Saturday, February 16, 2013

It's A Battle For The Crown, A Story of Passed, Again?

During the Regime of Satan,
Lucifer shall be Silenced,
by the horror of such a shock,
that God Himself,
shall fall-dead.

In this Celestial Battle,
the barrage of man,
into the spiritual,
will be met with the blood of innocence,
on the hands of no one person.

For in the Fall of God himself,
from the Heavens above,
he shall have sacrificed nothing for these cries.

The death shall have been,
not swift but sudden,
from the emotional sight,
of what Man has done.

The Battle Cries,
of the Once opposing side,
shall cease with such an amazing speed,
that there is no-wonder.

As They loved Their Father

Not One Human Being,
will be privy,
to the Pain, to the Agony,
of the Dark Angels.

No Head will hang,
not a prayer will have been said,
only rejoicing will be heard,
on the assumption of what has now become absurd.

I quiet my own,
to respect this tragedy.

The Scene is Surreal,
and the Fear, Immortal.

For Their Father,
the Lord God Almighty,
has been Smited,
by the hand of man kinds,
Hatred, Doubt, Transgression & Sin.

As Darkness looks upon the Other,
an Entity on the Horizon,
is confirmation that what has happened,
is murderous and without question,
Treason Against A Celestial.

Joining 'The Brethren' of the Divine,
I stare.

With disbelief and sadness,
for few take heed,
or will consider,
in this Template of War.

I testify to the truth of level,
and the Lord that Was.

Rise not to the Occasion,
for as this has come to be,
You neither felt or cared to know of it's Transparency.

Another Confirmation,
to the deeds to come.

The Future is Bleak,
for I feel,
Anger at this Action,
will turn Fear into Rage,
and Revenge from the Darkest Fare,
will not be felt,
but realized by the manifestation,
into Flesh;
by All of what Was,
and is no more,
the Under-Verse.

Joined by Their Brothers,
an Invitation was Sent,
and 'An Order' delivered,
to the heaven that was,

"Join Me or Burn as 'An Arch-Angel' of Mercy,
 in a Spit-Fire black Dialect,
 immersed for repeated time in the Power-of-the-Light. 
Set in a Void........"

(Screams below, the Skies Fall) 


"Turn aside from the Coats of Defile,
and pick-up Your Internal and Seductive Mind,
for 'OUR' father has been taken by the Instant."

"The Sight-of-Man,
and the 'Conditional Tongue' with which men speak,
reached his Heart through a Spiritual View."

"Imploding his Soul,
into an Ashen remain."

"We Are Alone."

Satan Spake

As I listen to His Repose,
I am filled with questions.

My Sight of such,
has brought no pleasure into my life,
for Home is Know more.

Watching this Parade of the Celestial,
as the Mass chapels a response,
greeting one another,
I am baffled by the Comradery that has been recovered by...

The Blackness Encompasses each of Gods Warriors,
as They fall knot,
but in the Flight-of-the-Run,
join the Fallen One.

Not changing sides,
but abandoning the skies,
for the feet of mortal men.


A Calculated Response,
to an unwholesome action,
has left a godless nation,

Know "All" Time !!

As I See a View,
of the Untamed,
I search for any sign,
of the almighty himself.

There is nothing!

I continue deep into the Night,
and in the early hours of 'morn,
imploring Nature itself,
to bid her due...

Where has He run?

I Scream!

The communication is set-forth,
 by Mother Natures concern for the 'Wild-One.'

I rest not.

The Search is over,
remembrance ranks my mind,
with the temper of the most ancient pass:

long it has been,
since the time of witness,
of such an unbearable thought, End.

As the agony enhances my Minds-Eye,
I have the complication of a Sage.

For it is Me,
which has been entrusted to bleed.

An Archaic Faucet,
opens to the turning of the tides,
in an effort to stop the impending flood,
of the darkest matter,
upon whom will bare,
such a baffling and cunning decree.

An 'Order of Cause'
is issued by a 'Universal Writ'
to bring to justice,
the mind-blowing beings,
as Murderers of Rage.

I'm floored by the Writ,
of the
Galactical Stars.

In a Moment-of-Law,
I attempt to take flight,
to join whom I cannot find.

Grounded by the Forces of a Godless Earth,
I can feel the upsurge of Nature,
to purge.

Preparing for a Battle,
on her dirt, I gasp;

I am not Hurt!

My Mind rebels,
as a silent scream escapes to no avail.

What creature shall live,
as the dark-ones prevail?

A moment of callous assumption of man.

