Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Life With Knight

The order is set,
by the communication of,

It is the numerical call,
a way 'To Continue' too stand and,
make aware,
this Nation is wrong!!

An invitation to sing,
knot sent,
Talk Shows seam.

The tempting lust,
to laugh at thrust,
ignites this flame,
to burn with reign.

To speak 'At-Will'
I would not until,
the contact made,
was appropriate and stayed.

Already my life,
speeds like light,
the acts of strange seem prearranged,
to cause or kill,
too stall this maul.

I wonder,
whom drives this directional miss,
whom builds more walls,
who determines calls.

The bricks and mortar of my being,
feels the shots reality brought,
it brings on thoughts,
that what is must be right,
'cause why the fight?

What I know is more than belief,
for in this show the real does Poe,
the riddle of rites,
the 'Might' of Knight,
delivers heat with flaming sites!!