Saturday, December 19, 2015

What Is It To Draw A Blank??

The Mind in the Thought of what does work out the existence on the route is thus a machine in type,
on the procession is the computer in the list,
a computer that is touching the vast in detail at a raise in the conscience to the available data on search,
the determination of that brain in the seen to the Scene on the eyes blink,
a lid to the roof as the skull of skeletal on the remainder fraction is the storage of component in change,
with each divide on the multiply is as the key to stipend on the file in And an A Log,
for the farthest most reach every snap is either Ore.

To the elemental frame of construct the building of body off in addition all to on,
the gears on shift deepen to the state of Human Method of slide both at woke in sleep,
versing the step by purchase to the at data on date to said speech on language for tongue,
while the foot walks to a tempo so does the barn trace a seat,
ask that quest Shin of knee Bend does the hip bounce to join the elbow at hand Or stood??

To discussion on the variable is neither rest nor the inevitable flight on staffed,
this accordance of dictionary Wells the deepened timber to filled by definition scope,
at a micro Statics rate to pace the virtual action to a day leads tasked,
to implement the version as only bottle mired is slight to the harp of string operation,
as the firing of said synapse to the Pulse of dynamics is not the precedence on sight??

Should the Vail on the view Vista to a stall would nigh the Instruct Shin water shed to Falls,
as the water in the vein speaking depth to conversion as each breath would enhance the field fed??,
in that breathing of in operate that taste of spice to engage meant what does the spark??,
should only the Hood envelope smoke as the spice shell the empty as full and verse the in complete as dust??,
with a punctuation for the staple of good digestion does the ayes of only the caliber of skill than station,
as the Train on the rail road station parks the steam does the vapor rise to busy this frame??

Width the corridor to echo Haul^ways with a hand dial on number,
dialing only subject to the Product of suds would thereby be of the sink to a drain,
as the comatose in a sit^Up at the lie down position showing the delve to break a paved in closure,
for on the lens in act Shin to that conversation of more than shelf does the library cork to define??

In social net working of spiders and Web stir is the ankle than held by lanes,
quest A pawn the Chess board of circular on the lines of text touch to the enthralled of a sump??,
from the base of port to the harbor of receipt would the register bee not only the bender but the bent??

Why at the In flex Shin the scatter Chains scrabble on letters be Marbled,
that rounds to the square on the Pie to sauce the Application of stout to bumbled,
with And/or While the scribe to spreaders as in the stretch Yawns at dawn to Horror Rise Inn,
the House of the home to Tag that a Stead asking Nautical to absorb the deed Stressed,
than on the clock of stamped a passports vittles cores feed to Feeds read.

Whats A Leadline Needed Should Society Be Crosstied On The Plough??

Wares the Steeping thought touching the Hand of Conversation in an Inch,
measured by the grant of a Human Chorus of condition has brought Lather and Tread,
skid burns telling the Role of Tires going Round to round on the Fountain of waist in Thirst of seams,
minuet the Leans with the bells that have sidewalk to Feat,
that bright special on the block of Compass,
directions with exploration.

The World has Cast the crowds to a Ford the deep deals Over the Speech,
this decade of drains hath Sync crisscross Puzzles with bubble takes as the rape in bled.

Pouring skeletons as the Shed in the body has become the Gin,
on the Rocks is the touch demise,
in that is the Value??

Shell the clay Not speak to sands??,
does the grain not Salt,
did the Or a Call??

Dialing on the Palm projection to Deposit the Text as the Cellular Phone of screen,
in each Every window Spot,
applications growing Tender,
being that what is a heard on the Radio dial just this AM,
for in the Groves of Trail the Fly`d the ear perked at the Corn on the Coffee to a bagel,
finally a Type that would bring Ankle knowledge to the Mapping of Sensibility and case.

Letters to charts that making bodies Crow,
eagles on the nest,
stating that its as easy as Work out Gym!!

Heavy lift Nope just the Factor on the Comprehension of Putting the Park to the shape,
not a Shadow of the clear Scoop,
jumping rope to skip the dandy,
bridle Up and saddle frame,
its the girth of quite the Change!!

