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Eh Love^Vin Full To The Brim With Flavor At Spice!!

The Alan Colmes Show

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The Alan Colmes Show
GenreTalk radio show
Running time3 hours
CountryUnited States
Host(s)Alan Colmes
Exec. producer(s)Joel Morton
Recording studioManhattanNew York City
Air datessince February 2003
Opening theme"The Magnificent Seven" by The Clash
Other themesvarious throughout the show
The Alan Colmes Show is a nationally syndicated American radio show hosted by commentator Alan Colmes on Fox News Radio.
The show is aired on weeknights from 6:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) from Fox's Manhattan studios. The program is carried by a number of terrestrial radio stations across the country via Fox News syndication unit Fox News Radio, as well as by XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio, both on channel 126 Fox News Talk.[1] The show features commentary by Colmes, numerous callers, and interviews of guests. It began broadcasting in February 2003.[2]

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What Say Shoe??


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in hieroglyphs
Mummy UM-E Smith.JPG
Mummy of the "Unknown Man E", likely identified as Pentawer
Prince of Egypt
Bornc.1173 BC
Died1155 BC
BurialProbably at DB320
FatherRamesses III
ReligionAncient Egyptian religion
Pentawer (or Pentaweret) was an ancient Egyptian prince of the 20th dynasty, a son of Pharaoh Ramesses III and a secondary wife, Tiye.[1] He was involved in the so-called "harem conspiracy", a plot to kill his father and place Pentawer on the throne. He either killed himself or was executed following the assassination attempt.


Pentawer was to be the beneficiary of the harem conspiracy, probably initiated by his mother Tiye to assassinate the pharaoh.[2] Tiye wanted her son to succeed the pharaoh, even though the chosen heir was a son of the chief queen Iset Ta-Hemdjert. According to the Judicial Papyrus of Turin Pentawer was among those who were made to stand trial for their participation in the conspiracy. It is likely that he was forced to kill himself.[1] The papyrus refers to this laconically:
They [i.e. the judges] left him in his place, he took his own life.[3]
Historian Susan Redford speculates that Pentawer, being a noble, was given the option to kill himself by taking poison and so be spared the humiliating fate of some of the other conspirators who would have been burned alive with their ashes strewn in the streets. Such punishment served to make a strong example since it emphasized the gravity of their treason for ancient Egyptians who believed that one could only attain an afterlife if one's body was mummified and preserved — rather than being destroyed by fire. In other words, not only were the criminals killed in the physical world; they did not attain an afterlife. They would have no chance of living on into the next world, and thus suffered a complete personal annihilation. By killing himself, Pentawer could avoid the harsher punishment of a second death. This could have permitted him to be mummified and move on to the afterlife. A recent study of remains believed to be his, suggest however that he was strangled or hanged. If the remains indeed are his, then he was about 18 years old at the time of his death.[4]

Probable mummy[edit]

In recent times, the Egyptologist Bob Brier has revived the old hypothesis that the famed mummy of the "Unknown Man E" found in the Deir el-Bahari cache (DB320) might be Pentawer indeed.[5] The mummy is very unusual because it appears to have been embalmed quickly, without removing the brain and viscera, and to have been placed in a cedar box, the interior of which had to be crudely hacked to widen it. Brier hypothesizes that Pentawer was mummified very rapidly and placed in an available coffin by a relative in order to give him a proper burial.[6]
Subsequent DNA analysis supported the theory that the mummy was a son of Ramesses. According to Dr. Zink, one of the scientists who undertook the test, "From our genetic analysis we could really prove the two were closely related. They share the same Y chromosome and 50% of their genetic material, which is typical of a father-son relationship."[4][7]


Hey Hutch^Chins Did The Stain Less Steel Mark An Air^Stream??

Tractor Supply Company

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Tractor Supply Company
HeadquartersBrentwood, TennesseeUnited States
Number of locations
Area served
49 U.S. states[2]
Key people
Gregory A. Sandfort - CEO and Dean Tortorelli - CFO
ProductsClothing & Footwear,Dog, Cat & Pet Supplies,Trailers & Accessories,Lawn and Garden Supplies,Propane & Heating Supplies,Tools & Gun Safes,Fencing,Welders & Welding Supplies,Lawn Mowers & Power Generators, etc.[3]
Revenue$5.7 billion (2014).[4]
$370.9 million (2014).[4]
SloganFor Life Out Here

A Tractor Supply Co. location inSpringboro, Ohio
Tractor Supply Company (TSCO) is a large retail chain of stores that offers products for home improvementagriculture, lawn and garden maintenance, and livestockequine and pet care. It is a leading U.S. retailer in its market.[7]


Interior of a Tractor Supply Company store in East Tawas, Michigan.
Founded as a mail order tractor parts business in 1938, the first Tractor Supply Co. retail store was founded in 1939 in Minot, North Dakota. TSC is headquartered in Brentwood, Tennessee, a suburb of Nashville.[7]
In 2004, when the company reported revenues of more than US$1.7 billion, Fortune magazine named Tractor Supply to its list of the 100 fastest growing businesses.[7] As of September 26, 2015, Tractor Supply Company operated 1,465 stores in 49 states,[1] and operated an online store at[8]
On October 10, 2013, the company celebrated its 75th anniversary by ringing the opening bell at the Nasdaq stock exchange in New York.[9]


Tractor Supply lists five major product categories. The livestock and pet products category accounted for 44 percent of the company's sales in 2014. The category with the second highest sales was hardware, tools, truck and towing products, with 22 percent of sales. Seasonal products such as lawn and garden equipment, gifts and toys were 20 percent of sales, followed by clothing and footwear with 9 percent and agricultural products with 5 percent of sales.[10]


The company has conducted advertising campaigns featuring the slogan "The Stuff You Need Out Here."[7] Their mission statement is: "To work hard, have fun and make money by providing legendary service and great products at everyday low prices."

Acquisitions and subsidiaries[edit]

In 2002, TSC was part of a group (also including four liquidation firms) that purchased some of theleases of the bankrupt Quality Stores, Inc.,[11] a Michigan-based company which at one time had operated over 300 stores in 30 states under the names CT Farm & Country; Country General; Quality Farm & Fleet; County Post; Central Farm and Fleet, and FISCO. The company also owns Del's Feed and Farm Supply, a farm retail chain in the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii.[12]

TSC Stores, Limited (Canada)[edit]

In November 1966, TSC opened its first Ontario location in London. In 1987, when there were ten Ontario locations, the American parent company sold these locations to a management team led by Murray Cummings. As of July 2015, there were 51 corporate-owned TSC stores in Ontario, mostly in the southwest, and two stores in Manitoba (Winkler and Brandon). In Canada, TSC brands itself as "The Incredible Country Hardware Store."[13]
From 2007 to 2009, TSC Stores was title sponsor of The Dominion Tankard curling championship in Southern Ontario.