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What Is Whiz^Dumb The Stage^Coached Or Watt's Locke??

Should 'Pronunciation' be of great Importance to the tend dent Seas than 'What If's' hour the Plague,
the Cost of Price on Tally is told through Conversation on the Under`gears of Thought to locate Shin,
is the Ships of Named to Noun the frame of the Lanes on Wells of the Or Sun??

Grate the cheese to Smiley say,
grin the Chin as the strapping,
language and Thunder to lightning,
is Noise on the stare !E! owe of the Coin??

Minted by Heads or Tails of Sold??,
does the ink Write or Tattoo a Shake??,
did the tune of the Off on the On of the Sake change to the Dollar hide??
how does the Horse Harness,
carriage or Cart??

Fen Again

The *Cowel eff Fate is what to the Turmoil on the ground of the Centrality of social Signals,
that is the the course on the Year of the nest to the date on the Thermals of the Speak??,
should the deck of that Stage bring to the Fireplace of the plunder does 'If' run the Tums??,
did the belly Ache to the foot on at Stump at the Trunk of the syrup or the Tap of that strain??,
deep Vein to Talk a shore is Singing in on a by line to day of that is the Colander of froze in Tundra??

Should the Country had explain the actual Term in Mound of gee^'V's than the People would be fly`d,
sumps to pumping Cleaning the shite that language has a loud to plunder to tech Tiled brings,
the society at handing the next Screen would In probable found that Words do cling to defining cleats.

Now a brae to that is the Speak,
muttering the whistle as the Kettle is Volcanic in its Roads comprehension of mead,
rocks on the Cobbler to Shingle the shoe had the Opus to Symphony the mathematics as Shacked,
instead the pebbles of Fry the crowds did the wok,
oiled the grease to pan the boil on the frogs of the toads in the pots of the lids.

The stove Top is ankle the heat is on sweaters that brings the robbers to National Media distract Shins,
commercial enter wreckers that have take in time the arithmetic to sly the fox while the eggs scrambled visa,
than on the stamp per that Fume of the steep the National Media boarded the Channel a snake,
slipping the drop lets squab to the Message painting the sleeve as the coat had Apron jobs.

No divide on the mouths of the language that waited the weighted to scales of what is a boil ole`d,
cuddled like the milk curdled the fact tore read to blink the United States of America as a sheep and a Pin.

Deep are the letters Yes in riddles and stint,
but how is the wise to determine the shin,
trip a pawn to bishop the belts of Nettles and Paris,
the concerto of Balk as the show Pan fried Steeds.

Heavy carriage the loads on the Tonnes,
finding the furrow is the plowing of sit Tins,
cool shivers to goose bumps Camels and oh Shins,
beached to the blank Its often Commerce and been Gins,
as the clique of the ice on the glasses of Shades on the knows of a Pen`d Deg.

Spell Syllables
Word Origin


1. a hooded garment worn by monks.
2. the hood of this garment.
3. part of a garment that is draped to resemble a cowl or hood.
4. the forward part of the body of a motor vehicle supporting the rear of the hood and the windshield and housing the pedals and instrument panel.
5. a cowling.
6. a hoodlike covering for increasing the draft of a chimney or ventilator.
7. a wire netting fastened to the top of the smokestack of a locomotive to prevent large sparks from being discharged; a spark arrester.

verb (used with object)

8. to cover with or as if with a cowl.
9. to put a monk's cowl on.
10. to make a monk of.

Word Origin and History for cowl

Old English culefrom earlier cugelefrom Late Latin cuculla "monk's cowl,"variant of Latin cucullus "hood, cowl," of uncertain origin. Cowling is 1917 inthe aircraft sense.
Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2010 Douglas Harper
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Whats A Quest^Chin??

Ancient hour the times of multiples on the World at its Ink to Carvings on the Murals of Museums,
oral tradition had the voice in On the fireplace of lives in the doors of thresholds on the core,
bounce the round to Up and the downs on the counts,
do Beets hear the growth of drink??,
does Water waist to the dry Sands with a Known??,
chest to the Chess Game set at the Endgame of a Change is on the Vista of chained.

By the balance of just the Sun it is not the Moon that implodes the difference,
it is the language of the lo grumble on the Cycles of the scrolls in the Midst of languish,
apathy and shackles Hobbles lined with Mouths as the Calm beaks the Chipper bee.

It was said in the depth of that shallow on the cross Sing,
lyrics come to diction on the Air of razors on the quilts of Talk stock Tanks and bulbs,
gardens of the hose spin the Sings like the Solar System charged the Big Bang for Create Shins doorway.

Pride and Prejudice bring that shore Waves with a Trial on the chorus,
chants that ding to that develop Meant that the Picture is nigh on the Nears,
it was brought as the taught^ sea would Ankle the solid as the Red Sea on a barrels rein.

Cheeks to the soil off the foot sank to depths of hours to shell the sand light,
desert Wind dough to Panes on computers have Sod on the Clover of sweets,
chalk Lets speak to turf.

Honest Tea to the Men and the Flowers,
horses with the saddles on the Fort Tread that bridled to the deed,
sprint Was the tell a Phone on the language of patience to Shop??,
deemed to bee the fallow.

Hanging Plants the Stage of Minute tee,
this is snot for the tiers that have had a days mention to the Comments bin,
gargantuan speech to digs,
shovels and hops,
glaciers and Leaps,
ankles on the skinned,
belts to notch,
wise was the extract to such Salts spice to Pepper the Plains ask the Buffalo,
oh wait that would envelope an Issue.

From the daze of the knock the brain has Mind to synapse,
the Media has poured to the Pitcher,
the frame work is well depth of dry Creaks to bones in the elbow Trains of a stations status to lyre.

Symphony of round to that fountain that sulfur,
Up goes the Figurine to State of the Modeling clay as that is the Tower of bubble Soup,
pea An know the bench to satellites that have grown to that score on sheet music.

Poop Decks on Planks of decade and dranks,
society has ribbon out of silk and Web burr is the New gone Home,
spiders travel the method of Operators on the pull to gauge what,
the grave on the Yard to the Measure of the Value at the Giant on the Bridges thorn??,
step sudden to the earth quaked a liquid fact shin to spur the heeled byway of the Media drink,
now is the spin of the record to see dee the Pulley on a flag of a Night tunnel of Vision to the Skunked.

The Plunge Err??

So exact Time on the Whirled is the Globe of the Pools at the basic Known of Understanding a Waterfalls lens,
as that is the structure of stagger to the Lakes for the River continues to pulse,
the rein shallows the Bends??,
or does the Logs Pork??.

Round the benders to swells on the Waders of conversation stats. or a Callers deep shine??,
is the dark Hour to count the Tea or the Teed??,
clubs with bushels of shored on the Cork??
did that sky say to Storm or did the globe Ole shoe state a Sight??,
ask Not what the Wares are of the Pier A Mid flint for that is the down on the Fork.

