only the foot on a printers ........ fill it in yourself, for the world is the Oiu stir and the pearl is each facial reduction to the hand holds of fleece.

Frog's On The Horses Hoof

Within the strokes of my sight to a straddle stream in the explanation of computers to storm earth.  This is no the vast nor knot to gargle the thumpers of a rabbits wheel.  Take it as the stew of eyeballs soup. Put in that skull stitch to the stem of counter calling feat to mined minced aspect on the scortch of religions footrail to spoof the keep.  At the lair in the dungeon of my stair is not a banister for the steep of Mankinds rails of disappointment towards Ancient lines of charter Shipping knew.  The minor factor of this earth and the continual bashing of the steady at the prose as in station proven the computation of the monitors on the squeeze ; fork court 1984.  Rats and Mice in the snap off the phone Wire horror tripping barefoot scrubs to mission of the Hotels on single occupancy to Fronts.

War is the simple dial of whom is in the Speak vs the easy riders on a joke of a cork to Scotch the Ice Bucket as needing ice for the glass on the Rocks.  Reality neets the stile to show that the goods in the barrel of Rum is whiskey for the strong language of building ports of call to harbors that cliff the notations with shovels introduction as the invitation of ole glory.  Approach the laptop cellular phone to teak, its a curl of a warp speed that ranges no remote as people grope the dids.

Truss of Ceiling a count Tea mile the place-set,
be form of Computers Mind based on brow connect,
should the Windows eyes in blink Trim a Valence,
as the breadth wills Thin stint to glass is,
trunk Troops treed to route,
body foot and born side stone!!

Snapper traipse thus Rivers blood Creek bones,
asking limbs Tick,
mudslides Pulse the Rein!!

Resistance is electrical grounds the turf of copper Lens,
metals break the drill to Earth forcing Minds touch lace,
sewn to Vains of gold in Caved,
the Coffee on the thought of Spoon!!

Stood straight Up its Rich to Understood,
the bounty of the claim,
'The Ring!!'

What a corker of sham panes to bring a score to cup pulled.  Drink one for the gripper and the a ton for the skeet.  As in embracing the sands of chorale the rough waters are trued salt to the lip of that mouth of rash.  There on the tongues muscle the stream is no stutter of rice in beans of fax, this day of text per text gasp is the cats gut on harp ping.  

Reining Hats & Frogs, Toads & Stools

The bakers of the strife on with the hooves to that is the house of stone or as it may be known, Hay Barns.  Well in the why's to that is the cobblers Stile of saying be leaves to rake!!  Trade blows the ride no not really 'cause its all Work in that battery called life.  Forward news to those born to run, grace found our steady on the storm and banks are the shore of forged.  Telling the land that a foots print makes an Oceans warm lakes rise to family of the glacier shedding the slips Arch.  As heaven is a Peoples term to station the sky hoppers on flight what then is the salts version to rock slate a stack?  Does the burn of tongued language hold to only the palm of a Human on the brain taste of knowing that the Universe is a singing melody of life on a turntables stubble?  From that the sphere walking gossip per the phone tangible ring is bound by the trace of day calendars on the count!!  Ton it Out!!

Brace that crutch to energy and fear yourself the steer on dusts Outer machine of computing a stream to a theme that Waltzes rang as the deep sided laugh to plates.  Core earth quakes as a shaker on the Cocktails birth of a bars rib, on with the Top Shelf to soap No price but Victor the taste of Iced.

Raised by the shrug of shoulders stuck scribe`d to biblical scour of piers, I would never skeet the longs, I will soar the Neets!!  Drink sail of a speak not on the Hose of Mash but rather the enveloping arms of global fires that breathe eternal like the Infinite streamers of planetary doors to dimensions of grand foundation.  Be stuck on the bearing of the jello goop of a tangled thought to greed and docks, be framed bought to shade imagination with pre-verbs to vote the gravity on colds, that is the tore^us at basic is as base ick does!!

Dusk is a horizon or plume at the sent Horror rise Sun of real.  Any burst of worth`d is price tang applicable, like the origin of phantom so is the ghost of reason today.  Per suns the bribe and the spun is formalized to the liquids on hands of flesh and corn tack.  The religions dress turkey appropriately to score the coin as the dollars cheer.  Of course or rather on coarse of the side menu is a touching class of staff to sinew of the throat between the thighs, owe for the swallowing lies.

Come sports on scribes and letters of text to shop screens readily available today for any and doored to mapped bunnies vails, as now the day of weak is Hump braes.  Work on the track of base clay is not the venture of some dark Internet hoarse of miled to inch of thought on think it sku.  The value of experience is not shackles to that opera of fails to learn success, and should you believe a short cut to that desk is a Internets muse of band set to Head on the boulevard of New Yorks rest ; best of luck.

On a scrabble of put try`s I have in first person witnessed the begging of questions on lathes that shirt a coat of Cloak to said understanding the draw.  What a performance of oil,  MD packers, World glue and toss a Zombie in for the flute, at lease that was the shingled short of sporting Timed.  

Horn Knee Toads

Ancient roads, Elephants and Prose the trigger of the ever rose, the clatter of no thorn to garden of a graded form.  Information on the rack, lambs and gates to goat the stacked, grates with cow shallows to Cattle sheds, throw the Sheep a stick on lead.  Crates or box the Auctioneer, fat the Wool of cause and nears, horses House the slaughters low, of for the necessary of butchers Crow!!

The grocery of the Meet department hens the Rooster like egg dropped Soups.  Cast of truth to character slab, that is the blunt Shape of a knife cutting trimmed.  Pork figures up with chips on the Ox, Buffalo special and lama rice, to that is the scout of guinea pig parks, taste that rat its like alarm on the bunks.

Sleeping with the cluster of Ocean sea, bellow of Salmon salt crispy goods.  Grizzly to have river on the bending hoods, owe well spoke the earth of the wheels off Hell!!

Trade inch a street prospector gold on a Slip, is that skirt talk the hemminway Trick, well that is a scored on being a Wave, guest in the genes and a broad to paved!!  Digs touching class on rafters being brain, mind in that is the circa gotta a born, just that up the flag roven drive to jet a store, storms from a delve brought envelopes of last.

To hold closely memories of adoring scenes that in the truth of my feeble tongue I am incapable to be creative with a language to compose.  Far in the reach of what does shore a land I put to these formal tears of said the contemplation of life lived through the horror of existence on this planets swing.

To know that these particles of placemats are just ranges of solar operates that have combed a land for the grasp of the universal seer.  Each all of the dust covers to the Milky Ways duvet is a contribution to traveling films, blinking the solid corn to silk threads of invitation.  Sun this Pluto's moon in the arm of Mercury buy rising a Mars as the planes of sounds to not represent nouns or simplicity but to know that it is the bearing of nautical dice.

Game on gift knots here on this planetary skate of Human Beings with only death as their common theme, I gallant a Flush.  The edge of proxy to a card of torn, the human factors that have grown to forget, these are the faces of dread on the TET.  Harps with string along lists, gossip and a disk of tits, pouring the nude of throttle by rudes.  Text by test narrows, key numbers the clique to clashing clips of the magazine, the satellite is the mufflers shop, settled by ports of purchase, take the Scope.