Thursday, March 9, 2017

In Honor, The Hopi!!!

Deep in the water on the once in a rock to tell the pebble how is the sand,
it breadth to a gentle breeze as the mask came to speak the turtle songed,
asking nothing I frog to leopard on a Mountains grain,
each hill spoke of Wind,
the Valley gave bridge a Tier!

Shelf on Toke in the Nape a cradle graced,
the role shed to found as the nostril flared the horse excitement,
round to Flat that buffalo trailed me,
just at that the harp rang a lions lead!

Being on this land of Grand Canyons it is reality of that River sprawl,
the rushing sound,
an echo heard 'cross the Seas,
while this was text to picture that sphere the Plateau ankles near in dust Tree!

Wonder was a trade as what is the ground as the planet spelled to such touch,
every detail as the Universe Sang lyrics written on that deer in just the grasses sway such divine,
challenge was nothing as the Sun shone to rise the Moon in her stead,
round became only the Ocean explaining earth as a snow on the gradual movement of rein,
perhaps had humanity given a clam the grit to do more the string of pearls would have diamonds tone,
thus a Muscle on speech may have explained the Fish as gold to the Silver birch feeds,
yet the Soil rich,
a bring to verse on Cliff Notes.