Wednesday, January 29, 2014


There is this battle,
a problem in saddled,
the stance of a thread,
the stream of just dead.

The ride to climb,
up, up, up,
the mounting thoughts,
an interrupt!!

The chill of sunk,
so I gallop to roam,
a simple touch,
we are a loan!!

Life, Introductions,
impossible adds,
too far a part,
to play is like salve.

The wound of this mortal exist,
is the doubt of innocence,

To Sail, A Tact,
the anchor of knack,
preparing to soar,
a star is adore.

The tone of a dial,
a call for a while,
the ring sounded bell,
now only in fell.

The feeling of tell,
the Piano was door,
the Acoustic Guitar,
made it much more,
I loved, too adore.

The music, familiar,
lost in the past,
reminded me,
life had a path.

Missing dg

Archaic in stir,
a strange sense of cure,
the elemental fire,
an ancient inspire.

In lives that are learn,
the talk makes me turn,
belief is an option,
the present is stern.

The 'old-school' of basics,
states simply to pace,
life has a rate.

Shock or Horror,
as history has doors,
dreams are just wishes,
as life is explore.

Race To Rescue ~ Well Trained Horses ~ Fundraising Drive

We can make this a beautiful story, with your gift, & the gift of 5 of your friends:

What can I do to help?
Horse rescue is as costly as it is rewarding. There are many steps in the process and many costs in each step. Our first step is getting these horses out of neglect and onto our farm. To do this, we must be able to pay for veterinarian costs, which will include deworming ($15/horse) and vaccinations ($20 per vaccine/horse). Before the horses can come to us, they must be dewormed and vaccinated to keep our other horses healthy. These horses have very limited time left. They can only stay on the land until the end of January, however, we are literally buying time by paying off the landlord until we can raise the funds to take them. We are also currently supplying feed for all three horses ($18/bale) and will continue to need support in our feed costs when they come to us. There is the cost of the farrier work that needs to be done on all three horses. Idalena likely needs injections to help with her lameness, which is very costly. We hesitate to make our best guess at Idalena's condition and eagerly hope to get a veterinarian to examine her as soon as possible to determine what is causing her pain and to get her out of pain immediately. (When we hit our first $1000 mark we will bring Idalena onto our farm and begin the lengthy process of helping her to heal!) With your help and time, we will put in the work to rehabilitate these three horses to the best of their abilities and find them loving forever homes. 

All proceeds earned on this campaign will go directly toward rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming these three horses. The donations range from low to high because we know firsthand the impact of just one drop in the horse trough. Anybody, anywhere can give something. If you can’t afford to donate, then please support us by sharing this campaign, spreading the word, liking our Facebook page, and loving horses. We have come up with some amazing perks donated by our volunteers. Unique images of our horses in the form of postcards, cards, photos, art prints, calendars, posters, and one beautiful large framed print.

I have set this campaign to end on Valentine’s Day. Let’s give these horses the gift of love!

Past Campaigns
Were you a part of the “Help Save Flash” campaign last year? We raised over $1800 to give an abandoned horse a forever home.

With Gratitude
Have we seen you at one of our bake sales? Have you liked our Facebook posts? Have you been to our “First Saturday Barn Tour?” Did you sample our homemade Gravenstein Apple treats from our own farm apples? Did you buy your sweetheart a painted horse shoe last Valentine’s Day? Did we wrap your presents this Christmas? Did you make it to our recent fundraising dinner on the farm? If your answer is yes, THANK YOU!

You too can be a horse rescuer! Donate today! 

A Dragons Prose

To articulate,
a 'Word' explains,
in the say,
identity: Core!!

The Root, the Origin,
define a Muse,
much is lost in texting,

One bye One,
verse is chore,
the swipe to end,
Man? or Send?

Illuminating a phonic pour,
shortens thought,
to phone...your store!!

Closing down the avenue,
restricting minds producing views,
ink goes dry and pens are news.

The lost of practiced,
the shrink is blink,
letters make,
the Verse is think.

Cycle Too Keyed

Faith is not to be taken-in as religion,
belief develops,
acceptance sin,
Totals Sum, Addition Subtracts, Delivers Been.

What has become Secular,
cursed and killed,
delivers messages,
so very old!!

The pencil in fed,
lead down a dark path,
the arrow exact.

Time had had moments,
the second-hand crawl,
the writings still rote,
upon such;
On Walls.

The etched-out marks,
the Years begin date,
the mount of such pressured,
looks to be state!!

Inspired by Fear,
money is green,
it burns so much hotter,
as greed seems to steer.

A Warning To Send

To greet this New Age,
the best of whats sent,
to embrace Ancient Paths, 
the plenty of lent.

A guide?, or a trend?,
seems a theme in the end.