Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The span of the rose touch dignity to reach eternity for that is Infinite on the dime,
sign to that task at as an on the Ore to smell the Fresh Air on the slinkee of stairs,
in a slow and mention manner to the steady of the purpose with the prosed,
venture with a say to guest on my attempt to feat the tempo with a sound.

As to the perfection in the solar fields it is the showers of my friends,
planets in the boom to speak an etch of the drawing of the Youth in Acts,
be bravado to the Operatic state of this Human slate,
do not dry erase the temperature to invoke the death by dead plate.

Shale is Our score to Paints,
brushes from the Hares on the Hopping of the certain cames,
elephant Tigers lions and the Antelope do leap,
the return of not sleepiers but the Wisdom of the Alligator pressed,
a Hippopotamus on the Banks of the early rise in an Announcement to The Creek!!

A Wake in the staple to the Sheets that binder the Human Being in martyrdom,
the Truss of the strain that bellies an stints to shivers on the Shem,
docker supper with a good sake to Platter a meal of recompense to the Horror,
great the scene with laughter and shore,
forward to The Future recent Past and that drudge of sever,
hear the echo of the sleep.

Blinks with an eye lid to introduce the brain to a fret for in that it is the bound,
release the smash to subject the scare to hug the Mystery of Life Itself,
Plains and the Waist a dance in Product Placement to explore the adoration of Adventure per door,
threshold experience while embracing the found,
smile with a Frown to know the Mirror is a reflection of the send,
bright the switch with an Artists Flight to the Divined.

Grace be the hands that bring this World a brighter slight,
one that says to be a gorgeous example of the Outer Realm in its Rain days,
charge the Lightning with that wonderful ability to count the Mile to thunder bound,
as in this the Numbering have been said to be few.

Increase with the Girth each shoulder to Shoulder back with cadence of Marvelous lend,
engage the Rainbows save to ring the tailor of the greatest show on Turf; real bearings,
the types that are not afraid to say that the Twin Soul is Flame and so elemental that the sky is by frame,
a guide to the Motor of the Solar places to grids that open the very shifts that pace to dates,
in the thimble of the Needle know the Hay Stack is a Work of art to grow.

Drops of gold the Rains on the flats to teach the ditch that the step is Cheer to tongue,
language farther as that is a cliff to this note and that is the solution to growth,
conversation with fancy best as the easy and the Speak,
drive gently a Powerful creed that doctrines nothing but the Face of Self Account.

In private determination hark the jump to Waltz this shore with Sands of pebbling stones,
role the particle to the moral ability to sing a spree,
like a Tree know the Rings have stories in the Teak,
shall the beach be of reserve may I ship to all the News as the Eddy shown!!

Ancient Weights

Spark the Imagination to the task of the Wonder of the life in the Treble Cleft,
for on the drum of the Scene it is the Herald of the rigor to Mast the Sail,
as the lines in the Leans to the standing of the Truss on the deck there is spotted Season,
tell fog on the roll of the Cycle that the Universe is the Spline to a great body of Mass.

On that simplicity venture touch the Milky Way to wave with the Idea of The Continue in a Nut shell,
the directions on the grid to the lights of the Tap in the foot a sign to Walk the tack,
a body with a Mind in capable restraint of Discipline vs the work of demise; laugh backwards,
these forward Jades are the Dragons on the flight of the fabulous counter of Mystery in the sleeve,
for here on Mother Earth the sand is the print lay to speak.

An the Tide is a moving Calendar to the design of ebb & Flow to the desire of Rise,
my certain Friend that I may never know sting the hate with a positive lathe on your skill shingle,
the simple Notion to spake a Nail on the trail of journey`s to the furthest most Stars on the Tale,
score the Scene to the Moons of the reddish slim to the bright Tailors of a Cosmic yawn,
in the Stretch and on the Plains of growing Rain a form of worthless words I spew to distress!!

So limited this spacial lest the diamond in the Shine of liberty to Spiel,
like a gem in the sing that ring of Fire on my Mind as the countenance of the Elements chest,
so that is the breast of the heart to say that tremble to the lanes of destiny by the grand Ways of The Fates.

Sirens & Alarms singing with tunes of Ancients in their Ears can the plug be of Jax,
like the corn satchel of the Seeds to the Mustard tree on the found,
does the Plow disc to the Tractors begin,
or end the Horse on the Engines begin.

Did the People praise the Sun to hate the Croon on the dance of the Moons,
did that behave to the Waltz of a still on the pounding drowned,
did Planks that sat the screams of down Also look UPs to say Homeward Clown`d by the Popes chore`d,
as that is the place to Perpendicular penned does the Choice be Long,
can that bin Recycle to over Arounds that fountain Muster to shacked in the Glass ceiling of bulb,
crispy are the addresses that Human Beings register as the slots of get laster`d.

Piece brines that Cock to the Trigger of the Tales treasure the Sound to the Musical Platoon,
in the style of the scatter to the Compass Winds it's a dock to Spell,
water on the River to that shroud of cold chilled wells,
so deep the seat of denial to the History of tables & means.

Tutte Quanti

Work without stain to go back in order to leap the better,
let us return to Our Subject,
nothing so lovely as Truth,
He laughs best Who laughs Last,
diamond Cut diamond a Stratagem.

Between Ourselves to Catch on the Wing,
dancing-School without Ceremony,
without Fear and Without reproach,
a written statement Pure & Simple.

All the Same a Fop,
ladies First!!
sweet Eyes, tender gaze,
detour (turning Point) in the Road.

To Sell, Wholesale & Retail,
a hungry belly has no ears,
at great speed,
wine at all events,
all things come to him who waits.

Speak without Reserve,
a social drone,
Is not that so?
It matters not A long-winded Business.

