Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Logical Song On Reining Frogs

Pound I a note to write the run,
in that is the balance on the beam,
now at the term of life is that dance on the trees,
did that throw or clear cut the Horizon on the sun in the sign of a keep!!

Shall the sea become off the blue does the Ocean sway??

Can that bed of sand in the Coral go,
upside down right on the simplicity of a stay on earth with the shakers or the rolling Waved,
step on the gum in the shoe of the body,
as the ghost is in the past,
did it say.


Corner stores with rabbits foot for my Ten speed handle the compass,
oh yes I say in statement fact,
that the ride on the Cycle is that becoming a Bakers dozen on the creek,
so take your all ready abbreviates and noun the wheel!!

As it turns in the sides of dimensions that true me,
bank that swing on this Hello of that ray,
dark are no hours on the Tea,
as a saucer in the film,
A marker on the Sleeve,
that course to Wink a breathe,
in reality its the life that Says in bearings its the Grin,

Unicorns and Dragons more to Horn my aptitude to the best of Funny shows,
speaking and be of the character to have had a blessed Can,
for Fork it out in the Solar park as a Star or a Comet on the Tide,
I love the ride as the day in a traveling on the drums!!

Picket fences bricks and mortar Mortal feet with reals its exactly the found as the chilliest of Colds,
slippery Violins that for bow the Cello on the instrument of the Orchestra of living with keys,
stride touch a special,
play the fact or Reeds,
its the pipes on that Organ of the pulse,
a heart with a treat!!

Making shop on the Tale of what Humanity has done to dust,
mud and dirt,
boils and waist,
limbs breaking bough,
shackles and brae.

Plywood glue to Shingles with the Cell in the hand not the jeans,
shirts sake the clothes of the Week,
belts on a notch and ankles to the dead state more to the Speak.

Operators calling,
whom is answering,
must be the gratitude of a Napkin last leaving,
wipe the slot and stick a Clock on that rib,
snap goes the Wheat,
staff it to the exodus and enter genesis,
shift with the breeze.

Volcano's Reality Shores A Familiar Cruise To A Send With A Wink As The Media Fire's Up Dawn Tea's In Fern Know

Speak on the forward,
a Future on the simmer of Society at the table of shadows and stomach corn,
the Mind in the feather of sought to descript a Commerce of the tongue on its lathe.

Throat to the Swatch,
as that sync travels the bell chose,
is it the Word or that Coral on the adjective,
is the Adjunct a Noun express,
should the Park be on the Tunnel or the Apron of gift in acceptance of 'its' use on the Valve.

Said to be that breast of comprehension to the fork on the spoon,
can that be of introduction touching on a sectional or is the Spring??

In that be pear to a fresh guard than put to the Plates for map others at chart explain,
than the present is gift wrapped in the broth of What is why When is how Where is plainly Skeleton,
the key to shape that Whole in steady on a touch Truth of the ABC to Know 123,
is that in And of Its self the exact Core of the nautical trace!!

Sew in on the best of a taste,
take that Good with the Say to the board of the brain,
in task to term it is the complete stern to keel on the ship of natural role's on state of scene,
should this bother the bend than course a Breadth on a sphere to begin,
these are the tears that should be shed.

Streams on the River lambs bled hard to the sheers of guise from no level plates,
from steep mountain freeze the principle of said on the reason froth,
a valley's bridge deck on the sit,
both deep width to shallow grit Silt and rock on the shale exposes Time.

Ages mass recollection at sudden Impact,
should that not be the chain than it is the beauty of the message on the turning rides,
put forth the foot to aware The Falls of grace Origin and rice once Waters rein,
field the note ask treasure in silent blink as school brought towards a slip,
buttress the girth with personal stretch it is the dawn of the dew in sight from an opening of the skies light : a skull with ability to toss the nothing shackling come thing is as the hare,
the learn creeks,
experience parts the sea not by magic merely through sway,
a chart of quarry in realizing the upside of the grounds cover.

Tradition on the hand to stride the Fire knows both of its flames heat yet what of the burning Night,