Sunday, January 26, 2014

Karmic Barbs

The interest in me stirs,
a query or a turn,
too feel only burn,
lives that chime,
the hymn of what to learn.

As 'we' gallop,
this Life is strangely Dime,
that when we were,
we'd be after,
a future history lived.

This long and distant stance,
memories enchant,
service long.

As if once bourne,
within a storm,
disaster delivered capture!!

The 'State of Man' in Kind,
seemingly so strong,
the touch of fact,
does exact,
the guide delivers ruse.

The buck of tide is hymn,
the valance is the verse,
the 'Blind' so kept,
to 'Stay' a longer Course; Endorsed!!

In with just a Stint,
this earth seems the place,
to look back and forward tracks,
the 'Trains' are for 'The Rack'

As Men Arrive too pack,
the load informs the claimed,
a rogue will try,
alleviate ties,
to Run the Wilds of Sye.

The Mural Soaking Stokes


Impositions upon the Mind,
streaming what is loud,
words of imperfection,
delivers Poetic sign.

To Learn

The sanding of the Earth,
the Cosmos makes a turn,
to witness that a Life,
is meant to be,

Envelope all that is,
into what's not heard,
a magic language soaked,
the one that means to know.

The scribble of a Note,
brings light to what makes stone,
enhancing grains of tone,
to color what is grown.


The Mural of the Mind,
organizing find,
the strobe of what is played,
is all within the line!!

The bloom of 'Seed-in-Thought'
will water in the Talk,
a blissful place to ground,
the Feat is merely Bound.

To brandish quill astute,
the feathered point of moves,
the full of toppled meld,
prevails in the well!!

To saturate engulf,
knowledge maintains the scope,
the Pi in only Tab,
regards the tree of mode.

Voicing Song

Elemental Speaks!!

I yearn for the days,
an Ancient learn.

I moved through,
the galaxy of truth!!

The Sight a Tale,
past lives availed,
the swish had know 'dales'
the Balance, the Rail.


The point is shown,
a life adorned,
my more?
a simple door.


So deeply seated,
the real greeted,
as belief is often repeated.

'The Continue'

To ride, too live,
the real coffer of a steed,
the depth of best in lead.

The pulse of what does speak,
the fire of a flaming deed.

For in 'the like'
a ride with Knight,
the comfort found,
 such delight.

The been of done,
extended formal plead,
the score of writ,
invited, tipped,
that life is long and we're equipped,
too 'Be' ourselves so naturally,
the wealth!!