Sunday, March 23, 2014

Clear The Mechanism

Principal interest in school of taught,
the Class became the One to last,
know Recess the years in past,
the call to remember nothing,
information offered makes no mistake.

The chalk of board the game just played,
out like the pen in came.

Written plainly to say what complicates,
the knocked-out life went out to stay,
until the time of ring was heard,
the home work read the post of said.

No notice given to empty bin,
the void created a rift to Pi,
the pool was not afraid,
for the bottom was already made,
the space between simply to steer.

Step-in, step-out, the clock does not tick it only counts,
the days add to zero,
a pre-set gear,
to allow the check-out to merely clear.

Created measure of time and/or pleasure,
seconds pass as blinking stacks,
why add to an already very full task.

Chose the part the last good start,
conscious mind breaks to cart.

One, Two, Three...time-out!!!

Mark Five, go ...... UP, 
on with the Show,
nobody will know,
what's missing? the being inside!1!

Robotic by Design

Open Spam

Paper trails liken Horse,
the hooves, print Ink,
the laws of the sand files at hand,
deeply penetrating and often generating think!!

The 'Monkey Suit' has a head,
it is a Man and gaveled said,
to Skye the tie with scanned.

Oh the pail of watered thirst,
an actionable accounting for what will stir,
the pass of what develops verse,
the court of appeal will be the girth.

The wrench of wired,
the piping of the flyer,
imagine status Que as all in what is known,
without the prove-it 'cause it's been shown.

Riding a mechanical routine,
so well taught it collected reams,
constant repetition of a theme,
an artful distraction in a creative scheme.

Open Venue Site imposed,
the tack of a saddled made,
the bit to a purposeful halt,
to hold until the call records the difference,
 not the stall!!


Tell A Port

The ever talk in each a thought,
to 'why' the need at all,
the fact that often nobody knows,
it seems a sudden action.

A dream or nightmare does not matter,
either way the path is stature,
to hold, to be, to understand,
not all becomes the walk of Lamp.

Surprises leave the door so built,
that a knock or doorbell will,
announce the invitation real,
should the interest have been the deal.

Left for right I stated might,
the aftermath added sight,
that life is something that if lived,
delivers more than just a stiff.

To remember good in bad,
the words have sometimes been.....
a flicker of a hope I had,
that something could end in and then....

You really never actually know,
are you home? or, are you Out&About!!
seeing the Universe? or being a doubtful....

The global fan of blowing banned,
the exit enters the been of are,
surprising only the stirring of what is,
the natural occurrence in a trending sip of,
a delightful ride to a life in Like!!