Shelves in horseback riding are banks and splash parts,
for the big bang is the thrill sport,
be of the collection to know the bounce,
for on the Cross-country Eventing its the special on the prized,
so don't get those Nickers in a bunch in steady on the Trait its the time of Ages real,
barrel not a Pickle and for that Apple just by light be staple,
as in thus reality does do the Bite no need to say that Life doesn't founder,
that is the Mane on the Crest of speak Remembering the Shoes on nails and Tide.

Is It Reel Or Is It Knot??

Imagine one snap crackles at the fire snapping on the wave of the flickering flame in ignition,
the balance of the breath as the wind begins,
as that solar star sheers the ice touching a dynamic quarter on the core.

Width that with the stock of universal energy in A bowery of the floor ride,
hello on the bend ding to speaking a storm from the clouds of sphere a call on the oceans shores,
in that is the planets stretching to the building of rocks dock.

Each placed with note to nigh the spear of the swords lake on lather per climbing Suns hand,
boom goes the factory to structure talking the gasp as the glass to shattering dials singing into a can!!

Great on the inkling of songs in the lyrics of a tree in the bough,
mark well the cobble of every stone,
as that is the River on the creek bed of a simplicity in chorus on land!!

Challenged humanity is by the breadth of day Break to the excite,
on those Hours of Watts a Light bulb to language a Skull the cross harbor of A berth!!

Shackled by Hell bunions to discuss the Conversation earth,
turf on the rough Sketch as to state trend in ducks.

Feather in a special spark real!!

Counters of shoulders dividing on the conquering divides,
with earns making the embers an ash in headquarters to thought of proper verse Prime ALL.

Travel the Bell chose telling Mountain of shed that tongues are in the tasting case of Library spice,
tack that with the strength of a spill Jungs to encyclopedia the aisle on an Outer Wealth of shepherds,
does not the Habit tap Shin know of the Kick??,
a pier on the shipping of Spun ole to equal chains in And a pawn the Creak of bones??

Does 'It' remain Try All and Era chalk??,
or is the Wave on the Owl air Awe with the Whisper of flowers,
goosebumps torn to skirt the Write tonned Once pound dead As the venture Released??,
what the evers are on the disk.

Read and Shift to gear box Atop the carriage of an At the comprehension of a Rooks board game Tide,
the move Ease to better the breathe as Oxygen is the cart of a Spreading sat Chin,
teak on the Jade,
paper with a clean next seems the Barrier on the stay billet Tee!!

Whats A Brain In Case^Sing??

The EN^trance to any court tee errors rank ole is in the wrinkle of the Traffic lofts,
as the Roof of Nature trembles the Earth in her Shake it is the quake or Is it Raft??.

In Disk^kush^In the bravado Cleats the shoulder of a Shoulders Hem,
as the path to Thunder on the roads of aitch^way is not the skull of bump Ping??

Inch the foot,
mile that measure,
valve the language to the Hands down In up to conversation Tell phone.

Listen to the Radio,
know my big brother and the Bar 717 camp On locate shin,
add touch the board as the Put.

Now on the Clock of Fare^Owes deep keen And a Lean inn,
should the eyes go to the Palm,
does the Sand under the tow,
trailer with the fun^Knee and dial a station of easy Identification of the Shape lead for Science.

As the procession is of the Not pear Raid,
more to the Skull on the Entry of a berth Record to Land ding,
should the Habit be of Heads posture in Society at the scoot of Pitch compass than the Answer,
swerving to the Next Gin A ration the Logistical would have quiet silently stumped,
how Ever the Sky to the Aye the palm to that graph Whats the smoke.

The clause to Moon in the Sun towards shown is arbor lake EAN as the booth to a Grown,
why's the banter on the clam Chow dure,
what is the oyster but a Muscle to the clam,
how does the Mind connect the Brain to the Synapse on the Freeze??,
does the Sharp of the crawl to the balance of the beam look to that floor or the Height on the bone??

Once the Clock of a present Birch address Wares of the roly pull lead to that rock of a Street,
should the Avenues address to Number be of that gift to Teaser this riddle would Feat.