Sunday, August 10, 2014

Awe Steer

Sergeant the thundering of the hooves,
in the sight beside the barrel of the mountain grown to a valley run,
in the span task drive Zenith,
laid pounding in the Warming Hots of an obedience rules while breaking trot.

Raised to the Canyon of the bridge,
to the speed locking the Eye in the storms of the real found live,
speak of a Gave in the Strike of a sigh win neighing is answered by the breeze in Today!!

The Squall

Wholly Folk

The venue of introduction asked the singer from the Cable not a dart,
where did the find go that the Verse was settlement shown,
a rail sent stanza spin the Set at Zero loan,
addressed to the World Venue taken from I.

The rising plight of Man the mast of human sail the air is stoked with plumes of spoke, 
the rip-off of the booking shoved records gaining trend the influence of collected news a voice,
moves the days that brought these shores alive the beach of stage is on Spark,
the Base of You and I.

Communication gives know~depth the matched back in the set,
the salt a pepper merely spiced the verse of sung was simply life,
a basic approach to speak of knight.

Expression is a saying ask action is the bet,
pictures are like gaming ensuing Karmic Debt. 
The prison of an island mortal self in keep, 
the record had a frame such romance released.

The quick of sand grounding planned the compact likened shaved,
the surf does grind the rock,
as I did brave the way.

The future passed days of packed these Posts of Now growth,
the show of what staged the bring the flame of only burned in Ream,
I don't take chances nor do I dream my life has been a stolen theme.

Coincidentally all it takes is for a Person to storm this wake,
original ideas had a date the populists responsible to bring this posting Fate.

Composed to keep the distress here close the howling of the Moon in clear,
the script of any life today a Concert that James Blunt has shaded,
perfect place to Ask a Way a First would be the 'if' of You feed!!

The Dates Prequel

A Tend Drum

An incredible day amongst the amazement of being alive on the this the 10th of 2014 in the month of August,
to date the day is a wonderful to know the Calendar is the business of the Year in a simple moment,
recognizing that Time is the calculation of another Civilization teaching the relative to Keep it up!!

Challenge the hour of bringing the nower with the lines that ride with a Planet in a Galaxy of a Cosmos,
to imagine the credits are running to the rhythm of whom should be felt in the cheer of the Belt,
Orion must speak to the Spectacular Feat of building an Order to a Systematic steer!!

To not breathe this fashionable expression a cosmic impressive would be the shame in life itself,
as reason begets creation embraces evolution to know that forwarding in the vibrations,
counting the solar stars as a family whom shines to the occasion of sending a comet in a big hello!!

Transfer that into the vat of the Racing in the Age of Iron as a streaming value of surfaced wise,
the hugs form the bursts in the excitement of release to boom across the spherical in leaps,
bounding the tide of Mass in a Wide formulation that increases the respective of the dynamics!!

To know that the pull is so strong it brings the more into the shores of just what can be,
the revelry made through the trades of trillions of broughts to see as an Ocean of the leads!!

Should Man be the example of the feeling to before I could know the between in a beginning,
as the Mind is the product of a library in the sub. of the cells sparking doors to the store,
as the synapses fire to the element of wire a spinal in vision the storms we have traveled!!

Rails in timely precise for the ride just like the horse I rode not three hours ago,
mounting the power of an Animal that certainly has the strength to jump the Moon,
land on a Star cross the Dimension the View of afar!!

Strides Of Perfection With The Gift In Soothing 

The Galley

Like a Cover Band being the First Act on Stage is a fantastic experience,
lets All COME!!

Ground between the Mid section round the warm reception discovery,
the good work as an Indie Blog is spectacular Ask Google a signature,
the available Rooms are well kept providing refreshments on demand,
the best path to Publish a Life with a balanced seat!!

Thanks to the progression of All the well wishers I have gained confidence,
as a Single Instructive the bed to better is honesty with each a Letter.

The Audience that Surfs me must be a strong divide to the branch of communication,
great are the days that have prospered from these individual I shores,
loving the Read a big Hand-Held Ream to know that's what keys do bring,
a daily duty to move the portion of the Anatomy that is in the Provisions requirement!!

Additional news brought with innocence complete whole desire Arch fire,
match me a fact by standing feet that love in a little bred bloggers role top,
crumbs of my life are files holding the embrace of truth in the scrolling breadth,
the revealing to a Wonderful Day with You!! 

