Thursday, June 11, 2015

Vaulting At The Park Wit Nike Responders

Ask the levy of Feather to that the Eagle on the Vultures slight,
in banked to that Egg on the fires Egg at the Is Land of Viral,
to Toppers of the Sound on the Not Echo rather Owe den,
than the Eddie would Exemplify the Hour to that Booker.

Dose the Patent with the Pharmaceuticals congress on the Thrive I spit to the In Sure Enth`s on Say,
the Conflict of the dowry is that 60's Power Haight the Sleigh!!

Rein dear to that Stern a Steer Knot a Nautical on the Chart of the Pony Creek,
as the jump WAS of the Stability to the **Paddocks on that Arena A Bercut,
the Field to the Stable on the Green Fountain raise Ask never for the Buffalo,
their just down the Cyclone.

Now Eclectic to that Pen on a Breezed is It the shank orca the Hobbles on See`d,
Of Course its the Lori of the Dye An the bees for Butter House is Pig lets to Tows,
apron to that Said office on the Astrology of state Park in the Cell Phone and Call,
as this Is A Gain to the Swipe on the Dane great Pause to Taggers off Ten to the Scene,
brake **Brain Sabo fore *Lisa is the Sportier that ***Olympic From the Fairs.

Spread A Cross the Nation as a Skate Go Turns lo I present,
that the Clinic to the Sound is a Nerve with a Song`d Minny little of the Shoulders long.

Practical Horse Men Vets and the Strength perk the Formal on the *Kentucky Rocking bent a key,
countries that partition to that Mexico round is the Pony Clubber granding the Pianist on *MY MOTHER!~!

What is the Wonder Bread to Twinkies in the House,
owe wow Could it be that Chi knees Clover,
of dam it with the street to seer on the Peaks,
hill that to *I 'R' LAND and the *Lucky got a glee,
pebble Beach the *Hunters Win 1995 quest *Will Simpson was a dare,
in the *Can a duh to Whom the Jump a Fence or the Standard,
*Boris got a grace As the *A/A Classic Champion of the *Name!

*First Hunters its a Sport the games on the Fact,
saddles of the best 'cause of Oak tree and soak,
as the Hot Sun of the Hot Day boar the Hot day to Rink,
*boe just gathered the Rogue of hymn Self to the Stall that A Friend,
rat under the Shed to the Dog Food of the stay,
as the Corn of the settle it bent to that Pasture of the Scene!!

Popo on the Squirrel to gallop over *Dale that torque on the Horse of professional Scaled,
the fun of *Bull to learning Owl that mouse grave on the Tractor Speak.

A Swather on Alfalfa the Anxious over flowed,
so off to the Funny grabs as that was the Love!!

A planted tree the square Oh lawn did you grow a Pretty,
for the road at the show was times of Freezer cream.

The pigs the Safeway the food on dumped that Chicken of the good,
oh for the days that entered say would you feed the birds,
in that Fast and Camera lens the open Verse did sing,
a Roast Beef Sandwich of the drink and what Was that but a Turn!!

Sew the thread of what is Kennel the pups and all the Jacks,
how many Zippers did go run to that Cutting on the play!!

To tear about the river dry the wheat that made a Porridge,
My Grandfather loved to tease the deal on the Can!!

This beauty of the Story bound includes some teeth Of Course,
'cause Papa asked in GREAT reframe to My Mothers lore,
in ample jump the case of hold was my laughter stored,
from lens to blink the Tears of sync made simply all this stuck,
because it is as simple as this will spell in eloquence and Known,
*Northern Dancer had a Best of Person to befriend,
really it was the change or more like the '*Luck of the Irish' owe for the pull it twas much more than Satisfactorily it Made the day A winner,
all with a brand New spin!!

Source Fold of Com^eddy
*Boris Godunov by Mystic Color printed Photograph Three on Film year`d 1995

Look!! Yoe Gi Itsa Pick A Knick Basque It

The Map other City of San Francisco is the Most Amazing Sign at the City of Oakland: Jack London Square!!

