Thursday, September 14, 2017

Sent to Bill Maher via Tweets on 9/11/2017 :) We Are The World Just You And Me.

The Florida Keys gave to the land a shore to speak a loft,
in the heir of the fan as the breeze gift sand a swing to a verse came long,
just as the film said to that sat what present did dirt language sin,
was the depth of a fish to filter that sung swather a lo to a Bail?

People have gone without a verse grain,
the rice is a hull ore a haul,
Valhalla the echelon no echo to hear,
sewn threads of the Cattails I saw in a clear,
hint to that Tusk so far far and a Way?

It is the shallow oh gone or is it Spelling?

Discussion owe Caught Ten,
an ounce for the brae,
its the veal of Christmas and the knew Year to day.