Saturday, April 4, 2015

Blood Moons razors edge Occam's trace of Mouse could talk,
his Hymn Meow of Know the now is just a silent sound,
at quiet less the bounding signed a beautiful animal on the Crows of shoulder chose.

Journey home my dear Dear Friend be a lead to touch the breeze with send beneath your sings,
lift the sky to embers high so the turns are tears that the storms remind with Raindrops laws,
from the signal of old times blessed part with this smile from my start.

The blue door on the scene is a bounding knock for the worth I sleeve,
in standing carriage I savor the taste to Cry the bitterly as remind speaks of breadth Tell boots,
for the lock is the key to under Mat & dirt believed quest of the soil dust is the royal,
from the gentle pause to the ground hello may this bellow be the chimney of laid,
as thimble to seed Needle to eye its a stitch to the send for in The Continue we all chin.

Thanks for the friendship that just gave me love without grim,
no strings no fright the daily filled with being a hugging sigh to the pain I knew,
purr for the star that guides this night I light the Candlelight with a Match for snooze,
from the say to the Pi may you be a Tigers Eye to bring tomorrow the yesterday I seed,
when you go to the tale of the dragons rail shake their thought with a simple nod,
I look forward to the days of old where the rumble was the sounds of showed to speak energy a grain for lo.