Thursday, January 17, 2013

Allusion of Truth

In the Spin of our Earthly realm,
to enjoy the night with the light of day,
draws breath from the Universe at Play.

The counted Stars,
Planets to Be,
an exciting wonder to See.

As existence must Yearn,
Creating, Teaming, Dreaming.

....alive with such explosive force,
deemed menacing,
a perfection in brutal form.

To stand upon One, such Place,
providing more than seems naturally known.

An Element of what such diversity has grown,
a Planet Born, this Earth,
which we so freely roam.

The Pastures in the Sea's of our Sky's, "Cry"


Killing such a Beautiful Girl,
with "No Account."

Searching and Scarring More born,
an advance that should deplore,
in sight of this created soar.

All in the knowing
this Treasure,
she's showing.
That which could never be owned,
and has suffered through,
the invasion of what has proven to be,
her destruction.

Without One good Play,
Too Stop, Too Halt,
the Ignorance of the Day.

Assume Life is Given,
without doubt.

Who then brings Death?
..declares & shouts,
their about.

To swear that,
that which We are afforded,
to stand upon,
is theirs by divine right,
those that can see that there is,
so much more,
In Order,
just to be.

An Existence without an extension of such,
an obvious truth,
should freeze the chilling claim,
and cause such shame,
creating disdain
not threatening the Same.

To dismiss the Sun and the Moon,
as points of worship,
and not,
Earth's Bloom,
is a display of the shallow minds,
that have no care too.