Thursday, December 24, 2015

What Does It Mean Should The Tell State Mint Be Inspired By Art Not Memorial??

Dawn Awe Hue on the parlor of the Sky light Touch of the Rainbow's Moon,
the colors of the Paints on the In dee An kilometer of the Mile once measure,
value of the giant At giant Value to the chorus of file to Coffee at the Copper Penny,
on the streets of dance to the Calm Core of substance to Know of the Pier on that Cruise,
liners brought subject on the Arrows plane to Mint of the Coin to Comp. pre^Hinge on the Terra firma.

Straight English with a Taste of Vernacular on the Cursor for the Look-up,
phone directory while the World list stung the Tug to short a bridge on the learning Lends,
presents to Wrap,
ribbons on the said,
invitation for the From,
engage a scrabble of this Monopoly at eh Nap pull Lee!!

Jeans and digs,
shovels with spring seasoned furnace,
fossils of the elephant on table convo.,
brave sure the paragrapher in the syndicated shirt,
sleeves score the field to Plow,
seeds Mill to caught Tin,
cling Wrap is near the Ten foil on the Sword of this Tack`d.

Width each phrase to the Word of corn use,
that comma to the select Usage of introduce Means of exploration on the Language at Hand!!

Bowling at the Kabuki a story of say it ain't so??,
that is the marrow of thick upon the bread in the spice,
pencil verses the computer to that alley on the Pole pin Tales,
sheet for the shoe Inn and the Hominy of KFRC door Detail!!

The purpose of chortle to tickle the sidewalk on these Cold days of shoulders known,
far the bermuda Triangle to that sake of Funny on this Today's reach,
no wonder for the Trail of signs speak,
that sharp Pea ground did more than the Most Est of any Tall Hotel on the pants fixture,
history has held the Proof to Prove it to Me??,

Strobe lights Graham that Ice glade on the Castle off the KOIT,
towering curt see to the fountain of creek,
the oldest saying in the book follows this prose And gift,
fill in the blank??,
sandstone & Soap??,
mid after Noon the World clock Skin??,
or is it the per Happens??,
the lathe shore shingled to beach of the bakers does in.

What Is The Mechanics Monument??

Side Minted Coin in the Beauty of the Head to a Tale,
that vintage understanding of the City by the Bay,
cable cars and the bell for the wonder of Men that ran the Way,
next on that simplicity is the Classical walk for the coffee on the Union Square to overlook!!

There on the the block,
Chinatown, North Beach, The Mission, ankles the Downtown on the flurry of love In the Tenderloin,
round the bend,
the Marina forest at the Sunset 'cause it always seemed a tad bit on the flat dripped tipped Teed,
than cross that Presidio bing Bang the canon on the View,
golden gate park speaking that bridge to the infamous Richmond District on Command!!

Lo and be Hold that treasure of the style,
the clamber touching Bus tribes to scout the soar to Fisherman's Wharf in a jiffy or cycle to Sausalito,
up and climb to spell it all out with Lombard,
for on that directions just state Japantown and go Bowling at the Kabuki!!

Now on the Clock travel Journal to The Fillmore Theatre its a Compass Dime to that great fall,
which was it the Post Office replaced or the Memory of that a Faced??,
library to the Divisadero or that Move on the East Turn Scored??,
rinsed the World to show that Life is precious to the living and Living is life on the long!!

Systematic bends to speak a calm Seasons on the Trees of snowflakes and Gone`s,
tack that wealth to the remember the Names on the days of taxed thunder as the light busied it salads,
tossed aside to conversation of the heelers today as the sheep in the valley of the echo in bare,
make wise to reason core reason to wise cork in that handle and the list sting is read.

What Is Cob Bull??

Great day Wonderful year lovely frame Time in the parade,
life travels the sleeve to dress from the sheet,
each art tick call to express the hug of expression,
speaking not crock king Waltzing to dance the stride,
a letter on the poetry of a riddles poem,
in atmosphere to breathe the solar store,
a sun with a moon on hemming way to terrace the Milky Way on simplicity!!

To observe the relation to the talk that I have listened,
a big bang conversation Questions mathematical arrow smith,
the forge of complex cues to be answered by a worlds mold,
the sweeping scatter of Mind over shatter is glass braking,
that footprint to salve the bring every word to believe that once People shored vernacular to type.

Former Society had pencil in hand the pen was more than an ink filled tattoo,
the wrist was a representation to the attached elbow traveling the seam of a shoulder,
packing to the character of a persons standing now it is the fodder of down skate eyes to say by's,
applications complications of up use has traded the Human Being to screens and push but in's.

Religion sang to their spectacular forgiveness trails,
with each prophetic organization each religion stood to the murders of its bearing on Milena's beliefs,
the mud and more's began to beg the differences of Thousands of years on this turmoil,
grease be landed many a technique to both excuse and par done,
the integration of word formality fell to abbreviate a Morse Code on the belt of an In dee An 'Morrow,
the edge of parody came form the Cruise along with the story of Ironically the movies.

We're Shipping gathered from both Theatre to Theater as representative of Spelling the electrics girdle,
laced with appetite to diction that produced great calculation to that garden and the first Apple byte,
orange an pear basked in the coins of chalk lets Mints and coordination stair`d at the shore!!

Few held on the enter Net of the Web as the Spiders silk ran to A rack,
the dry cent yielded a Fork as the spoon Trades to arid sand on the sun's be grant,
the eve kneeing countered mortar as tar and owe ill trucked hot levies as the taxed charged breadth,
ball Loons ghost fell to the stripe of speak,
talk burned the skin as the speech journal ole spilled the being.