Saturday, October 20, 2012

To Be That Which You Could Never Calculate As The Measure Of Your Dealings With..... Satan Himself!!!!!! ME, your nemesis speaks!!!!!!!!!

Give me back what he gave,


My HATE rages for YOU!!

and for that,
I am Overdue.

So Mother dearest,
you may be you,
but in ME,
KNOW him.

Anton Lavey and You,
the Tell-All came from,
your oldest daughter,

I am the epitome of that which YOU hate,
a living and free being.

I am the child of your Lover!!!

So Take and Take,
but you have thrown away the Girl which you were so clever to bake.

the result of another,

Upon my birth,
on this Earth,
I was chosen to be,
the manipulated one by all of thee.

You cowardly, fucking whore.

There is always more!!

I hate you,
For all of your Lies!
For what you have done!

Not to my life,
I can run.

But you have destroyed so many lives,
for no other reason,
than, you can.

Twin Souls Fuel The Fire That Burns The Eternal Flame Within Us All!! My Resolve......

You either know or you don't!  Don't Lie to yourself but ask, "Why?"  Fortune may have smiled on you long ago, never splitting your Eternal Soul.  Instead you were blessed by just simply doing your best.

In this thought I would not rest, for maybe your best wasn't good enough, just maybe, it's better!!

Ancient Verse often read of Times where many people said, "There are many different ways or paths to Home, do you know the place to roam?"  I would listen to these stories echoing in times of glory.  The Vocal tone, notes from Home.

In this strange and lurid poem I gently state, "don't go away, this can't be a faithless stay."  To believe in more will lend you Credence, Hope and Glee to be exactly who you're meant to be, not emulate or lie upon your bended knee.

It is not what you know it is what you teach.  Either Ignorance and Stupidity will be your Lead, or, Faith will become your Spirituality.  The Voice foregone, an old and long past song.

I survive a family throng to tell my story, not their wrongs.  In this I state implicitly, I was before, I am of a War, an Orphan from a Time of .......

Alone for all Time and what seems like more, I say to you that I am here to do what I must to just get through.

Yet, in this Life so filled with strife, I've been orphaned for a meaningless chore!!  Narcissistic Energy, a Scapegoat, a Whore!!  I'm meant to produce but I quit.  To further Gas my Family so that they may reduce even more Human Beings  to this "Job" of the Blues it made me stop to say, "There has got to be Rules!"

Of Course, in this day and in this Age, it seems that most have gone astray and left you, in play.