Rainbow Representatives

On the tonal rolls a segway in live reversal of show the Upside flipped Crow,
as love rules accord the evolution to floor,
teaching that angles form Triangular cores,
that sharp are the Corners and edge to the keep,
in the prism reflection it's a razor in keys.

The Life on a bale is the known in the stitch,
familiar with couch is a scoot to the now,
standing in birth the crawl is back bone,
the put a sign up it's the green to much.

Shingle the name on the side of a claim,
print it with carved it's the Stone on the par,
carved with a sentence to announce in the Noun,
the either is seen should you be paving the hound.

The bay of the dial in all natural style,
the tunnel that echos the bellowing while,
credits are bringing a very in tile,
the Summer of making the memorized Smile.

A howl wilds Moon as sun went to Star,
in the Fields of remembering that lives are the sharps,
the Flats that do show the explain in the Moores,
a foggy beginning made the Part in the chores.

Fancy a pale when the Mind goes to nail,
handles that speak of the branded in Tale,
a reminder to Self that pain is still dealt,
it's that Ribbon of Tape these typed writers spell.

Ram Tap

Remove the Squire the barn knows Stable in the groom change,
the mount the barrel is not a pickle for the hay stack as the Wire shale,
in a string twist twines gates to bridge design the park skate tags,
in the movable direction of the drive a Cone is the plug placed for keep laned.

Safety waves by passing Pedestrian is the care that it requires to have Watch,
in the booth of the Toll stale the Oats are also soaked for the bloat eats swell,
the cub in the fortified is the additional understanding of the Feed to Horse key,
a bucket that is prepared verse experience in the Trade is prone to state.

Steel in the base element of the forge worn of the hoof as a two by four count,
nails the clip of the Nut for the slip on the slide in mud that has been scored trail,
to muck about on or to bring attention to the trail that must be taken to avoid the sludges' sprain,
the foot or bottom of the Mountain takes the Individual to the brush that creates to brake.

Thus in believe the On-course must be Wares in the ride in after before the memory doors,
to be taught the Map of a Charted Core is to study the Aspect in the driving force,
provisions in and with the Equestrian trusts in the final to both brains played in tempo sing,
the stage that is a Triple bank drop to that tank ponds the splash as the success in the gallop forward.

Grease the gear is a state to bring down the odds on slivering stuck on Telephone pulling sticker shock,
to be found at the Fly jump can in a plain bounce the double stride to Soar the deep Vined,
it is the Count to the crave that desires the take-off to a sight approach not a blind dumped,
in that last engage of the ride in the stretch of the form the Rider loves knowing Corn!!


Pork the touch to the deck of the spear in the Vat of know lank abide the Spit sunken,
the would to coaling such shrink the wrap Mold creations lock round in the Cycles shroud,
the earl in a tea crate also boxes the Goods on a lane that is Tug craft loaned shouting Open stored,
the freight that is bedded by straw fiber in the stucco of the fill is the bunches that rakes told.

Gift a mail send for the Stamp is of measure in the sent to delivery of hand trade in paid,
the actual write in the liquid ink feather has gone to the tick tack of switch to Key lates,
nerve that once energized the brake to rattle brought thought to patience as the Worth,
in sentence of the Words the line period took the Pause as a comma strong.

Placed now in the Text of abbreviates spurs the Brain to snap not clod in the birth lights home,
to quick in fast of no food the dry snap fires from the Add Dresser to the Talls of the low row,
therefore the distance between shortens the ring increasing the Seize at gasping throw by absorbed,
responsive unneeded as the tomb setter quit the bring to the Send starters breeze stowed.

Just like the spill of the mouth lay a brink of prepare is the silent language of the body roared,
in temptation the train engine warns in the tool of a wriggled form much to the taste of the Tongue sweep,
as the basis of such credits roll brake knots for removal of being is the miss in the touch struck open,
shock brawn is goes for the affect is loss of the came.

To bleed the vain in and on the worlds workings rain in not believe the Innocence retreats to debt,
rather choosing by no decide for choice is not to the availing of the Entry wars in Modern Day bored,
tremendous formal Signs shining in the timely Beacon of dark Nesting boughs that stretch Vein nautical,
a scratch to the first marker in the Forwards of the link liners cruise.

