Friday, May 2, 2014

Major Captain General Stripes

Slick approach to announce a Coach,
the gear is packed to show a clue,
the Tank to see the heights of Lead.

Quick to suit the armor in tight,
speed enhanced a vigiled fight,
baring down to up the ride,
spacial awareness full body right?

Mission mapped the road in spy,
got to like the ventured try,
gliding to and from a flight,
the bearings of the origined light.

Good brakes two hand held reach is made,
the drive a Jet to Frisco side,
the bay to call a man to Ball,
the Cinderella Story encompasses All.

Much from Hilltops cabled bell,
the Men of each and settled tell,
supporting bridge the golden spell,
the Gate is always kept in Hell.

Drums to Engines the Feathered know,
that the Possum loved my show,
just last night he spied my out,
I laughed so hard the sight of such,
delivered Life to say so much.

Advised by natural sorts of hugs,
the Village near reminds me of,
a Movie Set where All can cheer,
the Landing of the Moon is Here.