Wednesday, August 20, 2014


To be afloat in the worth of a note on the major of a key in the Posting of read tracers believe the lead,
at the base in the year of a time in the skate across the trouble has brought laughter times cheer mixed,
in balance of speak the treat to the play inks the Opera for path inasmuch a blaze from abstract,
formula front while the World is a bump to the leaves in the fall or the Mountainous sprawl.

Valley to bridge made Google a rig to write the perspectives the glass in the frig,
a chill rather goose to the Swan in a Moose legs that have Crane to the growth of a strain,
winged to flew flight in midst of a tight soaring like Eagle in the bald of a kite,
strung via thread for the start was in Stead a product of Nurse in a life that spoke Red.

As the burst ran to rolling the fan blows showed that venture wrote with steady a hand,
oatmeal milk cream style sugar as up to the point of the '08 deliver,
in decision to go for the Open in Throw best was has been from Future to hen`d,
cocks in the Farm House had pecked my brain full at return of the Sender I Shed to atoll.

Speak Waterfall try Barrel the Blog made a fee key to fit with dates that added up paced,
course crowds to Numbers charge ride Impulsion a Site with a Purpose rose with a Motion.

Vowed in it bell a Chimney storm Hell built to the search of building a whether,
in vein the pour framed by experience in train pumping the pulsed artery to releasing the pain,
so careful I am with words that cause stand the quick of the backlash is same simple pan,
click hit check list emails that slam more in the extract the lecture dips fact.

A positive negative flips like the sink in the dish of the wash a scrubber is link,
should I chose particular words such as Love the slams I receive are hard in the deed,
so personal the comments that spell me a pave the slam of my head is the mashing from gave.

Spot changes in the biggest amaze is the simple Complexity that I choose every day,
to be observant to past in tomorrow Today for in such decision the Choice is hooray!! 

The Power of Won

Rejects Accept

I a kid from the City at Bay the mail did send it was a breaks say in the chain Enveloped seal it's stay,
brush the ink pine or the last will be bind in linking the destined with ever in blink for the rolly bugs stink,
as I not a Venturer to pushed in the sync the wash was the rift that I tore down the clink,
snap crackle pop as the garbage can rot paper in Powder reminds I of brought,
all in the Talk of a tweetie bird bake!!

Send with a swish or a swiper reproached the Letter in '70 was the stamp to the flow,
binder in Three-lined College of Rule black is the blue print for the lines did so School.

I watched as those Persons did freak on the fry as the scry of the Scribble was scrabble in eye,
credit came heavy for I broke the Cry in opened the casted but ready denied,
the challenge in Classroom was pointed in Fact a crack in the Mirror did shatter it back,
to the Cloak Room of knowing that a Haul is the cork should the Corridor also be the ramp Took!!

In know embrace shamed I was said to Profane the next in the Line would be going on Time,
I spoke in no defend for My was a mend to state in plane absence the student did came,
got a pocket Watch blinker the stop of the force put that to Me than you'll receive and Abort,
truth to my Own in the role of a Stone do not be pushed to shrink up atone.

I have shut down on profiles that once I did subject the experience Exact made with no tack,
for at least in the Stable a barn will provide the walk and the drive to speak Cart a ride.

Thee People of Earth no earnest in bliss the click to A Hit in the missing of get,
no ripping of sealed it's just lolly Pops stip. preparation of Address the return is a mess.

The Post Office again represents an Aged Lend down on The Street the Theater of Neat,
Fish & Chips bye S and H the Salty of taste wrapped in Newspaper the use of the say,
malt Vinegar with Tartar the dip was a tray now remove what is onward KFC has made spay,
on the Corner of Park to the crosswalk of Skate the only building known is A Library to date,
even upon that equal of Swan to glance at the Housing it's still in a Song.

One block down Two back at the flew Yet Wah did serve the Wonton of Souped,
than the Gas Station was burrowed for ration the Hospital took an Alien nation,
view from the Parking of lot on the spot a couple more Tops the Railroad crops,
hotdog in Hamburger the sign is a freeze cruising to Copper the penny of leads.

Jack up the down of the Tar gave the brown for hof brau is holding a seat on the frown,
drive the Van Ness in the avenue Crest I was taught difference at Standing of desked,
the Examiner once wrote The Pier of a float information was derived with real in by Hand.

Importance does mention this Care Package darn the Now in the quick is belief not Alarmed,
to know that a Rock of two in the entry guides to the stairs of the brick`telling dares,
pushed in gentle the Rock never fell in the expose I picked those crawling to Crow,
like the Plum rubbed in dirt the flavor of work in the patience of slugs it's Marbles that loved.

