Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Today KRON Channel 4 Showed Live On Their Traffic Cam While I Was Watching Just The Morning News And Then On I-80 At The Emeryville, Cal.Local Of Their Traffic Cam, Live On-Air, Horror Bled The Roads Face As Shock Fell My Sight

I stand to hurt as I witness humanity on it's turns,
oh how does the venue burp,
it reaps that cost at the price of vehicles to the human life a bored?,
what has become of the shook,
did life just bough to the trim,
is it really just the News coming to hate the Police?,
is it in the words that sweat their tongues?

Why must the venue belch with gut wrappers to stretch only the mile to sale,
should only the moment fail,
that week of day to moment would have sold,
that echoes in their speech as the chair is a set to whet brain.

Wine and Cocktails for that Umbrella?,
some may seem to sought and others to that edit that verbal shake,
peppering hatred as the rein drive s with whipping displayed,
that is the new Media on date of September 27, 2017 following cell phones camera.

Such vacuum in the whiz of cheese to what is a life?,
it is as the heel of language has some blood thirst with a taste of horse thrush,
the Cop per talks,
oh how I put to the plates that speak in a venue that would seat a better bench to deep dished,
for I the smile of relief and yet it is the hurt of the lost,
yet there it is the nightmare that made today a yesterday's dream/nightmare,
so in that the shale,
not to write is to allow?,
what responsibility does a see give to not scarf or scare?,
my tender barf gave I the rise to silents on yesterday of that moment in the minute of frightened,
as Men must know that this gift as most would say to verbiage is in certain a shoulder of shelf,
I feel the library of the let in mountains tack.

In travel through just my mother and her hand to ship this shore,
oh how I miss her as she sat Frank,
the breakfast room always with her the comfort before I went to the settle,
she would speak in special,
it was her sprain and yet her love thorough always held my eyes to the Cops in silent rinse of herself,
from so much to that is the shoulders that shift,
the drive on the 10th and Clement to my return to 815,
just in that she knew I had found a comfort that nobody understood,
she would like my simple,
that casual,
it realmed what she saw as she drove the city blocks,
today I wonder does the reef sand a clay,
does the clam muscle to sing this verse to her ear of Marconi,
does the love reach as fast as the hug that I wish to give,
do they laugh with the freedom to say I love today?,
I know,
I know that they do,
they smile, 
they realize.