Friday, February 15, 2013

The Ewe In State Is In Need, Replace?

Should this Puzzle,
a Riddle too,
make more than a Picture,
than it shall Be.

Just as Meant.

Not one of only Hope,
but to See,
things are sewn.

A Stitch in Time,
saves Nine!

A smile,
that stretched,
from Hear,
to Here,
just to know,
the Suit.

The actuality of,
"What Dreams May Come"
a movie, a show.

to Me,
at least, it's true.

How far does life go?

I Fear that Might,
reveals the sight.

That May Be A Clue For You!

No Matter,
the dimension understood,
to Ascend,
is good.

To state your fact,
after a tap,
to remind you just of could.


Remain to be Seen,
to save speech,
so more could show,
the Voice of Another.


To Pave the Life,
with only Rife,
instead of what is Different,
is a signal,
too ignite difference.

A Fight

The Longevity of Ancient Rites,
will Soar,
albeit tunes.

The Music, Runes

Far Before,
and much long after,
indifference was dealt as Fare.

A Realization,
of Their rapture.

Discovery of,
"The Why"
We Come.

Nature's Spice,
you're fragrant,
not nice.

The horror of the odor,
You do express,
is just showing fear,
providing test.

How much Cents,
does this make?

Collecting for?

The Poor?

just to break,
that have a Mind to provide,
what is rankling?

Soap of the Mind,
a Keen Sense,
You are Bent,
and the smell of such should Create.


For Lack Of Care I Despair

Sadness Fills Me!!

I believe this Life,
is Tragedy.

with only,
Time for Me.

I 'See' a glimmer,
in those shimmering moments,
I Realize:

'I don't belong.'

Since I began,
I've been left alone.

Never really wanted;

I Know!

I hang on,
to a,

a place,
a home.

Should I return to 'My Own Place'
I will feel joy.

The Hours,
that pass for me,
will only be,
as long as Nature,
See's fit for Me to Stay.

Oh, How I Long,
for what what is gone.

It has been,
too much for me,
to Bare, to Record,
or to simply take note;

Faith is in Rote

A Stance To Post

The Religion War Fares,
too despair.

Spiritual makes Cents.

Penny's on the Dollar,
it is Added-as-Squalor!

Belief makes Know Mention,
to addition.

'cause Wealth of the Mind,
is Singular,
of Fined!

A Balance,
to guide the innocence,
will hide,
not as a disguise,
but to protect,

Speech is not Free!!

When the Cost,
is so Found,
an isolated existence & disagree,

Reason is Such,
to introduce what is known,
to the mapping,

In Discovery,
of found.

A Knew Zone

Is it a Crime,
considered treason,
to question or freeze in,
the stated?

Not Pleasing,
of All-that-You-Bleed-Inn.

The destination of gatherings,
an offer to ramblings,
that Sentence-of-Strife,
not Liberate,
the blind.

"To Continue"

With Interpretation,
a story,
isn't it,
History and Time,

As Liberty is made a Prison,
I search for the choice,
to Hear,
what is buried,
from Eyes that won't Lie.

The Chill-of-Original,
not altered,
just spoke,
with Tone and Inflection,
to communicate Well,
not Sicken to listen,
a story.

A Tell

Answer presents the Question,
of Power,
to guide not make cower.

The Interest,
in 'Why' Our Minds,
liken Reason,
to Equal-A-Sum,
to being taught,
not suffer treason.

As the World does displace,
a Prophecy takin' place,
a 'Word' for 'Word' Act,
to Sum-it's-Exact.

Precision to Sight,
from Centuries back,
an impossible tact,
to confuse or react,
with anything but respect,
to what I do love,
'The Verse'

not a shove!!


Placed In Real Knot

Wear in this Life,
A Shield!!

Not Rife!!!

Not to project,
an exampling of wrecked,
but to show,
that you're Knot.

Full of just Taught,
a Sight-To-Behold.

Not Kill,
'cause it's old.

A Vision,
of spoken heard,
considered irregular,
or Absurd.

Will cast light,
into the blackened,

As Right,

Not Bound

Bye constraints,
a prison,
I rank.

To Show,
the 'Right'


For Liberty
a chance.

Free does incur cost,
a Sight of,
Know Loss.

In Worlds that Kill,
their Citizens and Boss,
too Assassinate,
'At Will?'

The Trigger,
of the Shill,
perpetuating death,
not Quill?