Drop to the inevitable my simple would be so then the upset would settle on crunch,
ugh I said to self in the dread better learn lesson and fire crack red by the Cans in a band,
often in games the dog left a strain added to blow I never did know,
just heard about careful so I ran the lane away from those Fires that crackled with flame.

A certain type lesson from China Town gave through miniature sticks of dynamites game,
I prefer Turtles the Red Sliders lame for as the shell goes Stow Lake has a Fame!!

Pink Popcorn 25 no cent sign

It's The Squeeze

'84 in the Think '83 in Decision '82 of the Time in '76 of the living on Oversea Broads to an Irelands frame,
net to the '60's a mid to the birth Hells Angels in Cycles that took the Roads tork,
on the side paid for gas the Symblem in league an Art gallery stage to the Venue of Shed,
motor the age to a Mind in a Sage the Seer of Welling a pail from page in Waters that day,
two way to Coastal the Chips of a Name rode side by side on the mountain of came,
pointedly certain of only Scene things but as the chalk say it's the Nails that ream!!

Scrath the highway burn the leather stay another invention of Festivals cleared,
a Mohawk for Sign at the Stations of whine the turns at the Stops in the back of a Kind,
looking to scenery logging the truck big huge enormous Stakes held the Tuk,
drivers that gear shifted to immediate react able to drive on the Freeways exact,
speed a connect in the Time Tables Chart rigs also keep the den of a shacked,
coffee for Truckers the diner in track pouring the liquid that negates all the Fact!!

Which in the brew are the Beans of the few is in the grinding of Apron a stew,
the Cook with a red light that House of Prime Rib Waiters to educate more than a bib,
ties or Salt Pepper the bread sticks in give information by eye place the Bar of a kid,
booths are the Tables for escape is the lend to a bathroom so small that Crabs had a bowl,
crossing the X at the Intersect of Wax charged for the file by a Guy in black,
the joke of the bushman to the SOS feed Fisher that Men do a Tour of deed.

No tugs on that Dock for the Submarine walk ramped to the Ship that Jet stars a rock,
under the bridge to circle a nib the bbq cooking to the Ranks in the jig,
tattoo graft the sling shot to blue containers that shit,
the Hold addressed ropes to nestle in rest,
watch on the barrel the bait Kinging hooked the damp was the Sunny of a Restroom in book,
strange not really for these all add to look right into the Center of the additional took.

Landscapes to Trim Fount a Tree Plaza push mark in the Movie of Contagion the shook,
museums that people now call the Rook endgame that presents a barter for Fence,
gamble the Note rate to monies of broke the Oster of Clippers adjusts to the choke,
an auto mechanical machine with grate Teeth the plug of electrics is the Extension to put,
Snooker a game as Pool has the Stick sneak in a Pete the perfective is trick,
The House in a favor or is the boot a Video in streaming recording the Loot.

Red Rain 

Timing Release

As things are now Air lined than vanish clear don't you wonder of the money spent timed,
by the division in Cents purse the sync of a fenced the attention to spreading the News versing sent,
an isle of waffer to the Roman in arena the Religion shells rafters of Tells on the bend,
in Lent of the capital to the Charges of keep a vote to the After in before it's Scene vent,
a dove of apricots that speak of offense compared to an Apple at Fillmore in Tent,
staged as the Post of the Office in rent cargo that Elephants tusks are a Kent,
plains from the Crock of a dial to street the Pink Hippo Restaurant to the Prime of house Ribbed.

Know spoke on Today for the Towers were fell on a date in the city that issued no bell,
the jets that shed speed to the Operators shill each Application is a Broadcasting dill,
pickles from Vlasic are jarred for Can letters that shirt tells the Language of land,
in Comics producing a big Show of Beer the bowling in Alley that made it a Cured,
belts to the thinking of mechanical stream a perfect explain to the latter in leaned.

Radio Milwaukee the Brew Miesters Tap pouring a cup of Coffee add fact,
themes that repeat the State of exact than in the bi-trade the bathrooms are shack,
audience Crowds the baseball in back an Umbrella to moving the Arm in a stacked,
higher base Value to Scores that won't luck the hitter is Strain contagion a came,
infected by 3-d of Encounters the Moon a mountain of Carved that released in a shroom.

