Tuesday, November 10, 2015

What Is A Walk But The Dancing Wave On The Shores Of Shock??

At the Scene deck land burrowed to Waltz on the Mind in application,
the ask of being a second to the day my face drained from fear,
was this life on the Same or did the exacts silently wave.

People shouting that what is a stick,
to the egg on the fry and a Hammock for quit,
is the brain a plate to license the drain of study,
does the hand that is show find that lights are dimmers to start or is the World just a Deer round.

To grasp the Mortal or to fell the hope that Thought is of clear,
deep the Well of skating Times on the age in such trough of smalls on this Earth of tears that I experienced near,
as the blocks said in the song of a gentle smile I found a piece to riddle the puzzle a long.

Writing the Scene to what was a Tee 'V',
is it the Number of Address or the Movie or will it Word to okay,
each simple play is the music that finds direction counts to the lead,
for on my trail life grounded the pound with hooves,
Horses rode me to Freedom as each known the saddle was their Fear.

Yet in the show to Clear the Mechanism I chose the Avenue to map this Prose,
in rise to the diction touch that easy breath on stare,
for in the Hell of reason this being understood it was the Comprehension of every other slain,
to speak with can Door to bark at the ruff,
attentive listen gave Thunder no day for it was the Crews that was drowning the love with listed,
the choice to stitch of a sew, that Thread, the Charlotte's Web on the Go,
it was a Monopoly by goat,
these are the daisy blooming change,
not making that chain a terminal station to quit the show.

The Men say Society as the skits brave a chance to be of a short,
youth in the Space of touch braking sad to See the open fight,
it is that traffic that stretched to Dawn,
a stomach on the grown putting place to hug a steer,
the forest is Tall and the grip to the think was lost on the spot,
My Mother demonstrated to my life a delivery,
from Coffee Shops to The Tenderloin stop,
the learn was Tribal in the sound of The drumming,
but what skilled the rounds was the ability to be,
calm in a storm that the Willow left a deed And not the Death of a so^shell squall.

Natures growth is the stream on a Rivers tongue,
that brook or Mountain that Once Upon A Story said I scan, 
the View of valley's harbor was the cave,
this is the bridge that connects the language to Rock,
as it is in the foundation of a standing that Creation booked,
but what of the grubs??

Do worms not speak to a caterpillar on the banana slugs trace,
is the bird not an eagle to a breeze,
a Vulture is the Cleaner and that is the Voice of a reed,
for on the reality of patience the compass graded the school as a station of pain`d,
the wisdom of witness gave a small the leaves on an ought tum please,
and at that as a paragraph to this blog of a theme,
the fact that nobody has come after Asking like SAT.,
is drawing a picture that makes Elephants sung.

Just know that these Asks are writers of the futures in now,
is the worth a Movie or the dollar on plow,
does the Cruise Liner ship to Put freight with a toe,
or is it all left to the cause and The Crow.

So, is it the EST of is^um to jack Tar hoe Tell,
or the handles of what soap said is to rate,
or is it the millions of dollars that schools Boots till you grow??,
or is it the truth that the Human touch is left to the Leaves,
is the season on theater that Jams than acts dumb??,
did the song speak CD to sentence the sung??,
the edge of the cliff Note is really trying to be,
of the base instruction that shored me a deed,
My Mother would Teach everyday on the such,
onward forward goes Our march as the lane does photograph the starts,
just to have a leaf that is more than just dust.

A^Gain would be the ease of a Bing,
but that is looking like the Avenue punning,
yet on the belief that an Email did reach,
I weigh the Map on the Bridge that builds back,
it is the time on the Watch of a tight inn,
the flows of the light is the day of shades sight,
as the truth is to show as the wait is of core,
what is the Anchor that brings the bell Sole??

The Weeping Willow

Sounds on the Radio a story for the froth of the Mind that is I,
as the touch work cellphone put to text the backdoor scotch,
in through the stock of the Task in a scoot,
at that the other would gas pedal a sink bringing horror to my shoe.

