Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Distance of Instance

To Determine the Need for Change,
based on the society at hand.

In each Journey taken,
we are meant to complete.

A Set-of-Tasks!!

The further we go from our Source,
the more perilous the road.

Knot to return to Mine,
I Look,
too forward action!

Moving Across,
to reach destination,
consider circumstances.

Too Grow,
Our Understanding,
as to what we know.

The Steps we take,
are strides,
of no-delight.

Often fraught with failure,
requires moments of rewind.


I see no desperate attempts to save Earth,
a Quirk
her end?

Should you revolve to an idea of,
"We go 'Round"
than where do you plan to land?

The Endless and Mere Vast Space,
a carrier of this race,
is stymied with rough roads.

A direction of sent,
helps not,
when what 'You' thought,
is gone.

Take heed to this Note,
it plays a Major Key,
resounds to silence.

Search not another,
but Yourself!

Borough down with-in Your Being,
discover Your cost.

Learn from Your surround,
for in a 'Death' to a 'Life' scenario,
it is not found!

It has been said,
directions are etched upon Your soul.

Study Them!!!

Be of Invitation!!

An Open-Mind is able to receive,
a Closed-One,
takes without need.

A Responsive Accord,
is an actionable load.

Lean towards growth,
knot a buried approach.