A Gin and Tonic with Ice Cubes for the Shotglass to Vodka??,
crews that tumbler the Type as tipped??,
tote Tally a Tepee is the Smoke signed from Bees??,
sir Up is the Games on over the dollop to bring to snow??

Spring is a seed in the plow,
the ditch to a in side of the View on a clay,
ground Central to shoulder the carriage of Hem Mean Waved,
is the country sew rural that the Country flags barrel??

Swoop flinch the Humming Bird rates,
step for core to develop the embrace Meant to do the great Land,
fuss with that sudden the dent to the Skulls,
the bare read is simple to clocks that hands Pulped.

Wise is the demonstration of the Coin on a Pin knee,
link in Once upon the store Reeds did Sail,
the taste of vernacular to language a Quill,
but what of the Tats that Inked to a Baled??,
strong fields in Work in from best of the Shore,
singing the Clover to Wheat brands at pants,
these are the Banks that Know of the charge,
but what has become of the Finds on the More's,
left loud to stung Kites strings waving list,
opportunity Fortunes the distance to Keyed!!

Nike Said 'Just Do It'

As the Yous speak of a status on the People in conflict Ding sit chew late shins Its the traveling blues,
as that is of greater importance to the immediate trace the World just virtues talk as commerce a back??,
does the Dew on the Mountain valley the Cold??,
should the Elephant trumpet while the Ivory crushed??,
did the Antelope journey with Grass on the Mounds??,
trust Ding the rein.

Harp peas that string to reality as theory Whilst the conversation burns the at bind,
that is the Pane^Full to wrapped or a game eased production to stall bleeps as sheep to the stay,
when is the land formal to Life,
living and breathing bring extremely old views to the At today Truth.

Know Man left behind is Now on the books,
swinging the Apples to the baskets of said??,
prism on Pier a Mid the cork of Pigeon??,
pounding the stones to rock its on shown??

The Freeze or Flight men Towel it tee,
wow from the Centuries that rallied the bead,
papers and pen Stow from the grapes,
constitution so Fall in the Season brains Plates.

Shelving this solve to Problem the sum,
there is nothing to nothing when dead is dead backed.

Pier E! odd to the sent Tense on Mail,
boots on the Hour are in Pain full of Moulds??,
wrest to that guitar as the Streets curb to Charts of Avenues boulevards the 1960's by Train.

Station Identification is Prime ole to Route,
in the giblet of Turkey the Pope knows a crowd??,
visa Pass port is It sherry to Glass??,
drink in the Warbles of Horses and Dished??

As Watch goes to went on the Question at crawled,
gathering frost to that freezing balm ball,
attached chains do not clever to attention on spade,
the Cards of the Ace are to Poker jade.

Money Money Money Money Money Money,
how much is a lifelong collection worth as the World grunts Evolve,
back in the day with Flowers and Hippo's,
crocodiles brought the River to subbing??,
fishing for Trout as the lathe is In mud??,
dirt on the Face is the slinkee touched graved. 

Sir^Prized Is Bee Coming What Is A Pare^Rents Role^Ur??

Wares on the Radio as Now is the spout of compass to the Worlds chorus of lyrics and Fear,
as that is the War on the Three in the Tout what is the basis of ready barrel stout??,
is the Nautical sense not on the Found to the Feat,
the presents of Wrapping the ribbons to Gift??,
Forest to the Groves of Men and the ghosts where than are Shadows that Tent to the Moss??

Shall the E! dance to shrubs and the Worms gather Moss does that Mountain of Vail echo a balm??,
do the People nigh the shores of Fund a Mental list chains as that is the collection of sands on the Cost??,
did that Hour of wreck In to bounce on the Read bring and Envelope see Crest of bare??,
nude It tea port Shins with Screens on the Fair have brought to a Tension branches that Stair,
structure of Act shins With Tunnel vice gears Shifting as Speak right is Left on the combed.

Grave in Dust truck Shins brands that Fume Flares,
knows on the blaring just to touch on the Growns,
do the Yous in the Hows believe that the year will Frost on the Brows to Invitation a Sayer??

Paints on the ground Stars in the Fries berth Upped to lip Ping that language has Bread??,
sour dough with Owe ill that land that is grained food for the Thought is staging a Stead??,
can Shell the Clam snot no the grits that Jaybirds be Shouldered to carriage with dare??,
tup^per^ware Fluke to flouts on the Reeds lakes at the Ocean belting the stilts??,
choice is a Fact Shin that In duh Pen dent to Text,
not a Test on the Emergency to gentle Mean plates.

Desert has been chilled and Ice is the Chute,
minute Time burr oh's to making a Steak??,
did service go backwards for for Corks and bands??
search In for bell chose to drive eh A state??,
flung from the ankles limbs missing trunks,
the change in the coin age is to acknowledge the rates.

Deodorant masques the Sweat turned Big bend,
clocks technique seams books on the realm,
wheels in try lamp the Fleet or the Wood,
rather that Shipping News to Produce what is Goods??

Sew loot Shins on down in the Quilts of the shards,
what than does Riddle the Po Lice to day,
for as a kid from the City of matters the Taught^See said difference with lead A ship Leads??,
for pronounce the Proper as the Poe Lease to steer,
the question is An served by the Mid jig Saw laid.

What Is A Trace??

Those ease daisy speaking Watch the links at a Schooling of the Horses back,
saddles and the Bits of stream marking waves to shores of theme,
ask each to each the bearings,
compass lakes And ponds.

Rinse to shale clay to foot,
that walk around the park at taps,
first the steep,
climb the Reef,
fossils and the language song!!

Lyrics that do came be channel,
television with a maple sticking on that pen to stow the Mountain is a bellowing.

Than in moment of the minute,
volcanics great to Roads and Tracks,
condition is the sport of life,
dancing with the fountains pong.

Ping quest the battleship,
bowling with a score equipped,
pencils that just erase,
however computers now do taste.

Swallow whistle its a Bird flying over earth with grubs,
worms and tea key la the drink of Ice,
glacier with a knows.

At the sudden global shake,
liquid Fact shins grade the Grape,
Ven yards with a grasp.

Sure the shoes are sidewalks land,
curbs with days on once a Pan,
now that shades have come to say life is bothered by the brae.

That search of the Graeae Ole said It is cream with Ole set Pi,
skates to rock the rollers skeet,
timely to the class of Crepe!!

Powdered Sugar apples Barrel,
what is in the sauce of show,
must be that per Fume glow,
marching with a Cannons row.

Verse to tack that text for find,
than the obvious came from gain,
how ever it is the honest grain a Feed that does the Hames.