To Write-the-Wrongs,
in Ink,
a belong.

Will encourage,
an Ancient Order,
to go,
Study a Reason.

For boarders in Minds,
delivering reason,
a 'Time' a 'Verse'
not a Legion.

Won will Stand,

A Guarded Tout

The Lines are not Seen,
will be lean.

Fear is not Right!!

To settle the wrong,
a quite display,
may prove,
a new way.

A Road to be Paved,
with Words that are Strong,
that Lead,
to guidance or,

That do Song!

Hymns of the Past,
written to last,
are designed to wrap,
a comforting Cloak,
on Those,
that don't joke.

Those that do choke on Words,
'Know Hope'
create yokes.

A forbearance,
for 'Ancient Lines'
to reveal what is kind,
to further rewind,
'Complicated Mind.'

The Prose,
to prove growth,
the Secrets,
of Rote.

A thorny approach,
a Purchase-of-Note,
to be heard.

Not Provoke!!

To Brake With News

I Swear,
I must put credence,
The Nature of Law.

Written in History,
to assist,
not cause misery.

To listen to a declare,
that Takes-Lives-Away,
based on,
'An Imminent Display?'
Will bring Death,
to Innocence,
with no recorded sentence.

To be a Native to known,
I detect,
'No Sense'

Even the Law of the Jungle,
in instance,
would object!!

The navigation of furthering life,
is surely not through such derived strife!

The threat of Extinction,
is known,
the bullet to kill is not just aimed,
but fired.

The Curious,
whom Implore?

I do believe,
I have been,
well it's all just troubling.

I am floored at the Document,
taking 'Lives'
from the docket,
reducing chances,
based on Fear?

Thoughts could be intentions,
not clear.

A Country,
removing its Birthed,
with 'No Trial'

Produces Tribulation,
not elation.

A Sad Day

The Truth,
forever sealed.

For how does,
a death sentence,
of Real?

No Evidence Required!

No Fence to Sit!

No Defense,
to be told.

To Kill,
not the old,
buried for reasons,
like 'Treason'
so we're told.

Our Country,
has taken life,
in countries untold.

Asked to be Bold?

I Balk.

To Redefine What Understood, Hear

A Word without Meaning,
which has been redefined and is scheming,
to Confuse a Sentence,
with a deeper believing,
is simple allowing:


To show what is said,
to cause dread for what is not dead.

A Blind & Sorted approach,
to obliterate a Language,
of Rote,
a Chiseler's Dope.

To ensure the languages of Told,
I define for only the Bold,
to Spell-Out,
know notes of old.

There is a specific understanding,
an under-tone.

A Laudable Voice,
projecting Choice,
with dialect needing inflect,
upon 'Past Learned Verse'
lends credence to the words as practiced,
not Rehearsed!!

A Truth can be passed-in,
descriptions that will last,
not up for interpretation,
from Our past,
but to Incorporate-the-Future.

Should a Testimony-of-Old,
be recorded for a Fold,
than 'The Original' will hold,
to Guide those that choose to abide.

To ignore and defame the Text or the Word,
delivered specific to Men of the Same,
is a Cowards admission of Fear.


A Word can carry weight,
upon the driven,
to redefine or to mislead the Blind.

To try to find,
the books which define,
the things that are spoken,
just to understand what is broken,
is more than a token.

For definitions of such,
are difficult to touch,
without being written,
as defiant or smitten.

To presume that News,
delivers truths & not lies,
is a comfort to only those whom have no need,
to disguise their words.


Not Misleading,
with rehearsed.

Why Knot? It's Complicated

I treasure the Moments,
which Remind-Me of Past!!

Mystery that Will-Guide; Me

To Know that Secrets-Are-Kept,
with-in the Minds that Set,
a measure to See,
just the glory of,

In the Scores of Tablets,
that have Written,
so often,
Forgiven Thought,
in a rapture of what,
is Naturally-Given.

To expand the view of Life,
not strife.

Yet, at the moments, 
burned and fried,
mental-capacity of the brain,
not taught.

It is Hated, Killed,
too Halt!

A Plot

Evolution, Creation, Natural Law,
never dead.

I lean myself to Curve

to miss the bullets,
thrown by Words,
the Callous, the Absurd,
missing the invitational light bringing,
should bring in-sight.

Encouraging not discouraging,
Sight that will Sow,
Tomorrow too Today,
Yesterday too Past,
Belief in History,
Myths and Mystical,
to due the total.