The value to measure these Treasure Fares is that the Ferry is NOT established the Tie: Treasure Island itself,
the bearings on the Treat is the bankers Mile to Marin the Horse of the Skirt to say My Mother.

For The Presidio of the Bridge is a Grand Piano of My Mother the Organist of Bonnie Claire,
that breeze of the Castle in the Place that turned MY MOTHERS grace into an Inch,
that Ruler of Compass began to Huge the Mountain of Montara to touch Say Woodside Watershed.

To Eighty on the Over stuck is the Halve Moon sputter to that Speak Hoe Tell,
the streets of San Francisco on the Truth of Freckles lake riding to Stow Lakes boaters!!

Shell Scientology CARE than the bank would Increase the Home to safe Tee as that is a Pier,
the docks to the closed at Present to that local In choir I Print the spanking to that trued,
for on the Locale Watts the Symphony Haul is to Know that Family is love by Love called!!

Purr Pole to the Flag as L.A. is a doggers Crib with the more Obvious skeet at Hollywoods lot,
small skaters to Trumpet as The City of Oakland in Addition as a beautiful Downtown in Said,
the impulsion to NOT gent tree Fie rather embrace the Same love I experienced as a Yube,
as the Van was in terror On my life in Kidnapping off the Bart,
as the Mention is of able to the Cooks smile I gallant Creston to the learn of Lens!!

Special on the Original Joes as All know the Tenderloin to bring the Coffee in a Clue,
as telephone Monopoly the Board of the MAP it is the treasure of Trans Port  to relief,
this is the basis of know Drivers License as the California Identification to a Safety NOT a Vault,
however Moreover to bing the Casper is the friendliest of of the Fires to a Flame.

Talks are the Speakers that would also be that find on the Founder of the foundation of Dezi,
to that the German Shepard that took my girth as the Training of the leash came from the core,
to that Known of the Section I just Happen to have MET in REAL LIFE the venture on the Came,
as Pet Supply is also the slumber of my treat to relax I JUST happen to have Struck of a Convo,
on the commerce of the Surfer to the Say of the change I cashier the blunder to Tennis.

In that Said the quotes of the Dee is to more's on the Ride as this is the Scene,
what a day on the tribe of the jade over Mountain on the Goats trail and than a Well,
rib course to bench a sneak the Pool of the stick is not the hanging ropes of Poster Wanted buy Poe rent,
it is more Towards Onward Forward.

Tuners on the Radio shall enjoy the Coast on the Muni of the Bus shores,
sand in Your shoes beaches and Canals in the Must be a French to that language on the Cows!!

My Mother knowing of the Drive to the Farms of Berkeley sow a Yurk is not the same but close Enough for Pow,
this gift to the Sound is the Wrap it has a Reason to pump the Heart of loved as the equals of Complete,
that is ad. Vice to grip the slam of stun 'Cause mapother left the steed as Movies gan.

Freezer byte to Ice the block a systematic Tick the Clock to not the Snow but love,
as per the Nestle to the cub it is the liter of the Voice in action on the Work of learned,
to remove the Scrub as a Scab is really picket Fence for Even on the Odd is that James Blunt on the Pent.

Jimmy Doty, Popo & Hud ~ The Staples Of Sew Much

Shout a loud to maintain a stone ledgers shore the balliste of a bevels rule,
gem jangle a blue ox to mines on the times of travel; the railway!!,
creed to beach of sandie shorts.

Teacher gallops on the hods off Timber doored; a Tacks brought Mind pours,
One say can the Sea be that Ocean Us of the Banks of Hey!!,
a Wave that constants the drops and A knew.

This World reserves No rite to specifics while lighting the Oils to greece,
sports once a Throng,
the Games of the Ole songs with Lyrics on the Poe leased to communicate olds from Long Past division,
these are the Patty Cakes of Corn.

Oddly I had a Wonder of a Few Horses,
in barn of A texas range 'Buck' came by Ways of a Particular Man,
so blessed I have been to know the brother A kin.