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Whom Is Thee At Crow Bat While The In Tab^Lets Squirrel^Oles Grain??
Is it Not exciting to Know that the Media will be Host Ding the duh Bait for the Political par Deed,on stage Wills of charge to Care Ridge of the Edge of Tow'Mar Oh's??,whom shall the E! dock Tore trades bee on the Ounce of the Deal ugg,beggars at Creaks of The Doors on Pear raid Corks??,plunder & fluster to Hook the Pyre??,raise to that is just Tips the blind on Stature or framed??Rancid are the National Media Boreds to broad Cast the hare Owe in Feeds,round that is the charge the chain knoll to hill Side wrap??,that language of the breast telling Turkey of the chick In to cover that Shie


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The Disk Of An OB A List??
Nigh key those shall the odd a Sea dance,waves on the draw to shores of a land,sketchers are Paintings?,mirrors are reflect shins,marking the chorus to Hymns & the sand??Should the rocks of the Rollers of that Ocean or Creek,be of a River on the banks of a stood,does that rein on the Cactus involve the Flash Flood??increasing the down Pour to a Pitch on the Span??,that form Ole echo react shin
What Is Vitamin 'D' In Eh Should The Math Add It Too All Sew Equals Thee Hem^Is^Fear??
Would it not be sort of a Iron or knee should the World had bin Looked the cup from For,as it Truth it may have best built the File as a Toast in language on the Arts as the found EAN farthers,simply Put as the Whole lead Graeae Ole of a Note to the Vernacular of the Cause to written Inked.Therefor the living Air would be asked to a Waves shore for the beaches lands off Seas,a Can Knew on Act Cent

DEC 13

Don't Forget Your Duc^Ease
These days on the incredible Weather,the rain absolutely poured this AM,what a soaking of Natural kinds,as that is reality.Loving the fact that Earth is here,sharing every bump in the Road,on the fluster the Ocean roars,in a Calm the balance of Sun in Such Hello.Great are the Ports of sayings,it's reining It's poring,the Ole fantastic Ring around the rose Thorns,special for the Forest groves.Trees
Buy 'OG' Griff Fee Neet Tux See Doe By The Sights Tend Ding Lead As A Mi Crow Scopes Core Forward Ha Why E! Five Oh!!
Plural Plus ~The Invasion ~ PG-13 2007 ‧ Thriller/Drama ‧ 1h 39mThe knee on sign at the Counter of Role^Lean Rock Cafe!!,as that is the heels on a saddle its more left to the whirl of fresh Air or quiet Plainly a Mountains dew,so engaged the Chi tows of on the Say,tends to that grace of Quest to speak with an easily understood Tunnel of craft,same touch on the Rein is to just know that there is a

DEC 12

Men Of Louse??
Sew the berth of the Deck Aid on an Heir Awe,the ef Be aye with the Sea aye Eh,'V' It Nam came on the Harbor of a Year singing Lyrics of An idea,that was Nine Tee^EAN Six tea Five??As the sigh Ka dell licks measured the Pan door uh's A tour Bus game,the Seats filled,'cause of the para Fa Nell Yah??,Junk Keys??,or twas it the Twilight of Plungers for the Sir^Wren jizz??,On or Is it Of course,the en

DEC 11

Would It Come As Act^Tore, Act^Shin Or Inside A Speak Easy Of 'Why Does A Horse Crib?'
The text on the Preview of a screen on the lets See tell A Phonics on the observance of Truth,watched a Movie with the basic Land ping on the NASA fraction,a term of steer from the Moon yet on that the song went to touch the People from,at the purpose of Introduction was the thermal on the Theater to that compass of directive on Scripts.So as the Threads ran with a language that described a state
Coca-cola Defines Pep^Sea's Ingredients
Lob^be language Arts the fact page to the Picture on the words to Oh Shins of Feat on the Times,in these multiplied Mugs of the cough In the grinds are Hour to the Clocks of hand Doles,slip Per read on a Script Introduction of the Dock ewe Mints,what is Truth once rust Tee on the Awe^full Now that Common,dialing the Sigh key.Should the Shake key Farm a suit a Call,is the Pigeon on the burr Owe??,a
Cheers! Touching The Mill^Yen Year Context Of A Lend To Eh Sign Kneeing!!
What a dreaming night in the Mid of this Oracles love of Understanding the vs,shallow graves Rain and the cuts to a Life full of Men whom thought to Comprehension,the City of San Francisco is the best of the lust to Know,words & Carriage the shoulders of reality to discuss the Conversation of Park Road on daisy lake!!The Flowers that bulb of the daffodil to the Hollywood lots of busts,theaters
How Does Writer Letter??
Breathing in the beauty of life on the blink,it is that special found a daisy on the Mountain of a realm,in the Mind is the fountain on the Connection to this wonder of a Sphere,as the Morse Code derives the Tend to that League of Inks,quest Upon the story is a gallery to know the Compass!!Travel the bells on the Twinkle of a Chart to conversation Centrally steady on the shore,sand and Waves to th
Ayes On The Dough Burr Means The Angle Or The Pear A Deed^Did??
Hill a Reed ore Dawn Ole the Horizon this AM,as the speaker is on the stats US its the Key to What is a Drink,is it The vain on the Or a Coal or Once the IM burr of Reality??Does the Roster file to the Fed??,did that Cab In Net spoke to Wheel in The sky Lights Mountain on the grain??,dew in the Morning of chase the Dragon??,talk a fiddler on the roof!!What is the rosin??,glycerin on the Dye neigh
Rollers, Keys Or Toggles Reed The Rain Is What To Whom Asking The Question Of Bare Feat In The Rein
Chains on the lives that Ship with the News meddle on the Thorns??,trades to the Winds??,banks on the chores??,challenge to the Tongues??,language and those barriers??,tides on the charts on Human Kinds??,base clay to the Dice on the Sky lights Moon??,wares in the done of what is Magical on land??,discussions of commerce??,charged for the Bone??,what is in the Inc. Cannery??,houses And Holmes??,fe
What's A Hard Mouth??
How is the form of the Stipend with a bit of Pen and Stow on the Once in the Sky,as the found is in the great export,whilst the games,play on Scripts Producers and that Mighty Production,list touching Films Movies and the a Say!!Matching with that share Its a value of the Scene,did that get a big Ole branch to stun,was the Sun struck with a Moon??,valley Up tack on the Mountains sight,Vista a View
The Awe Bull List As The Sway Of That Simple Swagger Sings A Type In Compassing
Loving the parade Oh for the cherishing of dear on the ears of a sound,deep in the Swallow a Whistle touching a journey I know I'll go to the themes in Times age,round the bends to say Hello,gentle in the grave takers stand Rain be my send,depth to taste the Mountains through,valley will the bridge be My Echo suite,speaking on the Sides in the dial of gut to Shout,singing on the fountains lathe!!S

