Saturday, March 8, 2014

Oddly 'The Fillmore' Gives Apples Away ~ Venue Complete James Blunt Concert ~ May 2014

Here we go again,
the song of the apple bin.

Take a bite of delight,
back to 'the Fillmore'
I don't think so,
the Venue is a City fantastic,
but the idea just went splat.

Much like the apple sauced,
I ground to only know,
I'd rather have taken that bite,
than to never have shown,
my hand in a Site.

Glad to see the onward pull,
importance to what's best,
no regrets of making bets,
I took a leap of faith,
to meet and not disgrace.

I felt it odd to be so compelled,
so forward with my news,
the "I know you's" were so profound,
the why's were 'all' but bound.

Never burst the bubble,
much to much trouble,
the idea of such would only touch...
the rupture of the stay would never finish coming.

So strangely close in thought composed,
as if one followed predisposed,
the question asked the answer tracks,
the best control is always fold.

Imagination takes me out,
the date of never doubt,
no worry of disappointment there,
no need to think or to believe,
'cause he is he and I'm relieved,
it's the songs that really make it out.

He's never late and always spouts,
there is no doubt performance sound,
the time is more than a moment for me....
I just push replay.....oh!,  
I mean.... Repeat!! Repeat!! Repeat!! repeat..!!  help me.....repeat, repeat, repeat....oh wait!! I know, Don't Stop ......

Congratulations to reason,
cheers to doubt,
hugs to whom may hold their friend,
benefits come from a strange new win,
never met always send,
enhances dreams of endless let,
hose me down with only Set,
the denims, the t-shirt and the black boots kept.

Apple Cakes

San Francisco Classics ~ A Commercial Venture On The Horizon

San Francisco Classics is yet another business that I wanted to start a few years ago, 2008 to be exact. I had the idea that I wanted to pitch to the Five Star Hotels in the City of San Francisco.  Instead of outfitting the rooms with artwork that does not work for you, design the decor to be of benefit to your Hotel and your bottom line profits.

By hanging these one of a kind lithographs in each room you will be giving the wall space a value and it will no longer be dead space or considered just wasted dollars. By placing a beautifully hand-crafted or manufactured brass placard directly underneath these incredible framed penciled drawings stating,

One of the many San Francisco Homes and Mansions available to see on our 'Ring of Fire' Tour"  see the Concierge for details.  Also available for purchase in our gift store, framed or unframed.

Maybe someday it will happen, you never really know or do you?

Look What I Found on PandaHi ~ Apple Bites

The Secret of the Universe is Choice!

Posting ID : B1010889653
Date Posted : 2012-11-12
Group : General Community

I have been telling my story on my Google Blog. I began the blog in 2008 and the full name is The Secret of the Universe is Choice! A malignant narcissist can make one. However, due to the fear of what my family told me they would do to me should I ever speak about what had happened I did not begin to really write on the blog until March of 2011. Since this date I have had an enormous amount of support, over 46,000 reads to date, which to many may not be a big deal, but to me it is overwhelming and I want to make sure I say thank you. I receive anonymous emails thanking me for writing, stating that it has touched their lives in a very personal way. It seems that many people have been hurt as children and I worry that abuse like that still is going on because nobody seems to talk about or expose the perpetrators. My abuse happened with the Church as their protector, it seems that you can do anything, to anyone if God approves. 

I would love to have you look at my Facebook Page and should you like it that would be even better. It seems there are so many people reading my blog but when it comes to putting yourself out there where your name may be seen, people stall. I don't really blame them, it took me years to tell my story because I was embarrassed and in truth had a problem with people knowing how severe the abuse really was. Due to the Suicide's of friends, members of the Church, this is what pushed me to speak. 

Gaining support for Severe P.T.S.D. is difficult, but I hope that I am able to support you should you just hear me say today, "I believe you."
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It is funny what you run across that you may have forgotten that you have written.  A big thank you to PandaHi!! It is a fantastic reminder of myself, my thoughts and of the fact that everything is recorded somewhere.  I guess it is that big 'cloud' that I spoke of in yesterdays post.