The cows are the sign that Miners did cage in the Bird of the Shetlands the ponies of sage,
stabled in tunnel for light was austere the abrupt in the whether the cave in or steer,
risk to the Men that had Helmets of lit the battery of Opus in Aesop of pit,
Ireland Mann of Stonehenge the Cock formulates that Volcanics a Spear,
shipping to Golden under life of the Shark pushing no pulling the Saddles are sheer.

Dead landed shore to the open view Tier decked for the Halo of in a cell near,
union that with a block in a Square the parking of Car drives the winding is bare,
toll ticket kept the pay is now take a Printer instead of the Head in a brake,
baits that is hooked with Salmon of craved Carp are the gone fish that Pipes are the pay,
in Tubes of the billboards or escalators roll steps that do work till you fall in the middle.

Teeth from the edge in the oblong to shed slippery are the Patent leather of shoes,
knees that have scarred my own from a barge as Macy  is downtown the Levi in dear,
City of Paris once held such a Day the Tree was decor and the look did Watch for,
a Toy Story shelf a piano key board the feet were now striking the Notes of a Score,
to the Opera of flowers in the Park of the decade buses would Venue to Tourists Paned.

Add a bit of Sixth Sense the Five of a 4th define it with multiple a brand from dish Sake,
again the Computer began in the House often Idea has been handed to wealth,
know problem of I is the Wide Open in Shut speeching a Circle my brother said Kent,
in thus detraction of a sit on the spin in the a Chanting the floor was akin,
kid when these bothered behaved to a Cult advantage to up in all night with a Cold.   

Closed Encounters Trucks In Date Basket Handle bye I.D. Treat

IN the rhythm ink understanding in the folds of a screw truth from the bolts of fascinating a time place,
as the play in the curtain behind the pull of a China Town inquiry for the base in the Color red displays,
a basement of the concrete grave that burrowed deeply on the Second floor room of a single bed,
the window on the the small in the Youth of my saw was a rat on the Telephone Cable above the ground,
running the wire in the dead of mids night in a way to the Closet of the two step to live I saw the right.

Should the development in the thirst of my happenings to earth than the bearings of the Compass lights,
on the trips to downtown over to the left on the walk to a Chocolate candy at the stop on the roast,
behind in front of both on the side how would one explain to the Tot in the dice,
a journey to the bath in the House of a said trouble did expel the use of a pour in easy the stay of see,
for should the age be in such a strange that discernment at case brought the locks to a sauced in the deed.

If I said that I stared in the eyes of the boy that was able to take me in ways like a toy,
the force of the thrust a known to my Self in a put that did tare I from well in a shame,
spreading the ripping of grabbing the choke harder & faster the built was a core,
order to working must make in the hard a shaft that did take me to bringing on bell,
these actions in many by the quarters in cram a coffee in Tin for the Ice Cream of ran.

Landing in backwards to set upon loud the direction that bore this till staircase had Tell,
round the block in a bus ride through Hell up to the stoop that a heavy door fell,
slamming it brought a sling like a shell no longer could open the Frig in the chill,
cans did form food the sink was a wash broken by Tea cup the afternoon strain,
glue to the sipper a Spatula scooped shit the squirts that did leave dripped with a Stip.

Banking a kid that I know I was being the other would state in the silence of utter,
look scene the able are in the relax no blame as the lid is a shoulder to rein,
massage for the Sheets did hang just like Haight with Shops of the people and school desk`d by frame,
a counter in common excitement disposed waiting in chair lines are the posed,
now in the preamble the learn begets teach for actionable watched to stop while in seat.

Understanding the Verse not like you don't a Tug boat to Captain or the Rock of a beach,
spots that do plank the language of roled off with the Tongue in the words of just come,
in regards to the Professor that Island of lung locks in the be bread of Sour in Trade,
a seed to the Thought of Cheese Cloth parade in an Ash of the bury it wroughts out in grain,
stamping on porch of the deck in the vein injection of minerals for the brae of a laned.

In repeat of our History the balance has stained dunking on roped off to prove the be stay,
as A represents the line with a slash does the living in Picture an alpha bet Bay,
yes to a pea tree for the Route of a shade in exploitation the road is the pay,
rifled by 2000 Years of a bused current to Creek at the brush of a touched,
certain intel escapes by the Taunt but than disappears in Society stomped.

A Question Mark in putting the period instead creates what I'm writing the dealing in tray,
serve a song`d six plents the barker or Rye a catch to the Bat in the Millions have died,
one cubbing per year to the bathe of a cure knocks in the Homer of an Odyssey mirror,
check in the drive car to the left small of clear a double wide Liner that cruised in a sheer,
Highways that miled the speed 65 dropped to the life saver but now is a dived back in returned smoking.