DEC 10

Pea Be 'S' !!
The Men on Role this AM on Radio have Asked to put their Lathe too Shingle,as the cobblers Mile on the taste of the Vernacular it is the Voice that furthers a Knows,down to the Antennae of Language with the Fun^Knees to Express The Challenges of earthly by Means,that touches Fact to bring the New a Cast Ore's file!!Troy is but the the Horse on Wheels,how Ever is the Amp. Pull to Conversation,thus
Watercress And Carrots Served With Jinn Ger Snaps While I Had Watch To Those Cheek^Keen The Cents On Those Fig^New^Tons
Lets sea that back to the ground of which craft bent the be for a signature piece on the Breakfast in America,that would be that Room in the Front of the house on the tools,Lobos Creek by the Name in the Location for the calculation to know Bakers Beach for the Oh Shin on Once,sew there it is in the plains of land Bing to Dot Tee due littles,grants and trusts that speak with the bag In's polite Ta
The Map Of Charts For The Crews
As the Crow flies to the breeze Humanity builds Blocking roads to disguise the Winds lead,on that cent of a Saying the Thorn of the Roster in a List of the Harbor a tears Skeeter.Bites on the bleeding frost of the People firing guns to shot down lives on the Tums,families left without a trace as the Dead add to the Media in their dialing of steady on their dancing lei's,touching Cup of flours to M
Eh Vent Edge Aye Phone
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Are Ka Techs On The In Fir Structure
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DEC 09

Standard of the 'Jumper' on the pull to that stride sign of practice to Know,the gallop at the Canter to value the trot as the relaxing struck a count to land that Take-off,firm seat with determined eye but in the truth of that ride the Trust for the horse ask the flute,the Moon is only a product revolution to the dynamite of that Cross-country on those whistling Tiers!!Dressage the warm-up of stu
My Older Brother Would Say So Eloquently "For Ever And A Day!!"
How far can a Squirrel wheel on the drive of the Way on that shed in a Tools spool,well on the threads its that skate to the Ice in the drink on a Glass of the Windows,display an avenue to Chart the lives that say that life is of the Compass on direction??,in that Inch touch the Mile Scout sane.These hour days telling that solid is of the flake of Hey have nigh the saddle on Girth,put to that is t
Punk Chew A Shinned
How loud the Post Office on this Season of Cards to the cent on the Picture of a frame,heard on the AM Nine Ten burst once an invitation to delight the joy of a Tree in the Presents is shocked threw the after Noon clock,the Edge ease of tremendous put Message to the Boards,people have armed the handle of a send at the Time of year with a bearing of Arms,all the family loaded to the dimes,the in ar

DEC 08

Really It's Just Those Memory's That Park Direction As Easily As The Riddle Topper Aced Whose On What An Aye Dough . . . .
As The Brain in the feet of this Humanity of a trace aspect is in the Social put to denial of Existence,I put to he plates that the Thought is with the connect of the Time touching to the Lathe,cobblestone with Bricks in the wall to Tiles on the Mortar are the hours further on the Charts of this Land,speak as the dignity of Principle is purchase,the deck of porch is the shoulder,walk comes from di
Heels down head-Up the chin on the engine is the brain,a Mind at the matter is the Means of the torque What shall the Sa...
Heels down head-Up the chin on the engine is the brain,a Mind at the matter is the Means of the torque What shall the Say ewe to the Event on the state??,does the adventure sort to the File on regard??,did the balance of the beam shine Unto the sand,how is the Paint on the Corner Store between Is the In of the Out to exit on the green??Should the Tunnel of the Vision echo as the Voice??feet around

DEC 07

Quotient of Calculus once a Farm eh rise to the pond of that Tank tech is Made,rum on the M*A*S*H owe Weight its the range of Heater language,the burner of the sku to In 'V' Lope the letter Rib of primer at the Glass have Fold!!Time is the essence dish Guise is the grain Sync on to Edge of Tomorrow for the dane,great balls fire that IM burr for the Frost,ice is the Cube a Call to arm Wrench at the
Faux^Pause Or Fa^Sawed??
The call of the Word on the pH of aitch To oh is the Value of a bridge to the Sees can Be,often the bearings often a Shoulder is the carriage of the rump to a Thump on rabbit,is the Turtle of the Clover on the Duck of Cover or the Shield of verses to Feather a gut??Be Hind to the Horse is the Impulsion of the boundary on the Hock,knees to the traveling show are in cadence at the Walk??, Trot?? And
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Curiously the *em are ease is As the Black & White Television with the Cable button Chord,the big Box of that is the rumble of the Antennae once the Big Bang,to channel of the KPIX which is Koit to Tower??,language or the Phone booths Battle Ship at Toys hour Gust??For In the Actual of Tee 'V' Dinner the Sal plurals of Playland on the Venue of shirts,the Stake is Mash Potatoes with Corn pat Se
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E! Van Gel Ick Coal
December 4th, 2015The wreath of a feather at a birds trail,flight of an eagle to discover a nest,travel the scope,a bunch or a bundle,News on the the Print to Avenue Choose!!At Pt. Conversation 'Commerce & Pounds' put Coin touch The belts of Sonar Sail,suns across each universe black wholes in a grape,lathe of a system to the planet Ad a Nine.Clock from a dial as move Meant tell fine What buck
The Chance^Sell^Or's Sneeze
Shell language verses Words on the cent Taste of speak borrow Over to prey lewd free,does the How on the sea Owe to the vast barrel of freight deep Nine on the method of Ice,in melt of the glacier the charts to that state Are of hour to tide on the operation of the ski,did the brass to the Or rye On with The Drink vat to bring in the Ankle value ask Measured!!Many on the HARP have brought Term In
Readers Dye^Jest
Written December 6th, 2015Pea 'IM' aye on drill,paddock with pencil,lead primrose,garden of fertile,soil with taps,routes off roots in News Pauper!!Shed tool Shovel catch Picture balm,salve valve with volcanic Mountain,kibble stones ask pebble rock,salt see pace the tree- Sun,Moon shadows!!Ages amongst the being off a Hull of rice,the field truth stain brought Marble,with a Sure Brush the Bottle,a

DEC 06

Hey Lee's Ka Met
5:48 AM  ~  12/5/2015Buy the purchase of A thimble in the Inch the Thread of Silks in the Web Burrs rise,a platter of lace to that buckle of Shoe which Craft venue is the batter Up??,is the whelp of the screen as those chain the ankle,be of the String no Theory to land!!Brain in that Fast growth to the Knee where is the Value of the giants on Steel,now the Knights have cast Bourne to make off the
1:45 AM  ~  December 5th, 2015The gathering of Grammatical air Uh is as the Wind has fallow to the brains Matter,in determine eh Shin the Screen on the Tell a Phone hath brought stipend,to fracture the connect to the Hands Mind language has become Scattered to lats!!Each Math a mat is the found on letter Verses the extreme in What is the Farce,to the Missing ports dials of wrote a Rare read to fin
Eh Rode Island Read
1:32 AM  ~  Written on December 4th, 2015Divide the solve Vent to tack the Mountain by the dimension of mirror Rein,in the Valley of the snow Flutter does the scent of the down flake fluster,is the storm of a River on the creek of the Say at a sent Tense on the Flows??,shall the Rock of a Stone in An A pawn the Measure Bank gather moss Gravel at a Comb??Brush on the Canvas at the Value,bridge to a
6:43 AM  ~  December 5th, 2015X Spelling by Rules That Remain Vivid    SPELLING IS THE ART of putting letters together to make words.  Words as spokenare composed of sounds.  In writing and printing we represent those sounds by letters.A person who does not know how to read, write, and spell is called an unletteredperson.  One who puts letters together to make words by guesswork is said to be spel