Strangeness shell production graduates the sounding display by mirror Construction that Nature love,
in adoration of the built to spring heard the shock is still felt in the bring of noise quietly in the vice,
grates too filter the input as the determining fraction in the shingle is a grip to trouble the nothing seed,
as watering to the Can in the garden of the Cucumber still rows with the Tomato Corn than sting!!

Be Comb

Duke Lots

Journey with me through the tie skates at the seal of the breaking tides swimming the kil ear vast,
remove the wax shore of the greeded curd to meld the brook in a certain froth swirl of the Toad style,
per state the day at the hand of the wrist stalk burrow not the ostrich to the bucket of muck Creed,
in the berm as the hutch thrown the laster in the point finish not Fist for the Hammer thy nail slammer!!

Tool thee belt to the strappings of the shire from the address of the farther star of the graze upon Field time,
in the Enoch shall notch the leaping asked in shop stop of a Professor in the Ancient Art kites teach,
the labor of the shred as the Wall Paper voles brick stone deemed red measure of black & blue shied,
yawn rode settle be laned to the reins of Vow stroke in the Fire of said Flames to bark strippers!!

Archaic crane the boon fatter in the Goose of the turkey have Ham trays serving shed era roost Cock,
the temper of speak rise in the nigh hour Crows to the Tar in the sunk Oil of know Tree stopper in pot,
free plant range curling the bowl in the seed throws have hemmed the skirt of no Earth for the Cosmic loud,
inking the brand of shirt Talkers the emblem on the label in the buckle of the gene pools a cream shielded.

Match the ring of the method of the bronze by natural film by known of the lids which blink to ride ridden,
from the last in thee first the number sequence counted a Fern Tales roll in the root of a bloom roadings,
transferred to the breadth of the blank Watch the Mountain Songs in ale longs such Thirst of a bridges,
pores froze in the Universe of cratered communication the Cell a phone not a jean dial Irons levi!!

Shapes that echo a present branch did bread sea the salt to Yeast the rising dawn haul?,
inasmuch the breaking breath is an intake valve while the Air is not the discarding view,
growth leads that began in From deemed the slumber a slide of skin,
the slick in the sheath burns the inner twice Outer reams in a Booking. 

First Finders

The moon last evening was full bloom the shaded example of Sun at night in the sky of dawn,
bay at such beauty the sight of behold fast is the scale the sing along of sub in the watering,
to love the apple basking in the grove of the dark a matter in the part that Orchards read,
the graph to make strength know the stronger keep a tree to the Oak in reside is me.

I remark to mahogany the hard wood in a burling a ring to speak the stirring growth as sleet,
snow a mighty snore wake in wiggle worm cast atop the boulder no it's the Field of a row,
circle no it's rings that show the cut in feed an Ancient in the gravel has pebbled in the lead,
no rounds to which will be the flocking to a spree the Ages of a Tribe spark the inch to sign.

Triangle past Ocean the disappearance bee a Hell does shell this plain the fishing simply came,
in inquiry the debt felt chore from lives in the before a shore remainder division to talk lots,
built to provide the spacial in a hide for nothing is mistake when Time does stage the rate,
Wow to All the slate each pebble was a brake in living from complete to moving like a sheet.

Evolving with excitement the capture is a feet to walk the truth in at the event of Fest in sheep,
clippers to electric sheer the Wool for me I love the Sweater Maker it warms you when you're cold,
as rain does fall on shoulders the Pull-Over is settled not wrapped around the waist,
for I was taught through many walk that gracious staff of being fact.

It's not the One or Two that spank the Mass is where I see the day,
no laughter booms the jokes are dues to stipulate a strange imbued.

On a Potters Wheel ankle in the in the hook bending knee to breeze the shield on it's side of look,
a belt connecting plause the verses on the flaw in out of houses standing a swinging slough to cloven woo,
I more interest Knowledge the search not the destroy as After pie is eaten the Tin can carry seeding,
a trip to Wares appropriate that lid a Maple bin in Tundra of the sled full the Indigenous are A Kin.

Wagons not for I more disconnect the Pin gallop with the creature that knows what breed is for,
shooting cross a herd in stay is unnatural to the spook for in the felt of Thunder spell it's running to stop leap,
mounted above to feel a dove the Vulture also speaks the Eagle in the clearings belly subject straw,
since I informal signature the Contract Cosmic spun to spoon in taste of Spicy trace by Teaser faced.