Than on the crisscross of puzzled to that shoot,
round again the two would resolve the how to get a spook,
back forward ringing festival that magnitude in lied,
this was the bearing of a carriage of a lot,
my reside once a peaceful scene would Top the screen to shot!!

Just at that the driveway group tacked the worth to the others,
paraframe to square the loop bouncing fountains drained,
under rock the key of hide disappeared with laned,
mailbox the lock was gone so mail got a Train.

Easy to upset the feet that worried at the fester,
now all that happened at the spout was language for the sake,
timing on course was perfect torque to wind the Watch at ready,
square to treat the average leave nobody thought to stop.

On therefore it was telephone that circle of the ear,
as the city trauma steered from Fair to sing the tears,
once I had a beautiful life worked so hard to gather,
walking dance frustration brought that nothing really counts.

One could go as far as brick to brick the brick a staple raise,
either is the found on each for walking is the rein,
as the rat talk tipped the see the Taggers stewing stocked the deed,
soup on shock is that the crock was set to say its rink cold,
fetch the stick a Figures less as being what is rather,
responsible and not a flip in begging question of being the Press on atoll.

Why Does The General Sing A Bee See??

Copy Write no this is Originals at school,
volcanic explaining Comets war came in on the Fin,
swam the waist water to stand on shore be shin,
what is the sand but the grit that language penned.

Chatter on the babbling brook or chairs that jumped the when,
making Waves the sonic of the Boom of big Bangs grub,
worms that think to skull in drink wise is every inch of Space,
now at the hour of Glacier melt and Ice of saved makes Pyramid base Trades.

To Look at the Metro of Universe on shift,
the gear of Suns to Stars in Scene why is the Plan its Car,
hop or skit to slow it down As feathers Wind the fly,
desert ground with a^rid sound to march the forward listed Louds.

Crashing banks to Wall Streets lakes that ticket per^raid at arms,
holding hands or footprint done to speak the ease of just a signed,
long are the bell owes of that Smoke that hills a Mountains tiers,
for on the valley of the flows what is the Canyon grands??

Does that shape the Snake,
a river on the date,
winding Time the Ages line discussing Watch the stout??

Did the Tree that sundry dust Sugar Cane to bet the rust,
drink the aye On to once a trough that Horses stood to be a dot??

From to sea the oh shin steed wakes that Storm to Craters next,
shells on crumbs to bakers Dozen counting flakes of Snowing crates,
fluttering through the Hare Owe to Pi lots sake A dish shun knoll Slate,
is that Chalk of lets see grace just laugh that jokes the Corals track??

Bees and birds the Eagle scout of Vultures on Humanities beach,
squishing Human Beings by Press to invitational butters priced,
bisque Its bread to Circus life The elephant to Tusk the bust,
coffee is the bean how does Rice Mill??

Did the sheep flock to Steeps the Mountains on the bring,
or as the method reaches Pre does the govern bowl,
as Satellites are flights of lens Camera ready Wine reserved,
whisk Key parts to drink the shark now is Fish the lasting start??,
or is it as simple as Spelling filmed in Theater peace of loving binned,
raising no complexity to letters on the Zero Art,
singing alpha bet Soup like the Dove in Ivory troop for language on the Scoop,
a spoon full of sugar or is It take It to The River and Know the grain of Salt tee Say Lur,

Mail Sent Delivery Rent Now Why Does The Body Have A Sole??

Why's is the twist of the words Knot braiding The leather on the bound Hide of a skin,
as the touch in the dial of the Palm shade of loud Is a Coco Nut traveling the Swing ham Muck crowd,
for share on division double the Math it is the Arithmetic that talks of the Forth,
in fifth degree ground the shed on the tool What is the shape of round Cent Ur read.

