Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Power of Tracks


A cosmic retreat, 
the galaxy speaks,
the Will of a universe,
 developed a Feat.

Growth does inhabit,
no person does say,
belief should be innocent,
production too neigh!!

The knot was created,
solution presents,
an equal with lyrics,
delivered strange sense.


The crops of the verse,
watered by thought,
condemned for the message,
although it seems plot.

The story turned treasure,
burned in past hymn,
thinking was abstract,
attraction showed mend.

In depth of a star,
the tones became notes,
the banter a rhythm,
a rhyme in just soaked.

Originally written,
no history of loved,
produced only smitten,
by what seemed a tug.

The Quest of a Journey, 
to find Ancient facts,
the accident provided,
an arrow exact!!

The Singer, now Songs,
I stare at belonged,
Moon Landing delivered,
the very same wrong.

Benefactor Found

Oddly wiped out,
an end I did spout,
the news that did follow,
brought relief to a hallow.

A runner I am,
the debt was a man,
in this life I did try,
and now it's not I.

As Karma did haunt,
past lives seemed to taunt,
I did run back then,
and now I say lend.

To believe in Twin Flames,
embracing a way,
my fire burns bright,
an engagement for Knight!!

With a happy accord,
I love this new more,
the idea that a spark,
ignites a cool part.

We all want a Flame,
we don't want to get burnt,
we don't need that much,
in the end was discerned,
the news just brought learned.

The sound of a heart,
the beat of a start,
incarnations a lark,
amazingly far.

An Elemental begin,
one will drop in,
the air that we breath,
the innocence in read,
to deliver a theme.