Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Crib

Pitch can be A tone in Verbal communique the Oral translation of literal lip in signal timing,
the Tar of the oil in degrade processing the or of breakdown in Material to the refinery of used,
in the lamp the thick gluten of lash is in tune with a Pits of dinosaur of the gelatin of compound,
in substance Mud camphors as sticky as the same in extract of descriptive measure to Vat.

Sap strippings or the wound of a Tree also is syrup in the stipulation of leisure to Valve,
drink the sugar of Molten Honey in the Vine of the girth the seep will provide a Sweet,
as the stake to a bed in the sturgeon of the see a Tent in regard to the Campfire scenes,
as the carriage of the birth to a Word in the discrepancy the Ages have burned the Scent.

Furthermore the Marsh to the bog in the Moat of apparent to the stern in the glue of the boot,
as the causal react to the build Up on that the exist Tense is the sentence of the rent in lease,
to the Character of the camaraderie in shape with the Verse the baseball to the peat in throw,
as each is an Apple to the basket of Carry the breakdown account of an author is derma.

The temperature to the emotion of the Trade by daylight to the lore in the Night of the bulb,
crate the barrel to Wine in the spill of the pitcher to the lift of a Tilt on the mechanism of gear,
is the strain of the dish to the ear in the Field of the sync true to the bill of the house by Month,
as the latter to hands in the Arms of a shield speak to the text of Talk as the sample of Let.

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as dust is to bone is to Feather is done flight as the Mine in the drill in a spin of the still broke,
the ream in the span telling Watch in the stand for the Cloak of the Mure is the tick of a Fern,
the ravel in a Spool on the eye of a Needle point dilatation to the Dialect of germ in peck.

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as the speaker is to Microphone as the held is the beam in the shoulder of the crop,
beet the Turnup in the string of evolution part Creation as the see in the Score find a pour,
the lean of the body to the say of the base in the earn of the garb of dance to the Snore.

Peat and repeat went in too the Store,
as the close of the Mist peat was evermore,
 Who was left,
stride Read peet define rose in Pine.


Hey Look It's dg

I only ever really knew my Grandparents of my Maternal true in this so many lessons,
in the House that was built for phew should The World produce a Flu in Any Way,
this provide a Flat in side with kitchen Counter thus for strength in the Keep of any wink,
trust the very Rounds were said by my Mothers brothers lead in 'Many' outside terms,
the flipped dinners to straight up verse of their tongue that bread the turf in broads.

Yet with all that was ever told my grandparents were true to form in the Invitation,
as per the visit with the Meet in each their was a learning Tree from Oak to birch the be,
of this good but Serious cheer the sake was always grand in steer a firm in wheel of tee.

The stanchion of the Saddle spree was driving with the Knowledge speak of tread,
in the generations of the balance was the truth Full hug of my Nana and her sub.,
much was read to touch a Bug in the midst of staying Team the broth in popcorn lean,
upon the View of porch ante a Garden loved with mulch to hoe a climb to Rock never slow,
the tease was broader than the Show rather taught on How to grow not be stuck in Mud.

From hunting less to carry More on the pack of Elk in droves a Walk to Times in told me,
as the sense has dropped from their Three Children still a Sign that door of threshold Chore,
in this list of Why or win the Capitol is Papa born those bones that never creaked a thorn,
dutch to Shoe in clogs of Corn the brought has been an Open sort to remind the prickly.

Quest not to What or those cores that once We're taught to be the floor 'It's' ghastly,
the trade of home in Oregon storm was full Compassion to these stores of Secrets that I keep,
sew with that Needle Nana stitch to be Know well in Touch the brew it is the Steam of deed,
as product has the shown of Row to the boat of oaring shall the dance has been the Salts.