Is the Pier a Mid slate on Cave for the sad,
do Paints on the walls remember the Horse,
feather for Mow hawk that flight of the Birds,
tweets are not chickens of egg dropping soup,
for the port of the Screen is spreading like crest,
which delivers Crust stay shuns to Fossil its guest.

Attached is the swing to get a New grew,
shall the waltz of Ballet swim sail to Coo,
can the pigeon band message as the Crow spoke a crew,
is Oyster a Clam with Muscles for spar??,
or is in each found a gem of the sound,
saying that Necklace is string around lead.

Bakers Beach is a location as Ocean Beach is too,
Playland formal the a Muse meant to town,
Fishermans Wharf served done gees as Crab,
does the service expect butter or Pursed??

Coins on the Minted faces that Tale,
ringing the tell a phone that cellphones are drained,
text a little stop say that conversation in state,
does than the park know of Golden Gate??

Stow Lake is boats Cool that paddle to Paid,
the drive of this tourin' is Lombard by came,
yet downtown the Union is a Square show to skate,
'cause the season for Cable is Cars on the grout.

Rice paper Scissors rock papyrus Scrolled,
seals not braking as shift is the Role`d,
spin a Record or be a Needle in the Haystack,
the field is society and the World is its faxed.

A Dough Be Land Ho!!

What Is a Mountain but Lava on Control,
rocks that begin to Fire the flame is on the go,
in Mist of the World foggy are the Bridges,
does the sea be send to stay or hour Lagoons to Spits At Clay??

The dolphin is A singing,
the sheets are in the wave,
did that say to ocean that were shipped on the bay??

Shall the river speak to Creek did the hill Volcano entry feed,
making that the glorious explosion of land at this A reen uh,
walk to the shore ask the sand a brush,
moving slate to easy beach is as the or ka greets a touch.

Shift to gear on Outer Case a Library of dust,
part a calls from where is such thus fields marking Space.

On this plan It earth the wealth shakes the ground to hand to bust,
marble statues are a show but what is granite spacing,
is it word to words of worth or is the sentence bearing,
drivers for the Brain at work is Knowing of the compass`d.

Just a state of knock knock or is it Who's on first,
what is on second And aye don't nose on third,
Homer is a writers block While poet Trees a spurring,
did the leg of Chicken play as the Rooster crowing.

Across the bisque a skull said Mind the fact Ore on Or rye On,
Universal understand that choice is Comprehension,
double scene to worth of words defining at the diction,
that will be a prose decide to speak of whats a pen Shin,
from tread to pebble in the shoe sending sand oles lots of glue just delivers would to particle board a clue.

Now is this remote viewing via the Internet got cruise,
or is the purr Cept shin an owe shin full of prove,
for EST is the grove Ur and written is the Tea,
what is in the Saucer should cups know Mugs at Measure of A New.

And It Is Said That The Roads Hi Ways Made Of Tarmac Don't Have A Memory Of The Breezes Traffic??

Engine on the run pause, Oil in the test pause, wrench of the Tightened pause, And life is on the Way paused,
out to the Fresh Air is the breeze on the Compass,
Wind is the steady of Waving Hello to eh Shore,
inside In for may Shin did the Kernel Corn,
popping is the bounce that Knows the sandy Chord.

Making bakers does^in to insure there is no claim,
gold bets the Ore to language of the grace,
at the table serving shiver is a goose,
did the duck on feather route sound the tunnel taste??

Owe look the Echo heard a stall & cheese is much to slate,
that dry Creek says to the Cloud is the Rein a root,
the Cave of paints back in the shade just Marked the chorus Taro,
but as the Script did write the spake on Daily news it Daisies great!!

Sew touch the Writers of the Future,
a barrel full of Monk keys,
coffee on the bean a read,
filters know the Paper scene,
a double U for now is touch A beam of light to Say,
thus When Win is X at Y the Zephyr wrote to state a shy.