DEC 03

The Secret Of The Universe Is ChoiceMOST POPULAR mark as readBake^Kin^So^Duh And Par^May^SawnAs the Brain is now in the ...
The Secret Of The Universe Is ChoiceMOST POPULAR mark as readBake^Kin^So^Duh And Par^May^SawnAs the Brain is now in the observation of off the Use of a term,An a Lean In is Opticals on the skull to the port shin of Connect com.,to Vice the tack as the saddle of a girth on the Billets understanding,comprehend The Door to aspect of In Flex to only ankle Wrist Tweakers,the sink is on the split of A c

DEC 02

Bake^Kin^So^Duh And Par^May^Sawn
As the Brain is now in the observation of off the Use of a term,An a Lean In is Opticals on the skull to the port shin of Connect com.,to Vice the tack as the saddle of a girth on the Billets understanding,comprehend The Door to aspect of In Flex to only ankle Wrist Tweakers,the sink is on the split of A cocktails Nap spinned on fester,the brink is run to riding for this From.The arena on the dres
For Mull Plate Setting Asks How Do Oysters Muscle The Grit Deed??
Breaking newsFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaBreaking news, interchangeably termed latebreaking news and also known as a special report or news bulletin, is a current issue that broadcasters feel warrants the interruption of scheduled programming and/or current news in order to report its details. Its use is also assigned to the most significant story of the moment or a story that is being co
Ride on the National Media for the Channel surf to the In divide of the Brains heaping,one is on the logistical Navigation to screen the Welts as the Screen knee,put that the swish of the Tale to engage the Applications sole,it is the Time of the rake to dig on the shove All,dip on the Brush is pause as the Station Internets the Squash,for these WOP pers the Commercial to the Harness of a Call lea
Why Do You Float A Horse??
Shall the Tank dance the Pond on the land eh Lakes does the Swan puddle a Poole's fin,to that is the discussion of the Way on the Conversation of the revelation on the Far,touch Tactile sprout,the division or the Multiplied at the equals,is Math a Mat ticks pulsing the Hand signals on the Throats latch of the Crown Piece on a Bridle know.For on the figure eight to the Flash it is the Head Piece,re
Pull say the wrist in the Van it Tee,the Numbers on the Tens at the Three ski,round to that is the burr ka of the Off skin,breathing It on to round that Hour on the Clock sour!!As the National Media Boards this Avenue of Scratch,be ad vent to the turn Mow Boule,the An tin Neigh with the Bridle on the bricks of a State,the raise Or wire on Each aspect to Speck of shirt,Tact tile with the Sku and an

DEC 01

Chirp Thee Knows On The Duh Faced??
Drive In to the Movie Feast on this the days of trip lives,berth to the Act shin and grant that a lathe,in shingle to the At dress for the form to Informal grape,this harbor Jumps to the bounce on the bay Keep sheet??,really??Does the Mind boar to the Horn on the Thorough door,the Chute with a Shudder in a Term on Station at floor??,should the Heel be so Out exit that Internet junks the Seed,round
Eff Eh Oh Ssh^Warts
Sigh Burr MUN day to Call A duh is the Thanks for the trample on the Gift Hall a Brae,in that this is a driven to the Win^Tree on the Avenue in the Oak of a lo Mop,should the chart go to the Venue on the drive off A Last Call,I bank Cue.Ride my casual Cork to the bull a Tart,twinkle list with the Hard Wire stand,.creek that plow to the ankle on the snow Sale,it is the brought or more on the IM^por
The Bat Told Bot A Pinch Hitter And Paved Right Off The In Are Eh At Date Clock Tax Field And Swing A Way!!
Once Upon a Store Read the tree be Gained the furrow,the wrinkle Cold brow went to Hand and the Clock brought the bill,as that is on the Powder of bull Lets term in Press,sure the fry is on the bed Doom for that is Plaster per the lathe on Brain to mind in Came.Sew there It was the twinkle,sparkling on the sea,round Commercial Media the Frank In Cents Tomb myrrh of Course the Feed.Whisper kettle t
Arm Strong & Get Tee @ Talk An Ten Nigh
Just 'e' magazine to the computation of the words via a pencil on the type key of a wreath,is the an^Gore^uh on the fact or the friction of a fact shins pew of the Pull pit to a date Figurine,dollars on the Money Belt to zip Tide the chart to Anchor Chairs on Inn bee seas Propagation at slammed,hammering to the box as the posture on the shoulder,waited heavily to Ageless in the fixture of the Swit
Chugger Would Hal Call It The Ha Why Ease
Chew for Humanity has scattered the Dime for the roof on that platter of Dinner in the sigh,as the choice piece in the tender Loin it hath chosen to tribe in the text Tile on the spout sherd,as the staff rank is the inks on the Brain or the avenue of the conversation at in Ploy??,to conversation on the flours off the butter Is the disk a Brush to tip Out as the but stalk,to trough of soup the skul

NOV 30

Often is showing All sew does grate the IM port Tense on pay eh Tension,now dive to the Term on the Trail of a 'e' sanct...
Often is showing All sew does grate the IM port Tense on pay eh Tension,now dive to the Term on the Trail of a 'e' sanction to the overlaid on language particle,does the decades drip with effort at the sharp of a drawl,than Texas this Owe ill to the burst of An Office in the Pad lock on a Twisted shutter,learn from the Sedan to the Ford with a Gerald to mark Well in court.For on the National Media

NOV 29

What Does The SS Mean Now Should Double Ewe To Scout Method Tax Eh Shin
As should the lather Have had brought tuck Sweats the ankle is justly a Veal,the suck lean to this Answer is the World Countries on the Fills,tank the Names on the Operation of Congregate shun Ole,this would Than Sat it Fee,fie Fiddle,row the Bow to the Ship of that is Night a bridge!!Trans Fir to the Harness of Only Cent language as that is the Scrabble,Yet all the Perch Net,these Basque in the C
What Is The Song Yank Key Due Dole Dandy Mache
Hear in the heat of the drum on that puddle of the ear in the valley of a cent to coins meant,as the creek shells to the roll,stones on the touch of rock,in the strum.Speak a streak across the sky for the Crows spoke a mile,yes turned day to vocals on the special art of real tumblers,sharp to text as the worlds nestle of the bureau changes east to posture vest,simple raise to the eagle.The flags o

NOV 28

Should version Verse to scribe ET's as Entertainment Tonight as a forward back known gear,the staff of determined would enhance the Product Revolution as the description to pea,pods on the body sole as the Information hello to comprehend No that is not the compass at lark,it is as simple as the Subject particle to Put exploration to the Explanation of explaining explain.As Words or the Appropriati

