Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Bohemian Revolution

The greatest thing you'll ever know,
is to trust and have trust returned.

The descriptor is the width of span,
as life to length,
breath to blink,
a valued open link.

The blue door is an adore,
long ago a written pour,
to site a post in loving most,
the balance is reliance.

Quickly people make a call,
judge in order to watch the fall,
tougher times for other dimes,
to feel a loss in Albatross.

The ashen remains of who was whom,
I feel the years much like a Tomb,
so many lives lost too soon,
'cause people paraded only doom.

The shadow of the echoing,
dedicated for the cost,
yet it's not stopped the shook are cropped,
beaten for the talk.


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Admit Snippet Sense

On this day in History past,
announcement came to open Cast,
foundation made showed a play,
the light of a different stay.

Unlike Movies the Score worked out,
life is mystery exciting fun,
'round the corner of up the trend,
inviting people to be new friends.

The door of Open is Introduced,
'cause lives are often moved with truth,
reason knowledge into the why,
so the find enhances spy.

In the fragment of moments take,
shots will work like Fires hot,
know matter is a good converge,
boosts the profits just with heard.

Simple plug to encourage worth,
rockets flare should you dare,
to ample all you have done,
almost like the Life you stunned.

Personal Contact

......... the See's of High,
Out & About,
the Flight of the Wye!!

Tangle the Talk in known Knot,
the scrappy of the chalk,
the Steel of Blunt!!

The Wonder of the One,
top of the list,
now the bring is simply said shun.

The quick and the fast,
tracks to the Past,
shows that it's Choice,
know Reason is Voiced!!

Howl to the Might to Seal the Sight,
can't resist when the rhythm is kissed!!

Stripping back to Time exact,
the job to best opened the zest,
to See the strength in a toppled test.

People feel and so do You!!

Cougar Strikes To Say...I Love Happy Men!!

Strike the flint to know it's Fire,
enlightened to it's require,
'round the World 'Agents' retire,
invoking Times need a Cryer.

History shown Past is thrown,
down to walk the Turf in talk,
little requests to bid the best,
the Old and Sign to Contact test.

Riddle the chiseled Maul to think,
Churches in the Templed brink,
cast out the Belong,
to finalize the Parted strong.

From a City strength in Men,
the Castro, Fillmore, blend is Win,
power stands and support creates,
I no all said in Biblical Fed.

What if the Verse in Ancient wrote,
words described the Cross to stroke,
even Now the Times invoke,
Habits of the Catholic broke.

Laws to Nature holds to Fact,
I love Men and Love is trim,
the only living shown to me,
was those Men whom I do see.

Raised amongst the ever bow,
I'll never abandon what I've known,
for Men are Men and this is good,
for the best is better Win it's stood.

Gather senses to varied states,
proof becomes this wondered rate,
why does fear inhabit Fate,
regardless of the give receiving shares to Live,
yet all in 'round the World speaks,
condemnation judges preach.

Allow what is to enjoy a Being,
changes come to every lean,
to place judgement is merely mean,
however cruelty is the World Scene,
regardless of the Sexual Ream.

Rainbow Flagged the landing Moon?,
as it is the words change boom,
from the outer edge of stance,
to reality it's a dance,
the presence of a trued Romance.

Witnessed by this Eagled fly,
my life was soothed by 'All' those Guys,
no threat of death or punking kept,
I was loved as Men did met,
showed the education in ways to know,
that what is seen will be a Crow.

Man made Clay to Monk the Stay,
fire breathed dragons in pass to snake,
the Tree of Always in Birch of bark,
I was raised in a City lark.

The balance made by Men with heart,
hugged me each and every day,
to know the threat was not the set,
but it came from Christians swept.   

Funny how the Christians speak,
and yet they've raped behind the Keep,
built to hide the human lie,
released envelopes Priests not Fella's.

San Francisco Cable

Platinum pours from the Open sky,
the rumble of perfectly,
writes for One to other born,
to love a Guy in the good old fashioned passing Hi!!

The Pond to Land,
the random hand,
Sharks surround to gobble Fan,
never allowing nature's plan,
to simply meet just shot down.

Do Dear Friend,
sing to read,
the numbers crushing to All can Lead,
reliance is they just can't See,
that rising delivered a Man to Me,
to speak of so naturally.