Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Drink On Or^Rye^Ins Belt Is A Galaxy With The Shipping News Of Universal Ore??

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the fact that walk is of the sound than the words are voice to deed at the best of case in key,
does the distance on the start know of the often what is caulk,
shall the grout of spring scene sheet understand the balance stay,
shall the world dance death a crate with decision on the post as to belief in rather ration??

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water ways of street teak valve is that science cult to bring then the stars are rays of ring??

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float that mouth to understand that language contains the business plan,
in that composition tread the role is automatic date shin.

Now on the snow of frozen humans the melt is when as the glaciers tell in,
or is the fossil of the bone bleached to spank the banks of stone??,
marble granite sand and comb Brushes caves & paintings Stand in,
explain the chisel on staff of stream,
is the log of more's or phantom??

Wells of shoulders riders know that the saddle is a toll,
the girth is what in bare of tack should the Hanging be of the Tribe,
bridles Horses hoofs on spell,
whom to plate is license dub??

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than the world washes tons to say that this is that in land,
people fork the ancient phlegm coffin tomb and nailing shim.

Should I Say Tillamook??


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In American radiofilmtelevision, and video gameswalla is a sound effect imitating the murmur of a crowd in the background. A group of actors brought together in the post-production stage of film production to create this murmur is known as a walla group. According to one story, walla received its name during the early days of radio, when it was discovered that having several people repeat the sound walla in the background was sufficient to mimic the indistinct chatter of a crowd. Nowadays, walla actors make use of real words and conversations, often improvised, tailored to the languagesspeech patterns, and accents that might be expected of the crowd to be mimicked.
Walla is called rhubarb in the UK where actors say "rhubarb, rhubarb", rhabarber in Germanyrabarber in the Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium) as well as Denmark, Sweden & Estonia, and gaya in Japan, perhaps in part reflecting the varying textures of crowd noise in the different countries. Other phrases are "carrots and peas", "watermelon cantaloupe, watermelon cantaloupe" and "natter natter" (to which the response is "grommish grommish").[1]


Walla is sometimes turned into an in-joke. On the UK absurdist comedy radio series The Goon ShowSpike Milligan would distinctly mutter "rhubarb, rhubarb" during crowd scenes. Spinning off from this recurring joke, the British comedian Eric Sykes (a collaborator and friend of the Goons) wrote, directed and starred in the 1969 film Rhubarb, in which all of the actors' dialogue consists of the word "rhubarb" repeated over and over. This gives the finished movie the general feeling of a silent film because it has no coherent dialogue, but with the crucial difference that the "rhubarb" dialogue still conveys the characters' emotions and moods.
Similarly, the TV show South Park often parodies walla by having angry mobs mutter "rabble rabble rabble", sometimes clearly and distinctly. In an episode of Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law, a distraught courtroom audience distinctly and repeatedly shouts "rutabaga", a reference to the use of the term "rhubarb". In the Steve Martin film The Man With Two Brains, the audience at a scientific presentation is quite clearly heard to be saying "murmur, murmur" after Martin's character invites them to "murmur all you want". French and Saunders often make use of the phrase clearly and distinctly during sketches that feature film shoot extras. In the film Blazing SaddlesMel Brooks's character urges attendees at a meeting to "harrumph", to the point of singling out a man who did not say it.
While it is generally expensive for the film makers to put distinct words in a specific background performer's mouth (as this would turn "extras" into actors during the sound mix, meaning they must be paid more), this problem can be avoided by recording gibberish that syncs with the on-screen mouth movements ("lip flap") of a specific background performer. It is thereby possible to make it sound as though an extra is saying something, when in fact they are not delivering any actual dialogue. This gibberish is known as "Snazzum", referring to the way in which the cartoon character Yosemite Sam would swear when angry ("Yassin Sassin Snazzum Frazzum!").
In Season 5, Episode 3 ("Let's Stay Together") of 30 RockRob Reiner repeats the phrase, "Rhubarb, Rhubarb, Peas and Carrots..." in a scene when a group of congressmen and women are muttering indistinct chatter. A similar reference is made by Jack Donaghy's assistant, Jonathan, in Season 4, Episode 14 ("Future Husband").

For The Love Of Organ As The Memory Chose Wall Ah Wall Awe Washing Ton To Conduct Attune!!

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