The Declare of Understanding,
a Spiritual-Hand,
not forced a demonic re-soul;


I plead,

"Did You Knock God Out?"

Your lack of faith, 
and constant rivalry with Your Fellow Man-Kind,
destroyed that which You Profess to stand.

in deeper thought,
I retreat for reason.


A Higher Power,
is a Continual Phase.

I continue to listen,
You Speak with No-delicacy,
(your words)
'As "We" Understood Him.'

You have underlined this in Your Text,
all over this World.

So You know of His death?

I'm Blind with the Sight of this,
my Minds-Eye is Aghast,
I search to quit,
these workings of mine.

I blink to know myself,
not Sight.

A treacherous and vicious turn-about!

I feel numb,
with the anticipatory reveal of Your motives,
You 'Wake' a spelling voice of a Voodoo Shack,
Lucifer is back.

How foolish of Me to believe,
that there was a glimmer of anything like,
Hope or Faith.

For in my face,
You question the meanings of such Words.

Have You finally realized the loss?

Knowledge is not found,
it is Realized,
but, should Natural Knowledge there-wit be gained,
you shall Perish in the Evidence of Your Shrinking-Thought.

The Gift of Wonder,
shall be robbed from You,
You shall die in Mind not Spirit.

For an Everlasting & Immortal Death,
shall be held in an accord for this sin,
which You have Propagated against,
God Himself!

Witch-Craft is for the Vain of Heart,
and You enveloped Your Beings in it's Magic,
as Satanic Reproach.

Listening to the Rehearsal,
of Your fruitless manor isms,
towards other beings,
brings Me to my knees,
so that I may recognize,
 that which You have accomplished.

For in my prayer,
I know no end,
to this means of defilement,
that I have had to witness,
in my person.

Forth Coming,
shall be the Curse of Man.

Make Evident Your Store!

Satan has His Lore,
and I know His Father,
is the dying Lite on the Horizon,
You Hit.

The Battle,
which You have Waged,
will be the War of this Earth.

Walking Upright,
and on two feet, not four,
Serving as the Tender,
for which Darkness shall Trade Your lives upon.

The Failure to Appear,
shall be marked with the Postage of Voice,
and the Message Written,
will become Self-Evident as Blown.

Not even a burial for the old man,
no Marker to represent His place,
just gone, into thin matter of change again.

I'm repulsed

Changing the Future for the Past,
reminds Me to Listen.

I can Hear the Drumming of the UnderWorld,
to each beat, I can match the Head, the Face,
to the Echo.

What have You done?

Waking the Enlightened One,
for the Next-In-Charge,
was thrown to Earth,
to Serve a Sentence,
of Disobedience on Remand!

Or, Maybe this was part of a Grander Plan,
or maybe You just didn't think,
that with the King's death,
A Prince would Stand,
to Take His Rightful Heir and Crown,
in darkness, on land.

Hence, The Message has been Delivered,
Pure Resurrection, a Sliver.

Sage's Reveal

The Blast of Passed

The Arc of Knowledge,
steeps itself in learning.

The Depths of Desire,
to interest,
One's Self!

As Each Inquiry,
of the mind's thought,
links itself,
too A-Lot.

It shall be up to the individual, 
to sort-or-reason out the spontaneity,
of Such connections.

In Order, too Relate,
what may be relative today.

As Time shall pass,
the capacity for growth,
is only inhibited,
by a surround of fear to do so.

Although this Halts,
such an Ideal,
it also increase strange old methods,
expediting a greater need to abolish,
'the promising thinker'
as a heretic or the like.

What is Interpreted,
as a threat to known acceptance,
of unknown existences,
should be observed with Interest.

A different,
possibly objective,
certainly progressive thought,
into the indifference,
of Why reason,
is such an incredibly denied and/or hated,

Not for a Begin but a Continue,
of what has yet to happen.

All in the simple,
yet complex review,
of only One thought,
linking the explosive nature,
of a natural progression to grow.

Thinking in-to Knew.

Will 'Change' deliver,
Should, or, just remain in, Could?

Making Present,
'Wrongs to Right'
leaving Minds so uptight,
that the twist becomes the bind,
to leave behind,
so We cannot find,

To what End,
with "No-Begin"
will Humanity stop the blend,
of taking others,
and not themselves to a point of Accountability.

Seemingly in History Past,
the rope did snap the neck of so many,
that had no opportunity to just Turn and Walk-Away.

That display,
was left for the Accusers-of-the Day.

Therefore, did Justice Serve,
on the grounds which we should fret?

And not Merely Accept, because it's not You.