The Question snails Trail,
the Comment through a real,
should the front door here a knock than Conversations meal,
dinner Out is farther loud Moving to the base of Trout,
for on the River off the Mountain rose thorns thread a silk in very Now.

Speaking century with a Calm is basic back to training,
taught from to sending some to date its been a round bend,
fountain flows Sprinkles where the puddles made the eyes of cheek,
yet what is a smile but a Choice to move the Wares to thorough reins but Port.

The World is big as any Ocean terminals a shore,
Steamers roll to sing the strong all while land is beaches sand,
row Row row the boat,
oars of Cork did drink the Wave,
what shell is the diver with a pier at social depth of grade,
On Deck is the Rider at the count down is a gal^X^Sea,
or is it the space for face shoal recognition.

Read Well Ease

Loving new balance on the word to include the divide on the stamp,
a pass placed to terms on the living draw of silence on the phone,
it is as the Quest brains to a branch on that old fashioned whatcha ma call it,
for the laughter and the call,
this is the breakfast on the brunch serving Lunch with a dinner at how lighting candles Fair,
flowers with a tickle,
giggling for the roo,
oh from the beam my Mother remind.

That wall on the mounted ringer,
as that was answered hearing the vernacular in that strain,
owe for the glass!!

Shaking doom with shaking growns,
salt pepper to a tone,
darted hour to that nestle my Mother would patient,
beyond this earthly plain,
she would calm,
I can say so easily that Morning did have skeet,
paddling on in to touch scale directly on the hard wired line.

The day would grey outside,
for in the City of San Francisco the Fog was always well,
chilling stones ankles at the speak,
yet in that marvel of a tune My Mother never stoked,
just put to the Tea and toast a Cheers good Hello,
wow was always the cherished seat,
approach to that was those dones.

Grown Adults pigeon on the Newspaper of vernacular scoot,
round binding sound,
thought might tack the bridle as arena sideboard of a table counter buffet,
reality delivered every single say day,
clock Minute set,
the Timer on the skit of heavily waited.

In all of that ground,
the portion of ladle to soup,
my Mind spoke Note to Mathematics shout,
bull it to saddle,
carriage a back packing stream.

Today it is the funny on an Article on the National Broadcasting Media in a closet Joke,
for in truth it provides words to a situation that I never did have a score exclaim,
down feather to this guttural rogue letter,
I spy with my little aye,
finally a Ton,
measured as the glass on the towering language Theme,
curtsy a jiffy butter the Jam,
peanuts Raisin' tongue,
the yolk of the Egg on a Milk Cartons strung,
the hub boards loved in great detail from the beauty of all SAT.,
coursing vein to the dose of true form,
speak into A can bravado with corn meal,
oat to wiping tears as that is the lonliness of memory,
so in the sing the long short of the pause is stating simply this,
dear process did the Home I loved with My Mother as your chair ever Sing anything other than deep seat,
did those morturary hours of my life missed with My Mother by your side benefit your times or your cried,
does the words that I could never say but in my obvious solemn stare meet this answer posted scene,
for as I did judge you silently with my eyes I wish I could do just this one thing have this one moment,
to be able to answer that never ending ringing phone to say to you so specifically,
this is the wrong number but I hear on the grape vine that LA does have a department to reason be a rat,
or is a snitch,
or is it a drag,
or is it that never ending fight,
or is it those on-going battles,
or is the sky is falling,
or is just the skeleton key of etcetera,
any How here is the Code for the only thing that makes a balance of strength,
write it down & in sure that it is on file under named number for further down the risen paris,
the enamel to laugh hard is those teeth,
my grandmother is a fairy tale on the love of my mothers found,
'cause it all comes down to the defining definition or direct translation of the tourin',
post office email with a dash of this signature piece signed,

 A Knowledge Report,
now being accepted at the big show in LA,
don't rush the building,
be of good cheer,
good luck & good night,