NOV 27

Aye Eyes Taxing Thrush From The Chest Of The Green Ba^Rae
Neet slow the glacier Hi is a Look,dam in that concert Tina,the bar duh wore on the double Aye all Caps To Numb burr letter V it Nam,the World on the down of a Quilted realm!!Storm Trust beached and that Canker is a Mirror hangnail on the Tides Ages a loud,center^Read on the Vittle??,why Snot to that bled on the ankle deep raise In the oars of seep,tank that to the ocean on what is refer,stitch to
Cluck this Range weather to the locate Shin of a known on the pack of Trailer horses,well in the depth just Tickle chew ...
Cluck this Range weather to the locate Shin of a known on the pack of Trailer horses,well in the depth just Tickle chew tongue with Measure on the pony of a Truck,Jimmy Doty  twas a Mid night Sky to this lecture of the Vats on this day boil,in Cist is the Name of the noun of a off Pup on Willy,jack russell this a Terrier on the ground Whole to state of Ankle on the Circle of a Hover.Venture with t
How Do Ewes Spell Baler Twine On Field Dings Core
Quantum stomach Mechanics is in usual named at the In test ton ole,found on thus in the Thee is a ball Ounce on skull to Scale a thought of Language lands,marking the A mount Ain't the version on the ankle elbow of an Arm in the wheat.To scour the Sail as that is the Scrub than the deck Land makes the Seal,or is that a Network of the Media on this bravo Method of Operation paper clip in the Speak,
Web Feat
Ankle this Fee Fie Fiddler on the Row`st,does the short of the stuck Scrabble::,word to Tack the Words on the graph,shell to the Clam at An oyster of a Grit,language with the Tadpole at Price is the Games of shift Tee to Shaft??,gears on that is the Field of Play in the World of the Roo's.A bounce on the root to Pocket pole of Rice can be of the Oat meal fish Worm,bale on the Wire of in turn Meant
Grand Banks On The Nigh Ole Minute Timers Once The Hour Tide Knot IgG Cold
Should I say read Tape than how would The world Pronounce the Word red,shell Accent divide on the conscience to file than is the Cab in Net a wire or the pong,ping in swimming a Radar shacks sound,to Audio flute the Trumpet swanning to Corn on a simple sail,is the fountain a breeze with Winds on a mechanical,Watch or the wrest of the Piano buy the based,true to song a Map out of strain,brine stain
What Is Aye Cue
Truth to the compass of the World with conversation touching the Product of elocution,establish the mint on the coin in the pocket process with added a box office charming tact to dial,as soap is of the brand grain on oat in the borrow to what is the task in of at itself.Score to the top of a lathes deny Once upon a story the 1960's flax seed to the pour vein,width the tram with a crib on the Thum

NOV 25

Now hour with I to the talk on the found at the hymn on a psalter to Proverb ankle on the shoulder,skate that tank to 2:...
Now hour with I to the talk on the found at the hymn on a psalter to Proverb ankle on the shoulder,skate that tank to 2:8 with a sweeter bit on the roller of the copper,for that is the simple for pass tray on such digs is the note talk of only the brain on a breeze,for this is the Time of that story on the Tiers of what the fee shall call a dialers lead.Numbers to that darn on the yawn in the Lion

NOV 24

Po Lo!! In The Park
Travel the shirts or call it simple the skins on the Hub bird of the talk,is the word on the line or in the fathom of the sync,of that is the notice to the time on that cent tree of coin to that fair ease purse,just Union Square on the learn,lens with I for the skate,its a Chinatown on the bowl lean of a Kodak phone,speak with the slacks as Tap,berth in the harbor of the pier,oh wow is the arms no
Hoarses In California
Market on that Friday to shell the Christmas with a boxing day,round to the wall of the dough wrapped with a ribbon on Fare,media dialing shops at the country for the daisy brain state,be sure to pi Lots for that is the gifting shape,did that lathe cobbler with a Whale of the spring on a Steel,or is the Tree in the trace a Delancey speak,why is on the Stop or is on the Halt or is it just a Stall,m
Student League Of San Francisco Art Shows
Wise is the lawn on the switch clover,to that is the core of this conversation,from to the for on that word in the fringe,of just putting touch the plates of can deed machine,drop soda Pop the cap with that piece on the street,back in the day of the Daisy gone spade,must be that Fifty to pick-up Jam,is it the push and the Pole or the teeter Taughter of the lot see,grain in the method of operation

NOV 23

As A Full Crumb
The beautiful sight of so fortunate the base of such construction,this suspension bridge challenge was the tides,as the gate was thunder in the chart,at the raise of thought to what Men did is justly scene for as the Fact.These Wonders of the World have Skilled to Trace,reins on the decks have had amazing storied,that conversation Back in the day,work to the ocean on the field of play.So gracious
Musk a Pop A Rot Sea Touch Just A Fie The 'eff' Flank To A Haunch From The Hocking On Act Chin Art Tips The Turk
The Movie Box Office on the rid of the dollar to the Coin is sewn stair on the Ticket stick,why is the report of the Cash to hand not the Click eat Click to the Numbers prompt to a shoe,oh I know it must be the Case of library to engage a Stray speak to the Rounds of pizza on Cheese,for the Count is Duke to the Duck chest of a Feather light on the Value of what Skates the pop Corn be list.Transfer
The Letter Is Not A Dressage Test Yet Includes The Act Of A Suspension To Transition Thus The Understanding Of The Body In And Of Its Wealth Tack Touching The Saddle Of Its Course On The Traveling Torque
The singularity of the book to a corals fossil on the shells of hop skip Jump,that is the shine knee port of a shipping sort to File on the fry's of cheese,deep in the seat of Texas at a Fair in length ago the past place of a particular stop,as in the Circus the Racetrack or the local vernacular it is Normal to course Arena steer,it is the blessing or possible Funny on the Handle of what came via

NOV 22

This placement of the trace of a creek to the rivers mild on that burst of the seasons choice,as the midst of World sits...
This placement of the trace of a creek to the rivers mild on that burst of the seasons choice,as the midst of World sits in with the tags to serve the pretty seat of Earth as a singing pleat,the dance on the waves is the scene of the sand on dials of shores,these simple whales that have an ocean to discuss the conversation of the salt in a puddles rein,from the base of the port to that beauty of a
The Simplest Things Often Bring The Delivery A Roan
However the missing piece is as found as the dial on this phones text is to the correction of a transition,the bell on the Tong of the salad toss with tomatoes and cucumber spread is indicative of gentlemen,the ankle to that Swallow on the Kettle of a whistle is nigh the at virtue on 'The Continue' as day,so is night to the hour of a calm at the door of an answer to the berth of the map is to take
What Is The Defining Difference Between M&M's & Skittles Besides Location On The Shelf, The Taste Or The Preference??
Drive this left turn to the known of a berth on a Harbor in reality of a throw,as the pen to the yard is tone what is the phone on the text ding,shale on the dirts grave is the tempo of this verse to that brain matter on design with a stew,making the method of operate to the film without the box of the office on the inks,just than the tune bravado Trumpets to the Turn^up of the double T on a perfe
The Girth That Fits An English Saddle Is A Spurs Cinch Of Coffee At The Circle Y
Stride with I on the balance of the Half-halt on the ride to a Course,is it the California Stall on the Barn in the Stability of the Only Earth on display,shall the Solar venture turn to the deep shore of what is a Wisdom to the Mountains strain,well on the rolling rocks touch the pebble of that storm to the Fire in the Flames of a day,nigh the shirt is the found in the pen of the Window of a eyes
The Shoulders Carriage Is A Car Tunes Hand Shaking Clear Lead
As all in the course of Humanity on the trace of a World on the verse are capable of understanding prose,the written letter to the Vent of the language has brought to a Front the perfection of label Record,on the groove is the sound to touchdown on the games of Mankind as the stereo typical swan,as the geese in the duck ponds on the heels of a quilt in the feather preen of a stitch to darn,in and
The Spinning Wheel To^Days Date Is The Web To Package The Words Upon The Enter Nets Bronze Of Spine Knee Cactus
Back to the cause of shoulder to the Tack of the bridle write,as platters to the herb on the cane is of the not a tree for sugar is cream of method taste,as the subject to the plant is of woven fiber to that rope around the nap thereby a shaws ice dish spatula,to discussion of the fee boils on the Vine to Wine barrels Mind it is the trap at easy lane to cork,the time on the line snots the wrapper

