Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Honesty of One Insight to what happened upon each Night

That pressure that your exposure breeds,
my innocence I'd like to keep.
Scream they do, those ones I've seen,
where their coats were worn like guilty beings.

Upon each setting Sun,
when darkness made me run,
these persons that I speak of here,
would begin to tout the curse.

A hidden booth scenario tried on,

"I don't do" / "I'd never be"
A guy or a gal that you would see
about this town or in the fairs,
where Dungeons, Lairs and Midnight stares will compare
for the price of such a dare.

To Me, I guess it seemed a daily deed.
To watch and ready for!
You never knew which one came through,
your Home may become the next big nest, you really never knew.

Announced, that is what they would say,
that Parental Stay that is.
Desires your attention, a forceful voice was heard.
Sit up straight and liberate, but don't you dare show any hate.

My way of life,
did I mention.

Long times would be this way with me,
the path that only I could be.
Dishonesty and shame plagued myself, never did I want to be,
a human being with lies to tout
and pre-prepared lines to shout.

Should I survive, if I grow-up, live through all of this rough stuff
and be able to get through this sultry type of life.
I'll always be and say to thee,
"Be honest and give way!"
For I will not lie for you but try I will to do.

Do you enjoy the style of the deep and lurid nights that creep,
the ones that bring silk stockings too.
The girls where the pointed shoes, high heels, they were known to you.
Are you the type that likes to look at all the views of what erupts,
temptation, lust and so much more,
it brings you to the Dungeons Door?

Be not ashamed at your Five Star taste,
for more than that is required to be with these kind of tempting beings.
Discretion is wise, it's a dirty game.
To play with Chains and Whips with plain, hooks attached for you.

All of this may shift your mind,
the missing link is not your kind,
for birthed in each of all that want,
never share this type of taunt.

It is the dare or possibly the snare,
I set you in a trap.
The missing link is so far found,
inside the mind of what's not bound.

All for the sake of the hidden truth,
for once a Liar, twice a fool,
and simply said "That just is not so cool."
for those of us that drink from the Challis of the Dark