Picture incredible and bank a Pen sill,
Imagine memory as that in Gauge meant to Type a Friend,
all with Homer as the Said,
Not the echo of Splinters Or Spin.

Hoo Towel an Owl or Awl,
the Needle in Your aye or base of Darn,
a Sock I was taught Shown this Temple Ton be,
that a Stitch in Time saves Nine!!

Park Hill Road At Mens Call A Knee Hoss Spit Toll

Should Time pass Land Hoe than is the content In it this base to blast this verse to Sayer,
that the touch by touch to stake the Field is and Twas known by the First gater to Ant a lopes crome,
is the L in a Font that task to grace this State a burst of energy to tack the buy and A noun`d,
can that Sting be a Bee on the Honeycomb.

Price with Alaska is the Americas on the Shone,
did that burn of the Indian to this platter of Truth BBQ the Meet,
is the Skew on this Barter the sku on Peoples Hearts,
is the purple Hat that I love the Representative for the Purple Mountain Majesty.

Shell the creek Not know the Bank,
does the pebble Not role the Rock,
busted to that Statue of David on the Marbles of Start,
did the Muse E Um treat this Sentence to a Mused,
done jinn to Ban is Stir is the Waltz of Wit Man or just the Rec. Cog Nized.

Is Not every Word to that Verbal audio of Tongue the muscle of a be syn,
the Pi on a Math to Arithmetic French,
cheek of the smile on the Frowns that Society has disguised for L.Ron Hubbards deep Sight.

Is the Tax to the Caliber of Arson Not return Enough or is the Happy Birthday death mark the Year,
of sick to have stunned that Melody would have been of Neet to have been in a hug or a coffee Treat,
as that is the Nor Mal or the Civilized recognition of a Man that wrote to the line bye line Condor,
a Corner to a Writer on the simpliest dump stirred to Ride the tale of kinds,
weight at the Heavy to hard the Zeus as that is Not String Theory but A Thesis!!

Book to this common denominator The 50's Scribe,
cigarettes Doctors that Fa sip shun as the Chorus ramped the Scores to degree,
a graduate with the Television on the CBS or is it the Owned in Can a Duh,
to Not the Flutter of the Eyes as that would be Normally called blinking,
which on the In Car Nation awares the Brake to the Turns on the enter Section.

Wonce upon the doors the Singer and the Boast cantered to the Dress Sing,
that counter of the Harp was a happy speak to this the tile of trout a ladder with a Tong,
would It not have been the Glass all pour to frequency Climb to have Known the per Sun of the tribe,
in clown of the Circus a World on the glupe the bass say to Dolphin that whales have Tuna to company the day.

An Octopus at the Scrub inks with the Sands as that Talk is Stingrays shark speaking rooster,
the reef with At land dust seeing is Believing the Move of the Tides to chartiers taken back,
breathe in the gears of Under sortiers and with the Patience that Poe Cess yule Tidings,
to may the Mar Turin be loving the Casper on the ghost of this Computer on the desk of a Prose.

Need I Say Creston!!

Segway on bit Time

*The Learn of Words after the Write; Interestingly the definition 'So Apropos'.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For the hamlet in Norfolk, England, see Cess, Norfolk. For the railway term, see Glossary of rail transport.
Cess is a tax.
It was the official term used in Ireland when it was part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, but has been superseded by "rate". The term was formerly particularly applied to local taxation.[citation needed]
In colonial India it was applied, with a qualifying prefix, to any taxation, such as irrigation-cess, educational-cess, and the like.[1] They are collectively referred to as "cesses" in government censuses, e.g. "land revenue and cesses".[2]
In modern India, it refers to a tax earmarked for a particular purpose, such as education.
In Scotland, it refers to the property tax which was enacted in Scotland in 1665 and continued to be levied through the 18th century.
The term is used by the rubber industry in Thailand to refer to Rubber Export Tax, which funds that country's Office of Rubber Replanting Aid Fund.
It has also been used by the Jamaican Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries to denote a tariff on imports [3]
The term is a shortened form of "assess"; the spelling is due to a mistaken connection with census