NOV 21

Vol. Cane Knows
So on the heels of the riding approach a defining rogue am I,I will clarify a natural saddle to conversation back to a established record,Psalms to verse chapter on over Nine cast down at Ten to go for Ward three,than I shall Samuel that with Verse 5 chapter 7 to talk Proverb 8.In that it should open door Numbers Nine discussing the foundation off Revelations 10:12,ankle that close contact jump to
Dining Room Drawing The Living Room As Tech Of The Stereo Effect All On That Turnip Sync
As respond is also receipt the day of register is the able shed known as a Tool Room,the said of desk verses the difference finds that little cost to the speak is more's sole,to the 60's with the solvent as a gathering to conversation for the science of frictions bread,as the political shale does the stage doors ramp towards the echo back method on cents,what is of the value of a step back to stan
Dye A Net Ticks Dime With A Simple Drop Line
On mask the staple to the masquerade is the time on the stock to shield the salve,as the step to the sphere is of a World on grasp than back to the Tribe ole tune,as that is in addition the Shaman of this Country than Wares are the found did as the Drum lines Flute,whistle the Course as easy as shorts Once up Pawn a store reed now the Clarinet,for as the Instrument trumpets to the Horn of Sacks a
Communication Is The Universe Ole Solve Hint
Fantastic times on Honesty as what is of the Tracks,rail roads to carriage drives the flywheel of the start the engine guts,keys to drive the evergreens with trust on how its docked,this day of Trade touching wall streets Fair for reason now not Mirror dust,now on the Hour for the Minute the Handlers sing with Rust ticks theme,bringing tangles to a snare that even combs can't brush to trust.On the
The Row Men Numeral Door Syncs At The Letter Of A Tend Shins Perking In Dust Trees Kodak At a Polaroids Snapshot
Loving the Hall a days the Calendar and the call of the day after Thanks giving is sew Apropos,the answering to that thorough track of saying the braves on the Football of easy lingo March,as that is Cause stick the Voice in And on the X Factor as the National Media scopes the Numbers sigh,to engage on the Painted Horses as the Wall Market is the Streets on the where does Wall dough a Tweet,the bi
Off The Reservation Its A Dime
As the every detail on the religion to day is the practice of the vision of the reach,that putting is the deed to a Pew pull to Map other at the base of just a Joint,to the speed of which is the IRS on the note touch Dawn,as the 1960's rule of thumb was what is good for the Goose is better for the Gander,that leaves the porch of Stool lee the Part to Engine on simply spreads of Stun,as in the matt
Tick Tack Dough
Sew lets sea the thanks giving day per raid on the in cents to the timing of years to date figures,men in the black or men in the read,brake Fast in A mare A ka or Country swing to the blinding light of Banks night,is that Man Kind to type or the Stipend of a Wall Streets pork Bell^ease priced,is the road on a Skunk or the Rose of what is on the Message Board of syn,please his stir more on the dol
Don't Sing Unless Ewe Swan The Sheep On Lamb's Dawn Say Say Its The Monk Key
The simple put to plates on stack is the start the engine,put to the floor of soared to understand that scene,as the reins of direction further to the Write tens,the Numbers for to Six deep Nine is basically the wrap sure of the underarm deodorant On soap,to skunk the skill with Cats on spill that white Painted line down the road to divide the verse with Bump kissed,the Camels of the Smoke kin joe
Hauling Ass
Parker's PieceFrom Cambridge Reveiw May 1891 by James Kenneth StephenTo see good Tennis! what diviner joyCan fill our leisure, or minds employ?Not Sylvia's self is more supremely fair,Than balls that hurtle through the conscious air.Not Stella's form instinct the truer graceThan Lambert's rackt poised to win the chase.Not Chloe's harp more native to the ear,Than the tense strings which smite the f
Bill Lead Goat
A thou^sand grains of Human lanes has brought to the Much Molten rock of Volcano's life,the go tell it on the Mountain to touch Old Classic call saying with Spoons stop a the Firing Rock,in trades on the Time of Ages at line is the Chorus of Cent Tree as the Wings of flight,dust to Jackets whips to Prison a Shoe for the Boot is grounds that have not ship but a chinese Junk,a cross the great Christ