Owed we are not,
foreboding thought,
into action not sought.


Appeasing it seems,
is the way of obscene,
for in the 3rd Eye,
hardly a try,
Truth is Observed,
in silence You learn.

Not to condemn,
a peaceful hymn,
increasing our Might,
to Trace the Right,
so Left can be Known,
as a Door,
of just shown.

Importance will lay,
within what is real,
the defining signal,
of 'Why' some do wriggle.

No Room for Interpretation

When Clarity speaks,
of and through the Scribs,
that will Riddle and Verse,
to Thought-in-the-Middle,
in nothing more than a scribble,
than you will know it is,
to merely detect all that Quibble.

The Sound of Surprise

A Directory-of-Thought!!

A synapse does Hold,
fire it does,
upon the rise of flame.

The Light-of-a-Display,
to Show,
not complain.

A given name,
of this,
I know.

Time does Play,
this symmetry,
it is so very, very Old.


As the light does shine,
the moon shimmers upon the bay,
casting shadows,
a sobering sight,
I behold the Same.

The equation of a Note,
the Tone in Silence,
broke not the air,
but the Yoke,
of which Life had dealt me.

I spoke of what I did feel,
to suppose of such as surreal,
becomes the death of more than known.

It says 'Goodnight'
to what may be right,
not just for me,
but for everyone.

A Treasure is Held,
in Hope I Fell,
for Belief,
and not to sell,
the Ancient or the Wise.

To Me, at least,
the Lies that Preach,
no allowance for a new release,
takes no heed to that which bleeds.

A Point-Of-Difference Too See,
for Chance does Subject as well.

I Am Grateful For Hymn!!

Their in this 'Seen,'
where Vessels made Way,
Sails up and filled with Wind.

A Howling,

The Land was under feet,
the Sky in Set,
left behind,
I stood to,
 Know fall.

I understood their Call.

In this time,
my memory does find,
an Ocean to View.

The billowing of the Sails,
Ships I watched,
just left me.

Upon a wall,
I saw no-one I knew,
he stood too,
watched with I,
no cry.

Into the Horizon of that setting sun,
the sight of such,
is settled,

I turned to sight,
please bless this girl,
with the presence of,
I feared,
he loved.

Left once more,
by whom had sworn,
that Cause-Affect,
is how it's done.

To stay with sir,
he did concur,
his kindness saddened,
by my given-state,
of 'Why?'

Although the weight of levity,
did prove to be his hand,
he dealt compassion,
he did not speak of this.

 Foreign Land

To tolerate one such act,
was changed by all of that,
the instant of,
this ugly shove,
of what the seas took from me,
the pain of knowing,
you will be left for showing,
not Won!

A calculation of what nature shouts,
for I see this Man about.

How strange it seems,
this verse it streams,
with 'Times' I See,
inside of Me.

A Third-Eye of which I Speak

To know Truth,
a memory of Wealth,
belongs to 'I'
to Say I'm Long,
I've been,
I have experienced Him!

No descriptor could be a text,
that did change what I said,
he did hold true,
I have know-regret.

He explained:
"No Ship-Wreck"

The Court of Death....Provides You With...

For Death Court is not,
a Contract of Faith.
Nor, is it written.

When you pass from Realm to Realm,
it is the dimensions that you cross,
that forced Belief.

Without mere directions you may find yourself lost.

You stand alone,
Alive & Held in the force of Judgement!!

Fear not what You cannot believe,
nor comprehend,
for in-this-thought,
I brought.


To conceive the simplicity of,
Pulling a Number
to stand your turn,
is a concept of patience.

In Christianity,
you will find the Con,
which Channels the Evils,
from within your core,
to merely belong?

In Death Court there is More!

To stand your ground in defense of life,
delivers your opportunity to know twice.

Once to Announce Your-Self!

And than to know your Wealth.

The Lies & Excuses,
you begin to make from here,
have wiped-out lives and shelved,
the Existence of Hope,

Your constant burn of human beings,
has created in itself the,
Indignity of Pain.

The Millions of Turns, 
or ways to get out of this final review,
is in itself a fruitless measure.

So why not be better,
and state what should be clear;

Be Accountable.

An example of action,
that delivers an individual traction,
to become what they may,
naturally, independently,
with a wealth of mind,
to engage and then to find,
a personal truth.

 Just may end up being,

A Universal Truth of,