A Thought; saying drop by drop,
War to death Knowing how to Live!!

The Future the Incredible a Curtain Raiser,
to let things take their course,
here I am and here I remain,
Maid of Honor a Chambermaid; a Prostitute the Sword Anew.

Outlawed & My Right hats Off!!
one hired to applaud!! 
a flattering representation: James Blunt!!


There was A Dandy not lacking A Bonafide listen to the Sky,
as bulletin Press sat the dressed Upon the dizzy Cleared,
as At Maze the dribble be Came to ear A Plug for the Tier,
wrest upped the Lisp to dangle a paddle on the Oar of a Ka New.

IN the learn & the Season so product Placement at ascertain,
is delivery for the Postal Cards of stamped Sealed and dripped,
ink that Spelt a sort of Dirty shorteir Blunt bout,
in this the Tunnel of an Echo spouts The grout!!

Pour Pitchers to swing A Way on the Midst of Signs,
in Yield the Baler said How's the Wire,
in reply the Twine twisted a gut,
the Chortle so loud that the Pony spoke Yard & Shetland was An Island on The Far^Land!!

Gathered by the Crows to speaking on the Lo!!,
varied are the statures that Posture to the Foe,
in absolute of No Think it is the Introduction touch years,
a Bridge with Love hugs And lots of Kisses!!

Chalk owe lets be Friendly in the campfires blue,
as Sew I've Herd that the Grapevine grows to Bottle,
the Message with a Cork to sham Pane the blows,
tongues that language of Locs in trout to Ladder bye bough.

Shafts that Crew to the inevitable View,
vista like in Formal of the Rank Captain to pew,
skunks Cats and Cotton belly Wraps the sticks of Carrots on syrup`d,
to Crepes of the Pan caked A Pizza re` Uh that delivered to The Front door.

Ding dong the Which of Bell rings the Truer of the Tell,
as in the Ancient sand Script hell it is reality to Whom the Thunder pelts.

As won would Say to the Other of know Map it's a charter to the decade of Cell phones,
to be Clearer on the Venue of a tray of Service the Adams apple of the Throttle talks,
conversation Beds of straw that Saw dust of Shavings for the Horse snowing Ponies,
the Origin in the Mint is a Rider on the Storm of light Knee`ing expected buy depth of Tone!!

To breast of Vest seat These hour paids from Form to Sentence to A Spectacular spectacular,
the Bohemian on a Forestry of the groves in Torn from the Pages of Hist stir Read,
to be of the Cable on the Morse`ole is to Creations class of School philosophical with laud It Coals.

Répondez, S’il Vous Plait

Tâch sans tache reculer pour mieux sauter,
revenons à nos moutons,
rien n’est beau que le vrai,
rira bien qui rira le dernier,
ruse contre ruse ruse de guerre.

Soit dit entre nous saisir au vol,
salle de danser sans cérémonie,
sans peur et sans reproche,
procès–verbal pur et simple.

Quand même petit–maître,
place aux dames,
Yeux Doux,
un tournant de route.

Vendre en gros et en détail,
ventre afflame n’a point d’oreilles,
ventre à terre,
vin vaille que vaille,
tout vient à point à qui sait attendre.

Ne nous flattez pas le dé,
né pour la digestion,
N’importe, ouvrage de longue haleine.

Pensée goutte à goutte,
Guerre à mort le savoir Vivre!!

L’avenir l’incroyable lever de rideau laisser faire!!

J’y suis et j’y reste,
Fille d’Honneur, Fille de Chambre, Fille de Joie, Arme Blanche de Nouveau,
hors de la loi et Mon Droit, Chapeaux Bas!
j’y claquer James Blunt couleur de rose.

Parvum Para Decent.

Caulk are the chalk lines on the sarge of the scale to the sheet Music rick,
a barrage of standing to the Falls of the rain on a Field of life in the dump,
fenced by the troughs of Cattle on the sheep in Political fallacy for the While,
to task a spot of dirt as a Clod is to speak with a particular term,
the strike of Lightning that sharps this to Thunderbolts reality to Sound!!

Off at the track the horse is a Race and yet to is the Human,
on the blocks of terminal as the Pop Machine loads,
dimes Quarters earth Soil in that the Seeds of the Arms in a get,
to dig with a shovel Arson the ditch sticks to the lumber & gel from the dick!!

Spread entry Mind as the brain in the Torque a chess Span,
board in the Inch on the biscuit dunked Taste,
drink with the Adelaide and dance on the scarf,
Muffler for nest to the trigger on Buys!!

Trails of Smoke Signals to dip the scent of Trails to the gathering of Folk,
West song to the South in a skipping Parade as that is the Man of shined Played,
a rope for the sidewalk of a child placing the game to the skip a beat for ride.

Twin tells the Speaker on the stage of the fracking to Marsh well in the slumber of skate,
on that Island in Ash Ear to lick Up the symptom of the trap on the foot,
shed a frown to the Smile on the grown never asking for the hand for the feet in slammed.

Beast root touch the picture of Truth and taste the Bitter Sweets of sublime,
from the Venture of the journey to the land Upon the skirt Hemming is the jewel of diamonds that go click,
pardon on the stunner as the Pony was a rub in that James Blunt is top Fin Again.

Like that Sail of a Mass on the decks of the porridge that Shore to the sector of gourd,
a well planted Pea nuts posture to the Pit on the Apple Vine courting the Malt lick,
mineral Salt stipulates that the Iodine added the Nails to stall the Harbor on the Goods,
a barn Spell at the saddled to bring the Bit as Purr the rein.

No tier would Plug the ducks to sparkle the Tongue,
quits are the sleeve that clear the cheek of the shun,
square be long to Toilets paste in Pastel the sleek is vied,
to slept the language to gain the Courage in that it is reality on the Tum.