The school of Thought my Papa broke was in the trips to outside seats that explaining,
stand with Irish eyes that Smile in the Much the face will style a certain Type of clue,
would Piles stork that held a court did bring a Kind and not a belt this was the best in clean,
the Home which was built atop the Hill in Roseburg as a spot was Meant to be a fill,
to disappointment in the Shoppe that not One has attempted stop the bus of travels Say.

A bathroom in the corner bug a tire in the Tunnel plug drains for Bath the hose in grass,
fountains table in the Math golden gate Park at Ax the gate of Stable on the track of Fastings,
sport the dirt to concrete Turf the footing of the last in Heard that ears are Conchs of sails,
so to the burden of the Caught the patience is the Put in Scotch a drink in vernal drew,
the etched pad too the writes of Sad that never Cert. of lunging course in storage hour dew.

Porters Tea

The body of the strength in the write of a Word artistic balance of the Ear on the sone,
of a bright to the scourge on the Whip of the burned is the boiling to the Soup bow. brain,
in midst of Society of the girth of the Peal are the corpus learner`d at ta base of avons teeth,
in the Chew od the ream of the break in the Wave on the dirt not the Sand it is curtailed fanned bane,
such touching of On-screen to A back in A tappin' the skirt of a teach onward Hemming in Way,
truck boulevard with Mist atop a stem pole of the lay ink to the Tavern as the Mind in a Shade.

The pull Chord is the blink of the Eyes on the tray in the Hi of a finger be It a train,
letters in the short Version to versing a splay all the ready Numbers in certain have gain,
drive upon the Tube in a U of the V on the Y oink a Central to what is liberty,
traipse on the star light to speak as the Moon in the light of the Corr~En the Sun says to Sneeze.

Caboose in the rail of the double-Wide of type ina Time fork of setting the Napkin of delight,
a ring envelopes grand in the state of a gray arms are the meet date as the Chair of alarm,
so seat to the Stool on the Ore of the Anchor as chains of the twine in the Wheats of the scare,
true formal of Invite is the better grain in Share rather than the Lies that product Out a care,
in thus shore the timber Art lumber on the Gee important is the forge of the Hammer on a lead.

While social indignation screams to Cups and Tea the butter on the Crumpet are thee Names,
port apathy, 
to discuss would be the Barter in the lest of rent tuck life advertise the Win bale the synchronicity, 
is; the Vibe, 
darn with a Spool of golden Thread in Chi a drink of Jam & honey to the Bee in each a buy.

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trod acorn to split the Nut in walnut thine is bean for string in Lakes of lauder the simple of a key,
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in Cantor of the barrister or Crown evolve of gem in Clime the perk is really coffee in a bring.

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line it with the Know in coat of pockets that just sew the poke to brought without a steam.

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with pebble role`ing Mystery in fable of the Poets tree A riddle in the blight for the An swerve,
@ aye dot stomp Now Text is romp to pea the Case to Upper Rump the barnacle of Clea,
in file of the shall weed prose to a gert of Tongue Im posed the strangle is a shee`d,
tamper with the dance of Grace the fire is the Mystics price in total of a deed.

Bilge Blind

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on touch plant in trunk growth of the Wilds on the coats in these Hides of Keen to choke,
a Smoke in cream the ghost of Note talk Abbreviate to swear in the shorts of Crutch.

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ask the Question get the plug with or At the Tonal by with which the Cast is staged to bribe the Task,
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atop the Mind in fiery slip to the strange in Connect thy remote of Cell in lip is team of Whip.

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exercise in breathing Sign on the aspect of the shine is easier that sit flip.

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as saying split before the Come down the Merry raise of gum with sticky chew of Hotel California,
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sinking Life as Rise is dough in the Sour Trade of grow the Seed in roll under grow a liter,
the gallon cannot be the Quart for in the pint it's the shout of the Mug in black the fort fortier.

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a queer Way to thunder straights Answer lightning with the splits in Yield of the Arm in Pits,
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speak in the obvious makes the bread with length of dates to plumb the Tray of get a Clue forebear.