Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Blue Door

I think upon the past of time in my memory of banked inside.  I See 'My Home' the beauty Inn reside.  In just Prose I hold this sight.  In this View, a window to hold and pose a thought to a different Land.  In which, I see a galaxy persist.

The color a brilliant hue out of my bedroom in review the Place in best, I did not rest.  The ground upon I stood strong, not privy to Life is Long.  Age of which had no song for the show, I just belonged.

As it seems there is belief that We do not ever keep; "Not All are from this Earth."  Some have traveled so far it's learned.

The setting of the sun could not begin to describe this total Sum.  In complete and total done, I used to watch a Universe have fun!!  In the Settlement of which was small I never heard a Human call.

Unaware to this Plight I lived in peace of this, I swear.

The Days were warm with the bounty of no setting.  The Moon not present, the Stars not placed, the Sky however, was full of grace.

Left to me at a Wars End I lived in solitude knew of sin,  In fact, I often ponder that.

Why such hatred, why such shame, for the jealous, just blast and blame.  I have learned of this I state, that it is not good to take issue with Fate.  My Destiny left me alone for all I loved was killed in place.

A Battle Field held the date.  It came so fast it seemed mistaken.  To teach myself, came with that, long before an Ancients Path came to be, I was at liberty, free to do.

In such existence I sought no wrath, I felt the persistence, My life, My path.

As War did come I felt divide, "Do I support?" and "Lock the Door?"

At this date I ponder done I once felt bad at action of.  Placing guise so when Strangers come, they pass right by and never sight my Home of a different life.

To gauge decision with all I see in this place, I'm not lured to change my way.  For earth reveals to me, the Nightmare that I dreamed.  For 'Her' Sake I am glad for Mine, had I not thrown those Locks in time, than this battle that We're in would have destroyed the Home I love.

Do you think in your minds thought upon return or your Lot?  For should this war come to this land should this planet die at hand, where will you go?  Space is not small and if you're lost then a Cry or Call will bring to you things that maul.  The fright in such is the Touch that Dimensions of what seems unknown exist and come to factor the plea that you shout out in desperate need.

I lived in silence much like now, in fact, sometimes, I feel as if Mother Nature does intend to put me back just to mend.  Watching this World yet again I insist that We Come to help resist.

I see that No-One believes in such spoken Deeds.  The balance of prosperous or further thought, seems so held to only Taught.

Should 'Such' things omit the Text of the Ancients and the like, than to defend, your Mind should mend and become your guide.  All I know is that this show is doomed to end with doubt.

No matter your begin, to know an Origin represents 'The Continue' in this hymn!!

A House Of Madness

Lend purchase to the Immortal Soul, 
do this before you offer up the Innocence of a child,
as the tranquility of your life. 

The simple sale of an offspring,
to obtain that which should naturally be unobtainable,
broke the Laws of the Land.  

The reckless appeal of Humankind,
into the courts of the Lords of the Dark, 
caused a riff in the tides of man,
changing the Laws of the Divine. 

Thus the Rules,
 of the Darkest Under-Lords, 
were known. 

The Laws that were broken, 
the laws that reach down, 
into the midst of the ones, 
that are better when not named, 
is where this small life was thrown. 

Tenderness was not known,
to this small being, 
it was found and given freely, 
as if it were their own. 

Protection was not present from the maternal one, 
but would be delivered, 
by the Demons,
brought to life on that day. 

Knowledge was seen by this small life, 
in the darkest prayer of night, 
just not understood. 

What should have been the terror of an innocent.
became the joy of the guilty, 
sending back not a small life, 
but rather, 
a Child of the Guild.

The tones which drive,

the self-purchase of such a Soul, 

straightened the view and the depth of sight.  

Upon such value,
was placed a "Gift of Guise"
this was put onto the small one.  

The defilement, 
of such a soulful site, 
was transgressed by the fool hearty,
and ill-tongued foulness,

of man.

Discernment ruled in such accord.  

The reckless arguments,
later in life,
will be determined and known,
"well-deep" to the "Ancient Ones" 
of the Unnamed.  

Delivering the time between;  

Hence for the Revival,
of such "Age in Wisdom" 
of the,
 "Child of the Guild"
 will enable All,
to converse with the Dead.


originally written in '09