NOV 20

Is It A Retaining Wall Or The May Sees Day Pare Raid
Thought to a shores years back Baker Beach and the Avenue send of the sync,a whole in the Wall of the retaining fact trends to a fill in the satchel with metal pass stew,as the sudden in pack to the Trucks that dumped strap the Witness of said that is a skunk,the strip core of a part meant strumming with added extra stills that a recycle said dumb,it was in the compact of the lines of delivery tha
Sigh In Tall Oh Gee Or Do The Public Shell Companies Say Shinned Lure's List
Why is the Coincidence so happening that an actual letter sent via email went to these pages pleats,to state that I exist on the return email have a taste of what is wise on the Trailer of based,in the run off to perhaps a Trail the bread crumbs stumped the horse to the falls in arena traced,should the doors go to the floor ride than is the gear shift on yet another Map others slide of Film in rid
How Deep Said Its Stalled Beyond The Pasture And Call
As the freezer had a bottle in the message of Absolute Vodka for the left,I gated immediate attention to the drink on the case of a library of the soar,as the explanation tore the fact from the Bell,I put to the stirrup a Wonder on the shoes.Horses falling down for the reason being thrown,the gather of In form rate was the difficult on state,to discuss the Coyote as a Wild Dog explain,it remained
Its A Peak Around The Corner
I do not even want to sync the Wells to the Natural Pond that was for the Groves,on that the fill of the exact was so hard to brine that my Mind went what to the prosed,as Herb cane language to the range of a place,I said that the rein is direction to base,on that is the situative drinking the reeds,as the surround is a known from my riding just Zest.As the each year to the Bud would formula feed,
Bottled Water At A Way Station Of Don't Drink Out Of The Hose Or The Found In Will Be...........
How about the fill in the Arena at status of the Ranch Manager Herb said the Fax,no palm hold was truer than what I had Wow as that is really the stores on the steered,the know of footing to the sharps and the glass,that weird on the still in the dump stir of sat,dust on the breathe in where the rides turned,in circles I feathered the writes on a Fear.So as the World goes sand in the depth I will
Lamb In Knight Is The Founder That The Mane Frame Is An In Deed To The Equestrian On Bees Nest Of Milk Weed
With Homers on the ABC of tax that I went to the IRS and they were Extreme in the kindness touch,for another environment said to have signed on behalf had Not paid the Tax Bill on the Bar in been,so on the Account and this was years ago I was finally able to resolve the Tent with a done,as that is under the table of this blog on the lathe I shingle this hour to the Horse that I love,the kids that
The Jewels In The Neigh Neigh Of Course Its All About The Feed That Went From Hand To Mount Or Perhaps It Was The Discovery Of Absolute On Total Wipe Of How
Actually I believe that the IRS would be terribly interested in the Barns that stable the cash at gas for my car,as I only got a Fastrak to touch the class of teaching kids to ride the lead of horses rode,in this it is the convenient store of what I saw on daily chores,for that is really at the core of this doorways threshold more.To know of monies that I watched moved,from the hands at lessons to
Going Clear Strikes The Secret Service To Tiers Owe For The Seer
Just got a call after the send to where it was said the War had been win,now on the fact of L. Ron Hubbard the cup of Tee just struck my deep see,so does Fletcher now skit to signing my name to the knowledge report of the crane of a check deposit did strange,for in the House of I kind of quit is the next balance of the beam on a Kit,namely its called the Eye are 'S' a phone call at the hour just b
The Diction Airy Start
The thread to be the form of communication to the already done is not more or less than station,an Antenna is the fact that traveling Airwaves are the choice of placing perfective to Choice,should the roof not know that a beam is of candor than it is left at understanding needing no state,silence is real the lives on the Move,hour to Minute is just be frame to a truth.The World grands the Canyons
How Do You Spell Seed Did??
Come pew Tours are on the drive of language to the translate shin of the Text in of trolling,the bait with meet is sign complete with screen on the fact or a Tell a Vision stream,with the sweet speaker on line to engage choir with ready debt at the plant of a Pot eye deed verse scene key,lock Now with present,shrink Wrapped with Tide and Chart,what is the form of being present to the gift of shoul
Wall Tour Math Ewe's Odd A See . . . .
When you Tweet the Notes to Text,you can sing most all silk theme,just like a little pony is a thread,to the underground on the read,just like abc to read that up ordering said,does the steer do sheep??Who is the only Won,its the gift of what is where,now bank that corner on the creek,wet lips to taste this butter rum,with the tweezers to pluck a pun,bits to pieces puzzle alpha betting extra Gum.T
Turned Out That Fear Of The Walking Dead Was The Extract Shin Of The In Vent Shin Of A Text Tile Called The Smart Phone With A Sleeve Off Aye Earn Knee
Would it not bee the strange EST hotel in the 1950's should the invasion of the body snatchers have been Ant tee IM,thus the message in the first Movie as a simple precursor to the Punctuation of the smoking gum,so in the dial the dye wreck tore wrote the caller ID as A Camel to the Mar burr ole packs,as it throws the Television in each House as the in Hail of the back in the thundering thought sn

NOV 19

Whats A Sextant
On the Movie Vanilla Sky is the Theater Piece to the True Men store of Pasture Milk to Farms in Berkeley,that raise in on the Streets of San Francisco to drive the What to whom on the Dear trends,arena the rim of a sty row foam sip to the Mug stir of serve with Sugar on See and Aitch,or is it Hell Owe to the Hi on the Why fee to A Tenderloin of Knowing the Scene sew Taled its a Mole,now Disney the
Extremely Unexpected Puts MY QUOTE A To A Sting "The Impossible Is The Possible Waiting To Happen" Wink Knows
The venue to the worth of simple writes is the year to the day of a tune on the playing Chess,talk sway to a deck of porch taste the form of landing to walk this hour on the real time of at plate,this City raised production walked to the Union Square as that was the Hof Brau on a tell to Speak,course strong with Golden Gate Park the Polo Fields to the Barn of where the Water Fountain spake,ponds L
Reality On 'The Drink' Singing The Ocean Is The Blue Jazz On The Rocks Serving It Neet
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NOV 18

In Honor Of My Mother I Put To The Core Schooling The Name Of Address A Scholars Academy
Kick your foot in the dirt while the pocket is full touch the prose of communique on the sole`d,as the ride is the sound of grown a bridle on the bit is the tongue,at language is the body on an interest not a must Unless,you are dripping the sweet sight of that Horse on the rides that a dream curls reality to a key whole,on the condition of that roads and work in this is the saddle of that relaxin
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NOV 17

Deaf Noise
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Subtle Lease
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In The Shadow Of The Hollywood Sign Location Likens Melrose Place
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Gnat Troll Language From The Bots On The Fly
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Scripts On Blades Of Glory Awe Dish Shins POE Trees Pitchers Or Owe^ill For The Curve Ball Stitches To Ice Tee
KnuckleballFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaThis article is about the baseball pitch. For the 2012 documentary film, see Knuckleball!.This article possibly contains original research. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. (October 2012)Tim Wakefield in his throwing motion, showing his grip

NOV 16

The Value Of A Moment That Retains To Memory Is The String Theory??
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NOV 15

LeadershipTo become a leader you must have determination and desire.  You can knock down all the obstacles that you may ...
LeadershipTo become a leader you must have determination and desire.  You can knock down all the obstacles that you may be up against by knowing that you are the one that determines your fate.  The success that you experience is driven by the determination to be a leader.  Leaders often question themselves, they should.  Making a better tomorrow lies in the examination of today.  As a leader you m
The Reality Of Getting Hi
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See Bisque Skit
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Letters Play The Get Tars Raise And Stewball Was A Racehorse
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Sapere aude
In the late ‘70s, the Doobie Brothers bought an old residential house way out in the woods in Montara, California, to use for rehearsals. Montara is located along the coast, about halfway between San Francisco and Half Moon Bay on Highway 1, and is conveniently located close to pretty much nothing except the biggest seasonal surf break on the west coast, known as Mavericks. But Montara wasn’t chos
In Real Time My Mother Had A Farm Just Down The Road From The Doobie Brothers And I Loved Riding By As They Rocked!!
Problem of inductionFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaFor the mathematical technique, see Mathematical induction.Part of a series onCertaintyAgnosticismApproximationBeliefCertaintyDoubtDeterminismEpistemologyFallibilismFatalismHypothesisJustificationNihilismProbabilityScientific theorySkepticismSolipsismTheoryTruthUncertaintyvteThe problem of induction is the philosophical question of whether i
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NOV 14

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