Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Speaker Au

The Real rig to line the wire comes with bait that Hook of lyre,
in the string tangle free at the skirt of water spring,
fill the base of known too top of clasp ask the bob at bubble,
breathing with an Oceans tongue the waves are in the drum,
a Leading.

Towards the palate of the Thumb in the brow of smile or Stun,
it is the idea of Steed that riding has these vocal Keeps,
top Blind is forward at the barn a Stable of the stallings,
with brushes that those Horses feel the stroke is Painting steel,
in Tale.

Crops that whip ask lines to tip the Reins on longer lunge,
driving is a cart or Coach the carriage is a wheel`d,
harness leather to the Strap the Maker in the Tack,
to oil is not glycerin for Soap use Castile,
too Sponge.

Cleaning kept the aisle free for Hazards are a sign,
to know that breezeway on the dime proves Creation purrs to sign,
dirt is Nature saying Hay the growth will be the rake,
to field of the Disc. the work is on the Spoke,
dot Com.

Scale~A Bull

As money is the Worlds' glee to collect the ever seat in this the lesson learn,
can the Count of efficiency be Product of the Work,
yes is the answer read for each is on the live,
in tanks at the PetsMart fee this was an Order`d Tribe.

The Bonus that collection leads is on the Accurate,
for loss is sanctioned at the Cost of dead or is it Feed,
the crickets on the body seed are fed a flow of bred,
in the bucket of the Keep a spot to bring the Shed.

Now on the Professional side the binder was to steep,
an Impossible act to do the Peak was done on Sunday night.

Off to the store in direction there was door,
look to glass or plexi fact the gravel of a core.

Swimming too and fro the water fresh to drink,
a wonderful in clip boards pen the difficult was row,
by standing in a put to place the Feat was done to sheet,
than upon Completion strong written in the pea.

The pod of PetsMart had a gain but did not think to Teach,
for reference to these facts were gone the action of the speak,
register the debt of caring shores the life,
regards to born in growth of torn shreds the lane Frustrate,
add a task to bit the Sum is bridles that are throat latch hung.

In event of riding horse the four finger toot,
a brow band in the Head piece crown fits the ears of shoot,
cheek that to the reins of know the Nose Band belt,
two fingers snug on buckle tongue make ready for the route.

Throw the Saddle over back but don't forget the Pad,
for as the lift may bring the Shift to girth it is the tack,
a thicker plot that moves a Lot or burr to sweat a Caught,
these simple yet Complex invest a truth in All it's better,
practice in the small Account is best to rich the ball.

Bounce this with the symbol shoe as the worth does turn,
calculators in the eyes of Unique sew done it burns,
wallet in the push back fear a higher pull to spear,
the walk is On the sight of long For Time costs Money too.

In For May Shun

Art Tick

In painted ceiling of Skull fold mind the bearings of the sun,
shot to fire in the Thought lot a brook to attention a rock,
of barrel band as method is the theory of thesis strand.

Steep the hot to cauter side,
a lung in spear of truth,
ask the point of entry,
the whole is in the Shoot.

Ride a slide to even glide the curb is hanging link,
to chains that keep the Hand so cuff`d, the clue.

A Skit that brings the floss alive art Nature with the breeze,
outside in the reality Look it ticks with Reads.

A Clip of puzzle to Mural frame the good is in the gate to lane,
a watch of Hem the stitch to Send the publish`d of the Nine Vast Curds',
soaring Crib of conventional clear`d a housing in the Tooth.

Shall the prose of Riddle rose in thorns of Pickle`d plot,
oh blast of seat to Cucumber Meet the seed is in the stool,
the mushroom harbor of the bloom did Speech of ardon Ore.

The strange weird week to a working Sleep is in the up of wake,
composed as to the Archer Bow an Aim at stir in Row,
boat, boat, Ship the scourge of dip answer`d with the Ink`will.

'Just' Reality

The world completely turns force in the belief that powers the fear of Cane showers,
in the beet or Root of angler describe as`d base value Society goes on Trick,
in spread Data apply sap the Stick is provided by enter fact lives.

Tub pull push Show now the audience in equal to the total of the seek at No,
crush a Que to the swipe of clued bam come the trouble gum with Compute,
cycle Class to the middle Age than now the brought quits to Page as ink dots.

Hoot a Teach to the awl & reach back to the bundle of a Tree in a fumble,
to the Out Doors as thresholds of Gore spoke in repeat to be on excused,
cough, cough, Cough A`drop the line be from the big Loud sung as Stereo.

Sum years done to the Concert of the worth people turned it off for Work,
mush in the foot stand as the Put I walk the carrot as the Horse is a Fair it,
darkness nor Light a Circle in Tight however the Arena the muscle is Pipe!!

Shout a great keep stamp with return cramp in the Thigh as at the seal,
bark for the ache a Leg in the take I stirrup Iron as leathers are Made,
saddle in the Mind split by mankind hatchet on the would I say to Stood.

Nice in appealing of the wrong turn how Infinity is speaking say I aye,
in the Captain cramper Vice to report on the take of real a Journal in the pore,
add the Ist to Speech in disc now the bore is Horn`d to blow the big bad brim.

Duck Trim