Thursday, June 9, 2011

The End

Regard your existence.

"So, tell me your source.
Oop's I mean your story.
I am uneducated in a sort."

"Talk about your troubles.
Freely, Openly,
Be truthful, start at the beginning."

Well, I am bothered.

"Thank you."

Excuse me?
(moment of silence.)

I don't know who my father is.
I did not have a mother.
I had a Malignant Narcissist instead.

"Stop there.
A lot of people suffer from that."

End your self-expression.
Silently spoken with no words.



Do you know anyone like that?
I would like to meet them.



"Pity is a self-gratification."

Who wants it?


I don't understand what you are saying.

"I know you don't,
that is our problem."

What problem?

"The one we are having."

I thought I was supposed to tell you my problem.

I never said that,
I SAID................."

Bad Idea.
Not Golden,
just smart.

Follow me to the circle,
I'll dig a hole,
you fall in.

The End

Take A Break

I cool my heels on the backs of Abusers.

A Game.

Move around to not be hit, Calmly.


I am a pawn in this Life.


Accepting and Cooperative.


Never rock the Boat.

Sea Sick?

Stand-up straight while being Attacked.

Hit! ugh.

Obey your Mother, Hate your Brethren.

God spoke.

Hold nothing in. Show all your pain at all times.

Hide in plain Site.

Bid for your Opportunity.


Never hurry the hand of the Law.

It never Shows.

Keep what happens at home in total Darkness.

Get a Lightbulb.

Look at your life and never make a Mistake.

Death is certain.

Instructions for all the weak.

Still Confused.

Interpret what others are going to do to you at least three months in Advance.

Proper install of Fear.

Never suffer flight when you are finally old enough to fight.

Suffer till the Age of Atonement.

Give way to a Stranger.


A Black Hood?

I remember who,
I remember when,
passed down to the next generation, when?

It all began again.

Suffocated with a hand.
No bag?
Up close. Not from behind.
Breath slow...slower.
Not good enough!!
Quick, don't die.

Got it.
Easy now,
keep it shallow.
Flutter the eyes,
relax the body,
let it go,

Almost all the way with this one.
Stay still.
Don't hold your breath.
Keep it shallow.
Look dead.
Keep eyes cracked.

What do you see?
Still there.
Further from me now,
easy, don't panic.
Almost there.